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Psalm Contemporary English Version (CEV)


Psalm 1


(Psalms 1-41)

The Way to Happiness
1God blesses those people
who refuse evil advice
and won't follow sinners
or join in sneering at God.
2Instead, the Law of the LORD
makes them happy,
and they think about it

day and night.
3They are like trees
growing beside a stream,
trees that produce
fruit in season
and always have leaves.
Those people succeed
in everything they do.
4That isn't true of those
who are evil,
because they are like straw
blown by the wind.
5Sinners won't have an excuse
on the day of judgment,
and they won't have a place
with the people of God.
6The LORD protects everyone
who follows him,
but the wicked follow a road
that leads to ruin.

Psalm 2

The LORD's Chosen King
1Why do the nations plot, and why do their people
make useless plans?
2The kings of this earth
have all joined together
to turn against the LORD
and his chosen one.
3They say, "Let's cut the ropes
and set ourselves free!"
4In heaven the LORD laughs
as he sits on his throne,
making fun of the nations.
5The LORD becomes furious
and threatens them.
His anger terrifies them
as he says,
6"I've put my king on Zion,
my sacred hill."
7I will tell the promise
that the LORD made to me:
"You are my son, because today
I have become your father.
8Ask me for the nations,
and every nation on earth
will belong to you.
9You will smash them
with an iron rod
and shatter them
like dishes of clay."
10Be smart, all you rulers,
and pay close attention.
11Serve and honor the LORD;
be glad and tremble.
12Show respect to his son
because if you don't,
the LORD might become furious
and suddenly destroy you. But he blesses and protects
everyone who runs to him.

Psalm 3

(Written by David when he was running from his son Absalom.)

An Early Morning Prayer
1I have a lot of enemies, LORD.
Many fight against
2me and say,
"God won't rescue you!"
3But you are my shield,
and you give me victory
and great honor.
4I pray to you, and you answer
from your sacred hill.
5I sleep and wake up refreshed
because you, LORD,
protect me.
6Ten thousand enemies attack
from every side,
but I am not afraid.
7Come and save me, LORD God!
Break my enemies' jaws
and shatter their teeth,
8because you protect
and bless your people.

Psalm 4

(A psalm by David for the music leader. Use stringed instruments.)

An Evening Prayer
1You are my God and protector.
Please answer my prayer.
I was in terrible distress,
but you set me free.
Now have pity and listen
as I pray.
2How long will you people
refuse to respect me? You love foolish things,
and you run after
what is worthless.
3The LORD has chosen
everyone who is faithful
to be his very own, and he answers my prayers.
4But each of you
had better tremble
and turn from your sins.
Silently search your heart
as you lie in bed.
5Offer the proper sacrifices
and trust the LORD.
6There are some who ask,
"Who will be good to us?"
Let your kindness, LORD,
shine brightly on us.
7You brought me more happiness
than a rich harvest
of grain and grapes.
8I can lie down
and sleep soundly
because you, LORD,
will keep me safe.

Psalm 5

(A psalm by David for the music leader. Use flutes.)

A Prayer for Help
1Listen, LORD, as I pray!
Pay attention when I groan.
2You are
my King and my God.
Answer my cry for help
because I pray to you.
3Each morning you listen
to my prayer,
as I bring my requests to you and wait for your reply.
4You are not the kind of God
who is pleased with evil.
Sinners can't stay with you.
5No one who boasts can stand
in your presence, LORD,
and you hate evil people.
6You destroy every liar,
and you despise violence
and deceit.
7Because of your great mercy,
I come to your house, LORD,
and I am filled with wonder
as I bow down
to worship
at your holy temple.
8You do what is right,
and I ask you to guide me.
Make your teaching clear
because of my enemies.
9Nothing they say is true!
They just want to destroy.
Their words are deceitful
like a hidden pit,
and their tongues are good
only for telling lies.
10Punish them, God,
and let their own plans
bring their downfall.
Get rid of them!
They keep committing crimes
and turning against you.
11Let all who run to you
for protection
always sing joyful songs.
Provide shelter for those
who truly love you
and let them rejoice.
12Our LORD, you bless those
who live right,
and you shield them
with your kindness.

Psalm 6

(A psalm by David for the music leader. Use stringed instruments. (Psalm 6 <i>instruments</i>: The Hebrew text adds " according to the sheminith," which may refer to a musical instrument with eight strings.) )

A Prayer in Time of Trouble
1Don't punish me, LORD,
or even correct me
when you are angry!
2Have pity on me and heal
my feeble body.
My bones tremble with fear,
3and I am in deep distress.
How long will it be?
4Turn and come to my rescue.
Show your wonderful love
and save me, LORD.
5If I die, I cannot praise you
or even remember you.
6My groaning has worn me out.
At night my bed and pillow
are soaked with tears.
7Sorrow has made my eyes dim,
and my sight has failed
because of my enemies.
8You, LORD, heard my crying,
and those hateful people
had better leave me alone.
9You have answered my prayer
and my plea for mercy.
10My enemies will be ashamed
and terrified,
as they quickly run away
in complete disgrace.

Psalm 7

(Written by David. (Psalm 7 <i>Written by David</i>: The Hebrew text has " a shiggaion by David," which may refer to a psalm of mourning.) He sang this to the LORD because of Cush from the tribe of Benjamin.)

The LORD Always Does Right
1You, LORD God,
are my protector.
Rescue me and keep me safe
from all who chase me.
2Or else they will rip me apart
like lions
attacking a victim,
and no one will save me.
3I am innocent, LORD God!
4I have not betrayed a friend
or had pity on an enemy who attacks for no reason.
I have done any of this,
then let my enemies
chase and capture me.
Let them stomp me to death
and leave me in the dirt.
6Get angry, LORD God!
Do something!
Attack my furious enemies.
See that justice is done.
7Make the nations come to you,
as you sit on your throne above them all.
8Our LORD, judge the nations!
Judge me
and show that I
am honest and innocent.
9You know every heart and mind,
and you always do right.
Now make violent people stop,
but protect all of us
who obey you.
10You, God, are my shield,
the protector of everyone
whose heart is right.
11You see that justice is done,
and each day
you take revenge.
12Whenever your enemies refuse
to change their ways,
you sharpen your sword
and string your bow.
13Your deadly arrows are ready
with flaming tips.
14An evil person is like a woman
about to give birth
to a hateful, deceitful,
and rebellious child.
15Such people dig a deep hole,
then fall in it themselves.
16The trouble they cause
comes back on them,
and their heads are crushed
by their own evil deeds.
17I will praise you, LORD!
You always do right.
I will sing about you,
the LORD Most High.

Psalm 8

(A psalm by David for the music leader. (Psalm 8 <i>leader</i>: The Hebrew text adds " according to the gittith," which may refer to either a musical instrument or a tune.) )

The Wonderful Name of the LORD
1Our LORD and Ruler,
your name is wonderful
everywhere on earth!
You let your glory be seen in the heavens above.
2With praises from children
and from tiny infants,
you have built a fortress.
It makes your enemies silent,
and all who turn against you
are left speechless.
3I often think of the heavens
your hands have made,
and of the moon and stars
you put in place.
4Then I ask, "Why do you care
about us humans?
Why are you concerned
for us weaklings?"
5You made us a little lower
than you yourself, and you have crowned us
with glory and honor.
6You let us rule everything
your hands have made.
And you put all of it
under our power--
7the sheep and the cattle,
and every wild animal,
8the birds in the sky,
the fish in the sea,
and all ocean creatures.
9Our LORD and Ruler,
your name is wonderful
everywhere on earth!

Psalm 9

(A psalm by David for the music leader. To the tune "The Death of the Son.")

Sing Praises to the LORD
1I will praise you, LORD,
with all my heart
and tell about the wonders
you have worked.
2God Most High, I will rejoice;
I will celebrate and sing
because of you.
3When my enemies face you,
they run away and stumble
and are destroyed.
4You take your seat as judge,
and your fair decisions prove
that I was in the right.
5You warn the nations
and destroy evil people;
you wipe out their names
forever and ever.
6Our enemies are destroyed
completely for all time.
Their cities are torn down,
and they will never
be remembered again.
7You rule forever, LORD,
and you are on your throne,
ready for judgment.
8You judge the world fairly
and treat all nations
with justice.
9The poor can run to you
because you are a fortress
in times of trouble.
10Everyone who honors your name
can trust you,
because you are faithful
to all who depend on you.
11You rule from Zion, LORD,
and we sing about you
to let the nations know
everything you have done.
12You did not forget
to punish the guilty
or listen to the cries
of those in need.
13Please have mercy, LORD!
My enemies mistreat me.
Keep me
from the gates
that lead to death,
14and I will sing about you
at the gate to Zion.
I will be happy there
because you rescued me.
15Our LORD, the nations fell
into their own pits,
and their feet were caught
in their own traps.
16You showed what you are like,
and you made certain
that justice is done,
but evil people are trapped
by their own evil deeds.
17The wicked will go down
to the world of the dead
to be with those nations
that forgot about you.
18The poor and the homeless
won't always be forgotten
and without hope.
19Do something, LORD!
Don't let the nations win.
Make them stand trial
in your court of law.
20Make the nations afraid
and let them all discover
just how weak they are.

Psalm 10

A Prayer for Help
1Why are you far away, LORD?
Why do you hide yourself
when I am in trouble?
2Proud and brutal people
hunt down the poor.
But let them get caught
by their own evil plans!
3The wicked brag about
their deepest desires.
Those greedy people hate
and curse you, LORD.
4The wicked are too proud
to turn to you
or even think about you.
5They are always successful,
though they can't understand
your teachings,
and they keep sneering
at their enemies.
6In their hearts they say,
"Nothing can hurt us!
We'll always be happy
and free from trouble."
7They curse and tell lies,
and all they talk about
is how to be cruel
or how to do wrong.
8They hide outside villages,
waiting to strike and murder
some innocent victim.
9They are hungry lions
hiding in the bushes,
hoping to catch
some helpless passerby.
They trap the poor in nets
and drag them away.
10They crouch down and wait
to grab a victim.
11They say, "God can't see!
He's got on a blindfold."
12Do something, LORD God,
and use your powerful arm
to help those in need.
13The wicked don't respect you.
In their hearts they say,
"God won't punish us!"
14But you see the trouble
and the distress,
and you will do something.
The poor can count on you,
and so can orphans.
15Now break the arms
of all merciless people.
Punish them for doing wrong
and make them stop.
16Our LORD, you will always rule,
but nations will vanish

from the earth
17You listen to the longings
of those who suffer.
You offer them hope,
and you pay attention
to their cries for help.
18You defend orphans
and everyone else in need,
so that no one on earth
can terrify others again.

Psalm 11

(A psalm by David for the music leader.)

Trusting the LORD
1The LORD is my fortress!
Don't say to me,
"Escape like a bird
to the mountains!"
2You tell me, "Watch out!
Those evil people
have put
their arrows on their bows,
and they are standing
in the shadows,
aiming at good people.
3What can an honest person do
when everything crumbles?"
4The LORD is sitting
in his sacred temple
on his throne in heaven.
He knows everything we do
because he sees us all.
5The LORD tests honest people,
but despises those
who are cruel
and love violence.
6He will send fiery coals and flaming sulfur
down on the wicked,
and they will drink nothing
but a scorching wind.
7The LORD always does right
and wants justice done.
Everyone who does right
will see his face.

Psalm 12

(A psalm by David for the music leader. (Psalm 12 <i>leader</i>: The Hebrew text adds " according to the sheminith," which may be a musical instrument with eight strings.) )

A Prayer for Help
1Please help me, LORD!
All who were faithful
and all who were loyal
have disappeared.
2Everyone tells lies,
and no one is sincere.
3Won't you chop off
all flattering tongues
that brag so loudly?
4They say to themselves,
"We are great speakers.
No one else has a chance."
5But you, LORD, tell them,
"I will do something!
The poor are mistreated
and helpless people moan.
I'll rescue all who suffer."
6Our LORD, you are true
to your promises,
and your word is like silver
seven times
a fiery furnace.
7You will protect us
and always keep us safe
from those people.
8But all who are wicked
will keep on strutting,
while everyone praises
their shameless deeds.

Psalm 13

(A psalm by David for the music leader.)

A Prayer for the LORD's Help
1How much longer, LORD,
will you forget about me?
Will it be forever?
How long will you hide?
2How long must I be confused
and miserable all day?
How long will my enemies
keep beating me down?
3Please listen, LORD God,
and answer my prayers.
Make my eyes sparkle again,
or else I will fall
into the sleep of death.
4My enemies will say,
"Now we've won!"
They will be greatly pleased
when I am defeated.
5I trust your love,
and I feel like celebrating
because you rescued me.
6You have been good to me, LORD,
and I will sing about you.

Psalm 14

(A psalm by David for the music leader.)

No One Can Ignore the LORD
1Only a fool would say,
"There is no God!"
People like that are worthless;
they are heartless and cruel
and never do right.
2From heaven the LORD
looks down to see
if anyone is wise enough
to search for him.
3But all of them are corrupt;
no one does right.
4Won't you evil people learn?
You refuse to pray,
and you gobble down
the LORD's people.
5But you will be frightened,
because God is on the side
of every good person.
6You may spoil the plans
of the poor,
but the LORD protects them.
7I long for someone from Zion
to come and save Israel!
Our LORD, when you bless
your people again,
Jacob's family will be glad,
and Israel will celebrate.

Psalm 15

(A psalm by David.)

Who May Worship the LORD?
1Who may stay in God's temple
or live on the holy mountain
of the LORD?
2Only those who obey God
and do as they should.
They speak the truth
3and don't spread gossip;
they treat others fairly
and don't say cruel things.
4They hate worthless people,
but show respect for all
who worship the LORD.
And they keep their promises,
no matter what the cost.
5They lend their money
without charging interest,
and they don't take bribes
to hurt
the innocent.
Those who do these things
will always stand firm.

Psalm 16

(A special psalm by David.)

The Best Choice
1Protect me, LORD God!
I run to you for safety,
2and I have said,
"Only you are my Lord!
Every good thing I have
is a gift from you."
3Your people are wonderful,
and they make me happy,
4but worshipers of other gods
will have much sorrow. I refuse to offer sacrifices
of blood to those gods
or worship in their name.
5You, LORD, are all I want!
You are my choice,
and you keep me safe.
6You make my life pleasant,
and my future is bright.
7I praise you, LORD,
for being my guide.
Even in the darkest night,
your teachings fill my mind.
8I will always look to you,
as you stand beside me
and protect me from fear.
9With all my heart,
I will celebrate,
and I can safely rest.
10I am your chosen one.
You won't leave me in the grave
or let my body decay.
11You have shown me
the path to life,
and you make me glad
by being near to me.
Sitting at your right side, I will always be joyful.

Psalm 17

(A prayer by David.)

The Prayer of an Innocent Person
1I am innocent, LORD!
Won't you listen as I pray
and beg for help?
I am honest!
Please hear my prayer.
2Only you can say
that I am innocent,
because only your eyes
can see the truth.
3You know my heart,
and even during the night
you have tested me
and found me innocent.
I have made up my mind
never to tell a lie.
4I don't do like others.
I obey your teachings
and am not cruel.
5I have followed you,
without ever stumbling.
6I pray to you, God,
because you will help me.
Listen and answer my prayer!
7Show your wonderful love.
Your mighty arm protects those
who run to you
for safety
from their enemies.
8Protect me as you would
your very own eyes;
hide me in the shadow
of your wings.
9Don't let my brutal enemies
attack from all sides
and kill me.
10They refuse to show mercy,
and they keep bragging.
11They have caught up with me!
My enemies are everywhere,
eagerly hoping to smear me
in the dirt.
12They are like hungry lions
hunting for food,
or like young lions
hiding in ambush.
13Do something, LORD!
Attack and defeat them.
Take your sword and save me
from those evil people.
14Use your powerful arm
and rescue me
from the hands of mere humans
whose world won't last. You provide food
for those you love.
Their children have plenty,
and their grandchildren
will have more than enough.
15I am innocent, LORD,
and I will see your face!
When I awake, all I want
is to see you as you are.

Psalm 18

(For the music leader. A psalm by David, the LORD's servant. David sang this to the LORD after the LORD had rescued him from his enemies, but especially from Saul.)

David's Song of Thanks
1I love you, LORD God,
and you make me strong.
2You are my mighty rock, my fortress, my protector,
the rock where I am safe,
my shield,
my powerful weapon, and my place of shelter.
3I praise you, LORD!
I prayed, and you rescued me

from my enemies
4Death had wrapped
its ropes around me,
and I was almost swallowed
by its flooding waters.
5Ropes from the world
of the dead
had coiled around me,
and death had set a trap
in my path.
6I was in terrible trouble
when I called out to you,
but from your temple
you heard me
and answered my prayer.
7The earth shook and shivered,
and the mountains trembled
down to their roots.
You were angry
8and breathed out smoke.
Scorching heat and fiery flames
spewed from your mouth.
9You opened the heavens
like curtains,
and you came down
with storm clouds
under your feet.
10You rode on the backs
of flying creatures
and swooped down
with the wind as wings.
11Darkness was your robe;
thunderclouds filled the sky,
hiding you from sight.
12Hailstones and fiery coals
lit up the sky
in front of you.
13LORD Most High, your voice
thundered from the heavens,
as hailstones and fiery coals
poured down like rain.
14You scattered your enemies
with arrows of lightning.
15You roared at the sea,
and its deepest channels
could be seen.
You snorted,
and the earth shook
to its foundations.
16You reached down from heaven,
and you lifted me
from deep in the ocean.
17You rescued me from enemies,
who were hateful
and too powerful for me.
18On the day disaster struck,
they came and attacked,
but you defended me.
19When I was fenced in,
you freed and rescued me
because you love me.
20You are good to me, LORD,
because I do right,
and you reward me
because I am innocent.
21I do what you want
and never turn to do evil.
22I keep your laws in mind
and never look away
from your teachings.
23I obey you completely
and guard against sin.
24You have been good to me
because I do right;
you have rewarded me
for being innocent
by your standards.
25You are always loyal
to your loyal people,
and you are faithful
to the faithful.
26With all who are sincere,
you are sincere,
but you treat the unfaithful
as their deeds deserve.
27You rescue the humble,
but you put down all
who are proud.
28You, the LORD God,
keep my lamp burning
and turn darkness to light.
29You help me defeat armies
and capture cities.
30Your way is perfect, LORD,
and your word is correct.
You are a shield for those
who run to you for help.
31You alone are God!
Only you are a mighty rock.
32You give me strength
and guide me right.
33You make my feet run as fast
as those of a deer,
and you help me stand
on the mountains.
34You teach my hands to fight
and my arms to use
a bow of bronze.
35You alone are my shield.
Your right hand supports me,
and by coming to help me,
you have made me famous.
36You clear the way for me,
and now I won't stumble.
37I kept chasing my enemies,
until I caught them

and destroyed them.
38I stuck my sword
through my enemies,
and they were crushed
under my feet.
39You helped me win victories,
and you forced my attackers
to fall victim to me.
40You made my enemies run,
and I killed them.
41They cried out for help,
but no one saved them;
they called out to you
but there was
no answer.
42I ground them to dust
blown by the wind,
and I poured them out
like mud
in the streets.
43You rescued me
from stubborn people,
and you made me the leader
of foreign nations,
who are now my slaves.
44They obey and come crawling.
45They have lost all courage,
and from their fortresses,
they come trembling.
46You are the living LORD!
I will praise you.
You are a mighty rock. I will honor you
for keeping me safe.
47You took revenge for me,
and you put nations
in my power.
48You protected me
from violent enemies
and made me much greater
than all of them.
49I will praise you, LORD,
and I will honor you
among the nations.
50You give glorious victories
to your chosen king.
Your faithful love for David
and for his descendants
will never end.

Psalm 19

(A psalm by David for the music leader.)

The Wonders of God and the Goodness of His Law
1The heavens keep telling
the wonders
of God,
and the
skies declare
what he has done.
2Each day informs
the following day;
each night announces
to the next.
3They don't speak a word,
and there is never
the sound of a voice.
4Yet their message reaches
all the earth,
and it travels
around the world.
In the heavens a tent
is set up for the sun.
5It rises like a bridegroom
and gets ready like a hero
eager to run a race.
6It travels all the way
across the sky.
Nothing hides from its heat.
7The Law of the LORD is perfect;
it gives us new life.
His teachings last forever,
and they give wisdom
to ordinary people.
8The LORD's instruction is right;
it makes our hearts glad.
His commands shine brightly,
and they give us light.
9Worshiping the LORD is sacred;
he will always be worshiped.
All of his decisions
are correct and fair.
10They are worth more
than the finest gold
and are sweeter than honey
from a honeycomb.
11By your teachings, Lord,
I am warned;
by obeying them,
I am greatly rewarded.
12None of us know our faults.
Forgive me when I sin
without knowing it.
13Don't let me do wrong
on purpose, Lord,
or let sin have control
over my life.
Then I will be innocent,
and not guilty
of some terrible fault.
14Let my words and my thoughts
be pleasing to you, LORD,
because you are my mighty rock and my protector.

Psalm 20

(A psalm by David for the music leader.)

A Prayer for Victory
1I pray that the LORD
will listen
when you
are in trouble,
and that
the God of Jacob
will keep you safe.
2May the LORD send help
from his temple
and come to your rescue
from Mount Zion.
3May he remember your gifts
and be pleased
with what you bring.
4May God do what you want most
and let all go well for you.
5Then you will win victories,
and we will celebrate,
while raising our banners

in the name of our God
the LORD answer
all of your prayers!
6I am certain, LORD,
that you will help
your chosen king.
You will answer my prayers
from your holy place
in heaven,
and you will save me
with your mighty arm.
7Some people trust the power
of chariots or horses,
but we trust you, LORD God.
8Others will stumble and fall,
but we will be strong
and stand firm.
9Give the king victory, LORD,
and answer our prayers.

Psalm 21

(A psalm by David for the music leader.)

Thanking the LORD for Victory
1Our LORD, your mighty power
makes the king glad,
and he celebrates victories
that you have given him.
2You did what he wanted most
and never told him "No."
3You truly blessed the king,
and you placed on him
a crown of finest gold.
4He asked to live a long time,
and you promised him life
that never ends.
5The king is highly honored.
You have let him win victories
that have made him famous.
6You have given him blessings
that will last forever,
and you have made him glad
by being so near to him.
7LORD Most High,
the king trusts you,
and your kindness
keeps him from defeat.
8With your mighty arm, LORD,
you will strike down
all of your hateful enemies.
9They will be destroyed by fire
once you are here,
and because of your anger,
flames will swallow them.
10You will wipe their families
the earth,
they will disappear.
11All their plans to harm you
will come to nothing.
12You will make them run away
by shooting your arrows
at their faces.
13Show your strength, LORD,
so that we may
and praise
your power.

Psalm 22

(A psalm by David for the music leader. To the tune "A Deer at Dawn." )

Suffering and Praise
1My God, my God, why have you
deserted me?
Why are you so far away?
Won't you listen to my groans
and come to my rescue?
2I cry out day and night,
but you don't answer,
and I can never rest.
3Yet you are the holy God,
ruling from your throne
and praised by Israel.
4Our ancestors trusted you,
and you rescued them.
5When they cried out for help,
you saved them,
and you did not let them down
when they depended on you.
6But I am merely a worm,
far less than human,
and I am hated and rejected
by people everywhere.
7Everyone who sees me
makes fun and sneers.
They shake their heads,
8and say,
"Trust the LORD!
If you are his favorite,
let him protect you
and keep you safe."
9You, LORD, brought me
safely through birth,
and you protected me
when I was a baby
at my mother's breast.
10From the day I was born,
I have been in your care,
and from the time of my birth,
you have been my God.
11Don't stay far off
when I am in trouble
with no one
to help me.
12Enemies are all around
like a herd of wild bulls.
Powerful bulls from Bashan are everywhere.
13My enemies are like lions
roaring and attacking
with jaws open wide.
14I have no more strength
than a few drops of water.
my bones are out of joint;
my heart is like melted wax.
15My strength has dried up
like a
broken clay pot,
and my tongue
to the roof of my mouth.
You, God, have left me
to die in the dirt.
16Brutal enemies attack me
like a pack of dogs,
tearing at
my hands and my feet.
17I can count all my bones,
and my enemies just stare
and sneer at me.
18They took my clothes
and gambled for them.
19Don't stay far away, LORD!
My strength comes from you,
so hurry and help.
20Rescue me from enemy swords
and save me from those dogs.
21Don't let lions eat me.
You rescued me from the horns
of wild bulls,
22and when your people meet,
I will praise you, LORD.
23All who worship the LORD,
now praise him!
You belong to Jacob's family
and to the people of Israel,
so fear and honor the LORD!
24The LORD doesn't hate
or despise the helpless
in all of their troubles.
When I cried out, he listened
and did not turn away.
25When your people meet,
you will fill my heart
with your praises, LORD,
and everyone will see me
keep my promises to you.
26The poor will eat and be full,
and all who worship you
will be thankful
and live in hope.
27Everyone on this earth
will remember you, LORD.
People all over the world
will turn and worship you,
28because you are in control,
the ruler of all nations.
29All who are rich
and have more than enough
will bow down to you, Lord.
Even those who are dying
and almost in the grave
will come and bow down.
30In the future, everyone
will worship
and learn
about you, our Lord.
31People not yet born
will be told,
"The Lord has saved us!"

Psalm 23

(A psalm by David.)

The Good Shepherd
1You, LORD, are my shepherd.
I will never be in need.
2You let me rest in fields
of green grass.
You lead me to streams
of peaceful water,
3and you refresh my life.
You are true to your name,
and you lead me
along the right paths.
4I may walk through valleys
as dark as death,
but I won't be afraid.
You are with me,
and your shepherd's rod makes me feel safe.
5You treat me to a feast,
while my enemies watch.
You honor me as your guest,
and you fill my cup
until it overflows.
6Your kindness and love
will always be with me
each day of my life,
and I will live forever
in your house, LORD.

Psalm 24

(A psalm by David.)

Who Can Enter the LORD's Temple?
1The earth and everything on it
belong to the LORD.
The world and its people
belong to him.
2The LORD placed it all
on the oceans and rivers.
3Who may climb the LORD's hill or stand in his holy temple?
4Only those who do right
for the right reasons,
and don't worship idols
or tell lies under oath.
5The LORD God, who saves them,
will bless and reward them,
6because they worship and serve
the God of Jacob.
7Open the ancient gates,
so that the glorious king
may come in.
8Who is this glorious king?
He is our LORD, a
and mighty
9Open the ancient gates,
so that the glorious king
may come in.
10Who is this glorious king?
He is our LORD,
the All-Powerful!

Psalm 25

(By David.)

A Prayer for Guidance and Help
1I offer you my heart, LORD God,
2and I trust you.
Don't make me ashamed
or let enemies defeat me.
3Don't disappoint any
of your worshipers,
but disappoint all
deceitful liars.
4Show me your paths
and teach me to follow;
5guide me by your truth
and instruct me.
You keep me safe,
and I always trust you.
6Please, LORD, remember,
you have always
been patient and kind.
7Forget each wrong I did
when I was young.
Show how truly kind you are
and remember me.
8You are honest and merciful,
and you teach sinners
how to follow your path.
9You lead humble people
to do what is right
and to stay on your path.
10In everything you do,
you are kind and faithful
to everyone who keeps
our agreement with you.
11Be true to your name, LORD,
by forgiving each one
of my terrible sins.
12You will show the right path
to all who worship you.
13They will have plenty,
and then their children
will receive the land.
14Our LORD, you are the friend
of your worshipers,
and you make an agreement
with all of us.
15I always look to you,
because you rescue me
from every trap.
16I am lonely and troubled.
Show that you care
and have pity on me.
17My awful worries keep growing.
Rescue me from sadness.
18See my troubles and misery
and forgive my sins.
19Look at all my enemies!
See how much they hate me.
20I come to you for shelter.
Protect me, keep me safe,
and don't disappoint me.
21I obey you with all my heart,
and I trust you, knowing
that you will save me.
22Our God, please save Israel
from all of its troubles.

Psalm 26

(By David.)

The Prayer of an Innocent Person
1Show that I am right, LORD!
I stay true to myself,
and I have trusted you
without doubting.
2Test my thoughts and find out
what I am like.
3I never forget your kindness,
and I am always faithful
to you.
4I don't spend my time
with worthless liars
5or go with evil crowds.
6I wash my hands, LORD,
to show my innocence,
and I worship at your altar,
7while gratefully singing
about your wonders.
8I love the temple
where you live,
and where
your glory shines.
9Don't sweep me away,
as you do sinners.
Don't punish me with death
as you do those people
who are brutal
10or full of meanness
or who bribe others.
11I stay true to myself.
Be kind and rescue me.
12Now I stand on solid ground!
And when your people meet,
I will praise you, LORD.

Psalm 27

(By David.)

A Prayer of Praise
1You, LORD, are the light
that keeps me safe.
I am not afraid of anyone.
You protect me,
and I have no fears.
2Brutal people may attack
and try to kill me,
but they will stumble.
Fierce enemies may attack,
but they will fall.
3Armies may surround me,
but I won't be afraid;
war may break out,
but I will trust you.
4I ask only one thing, LORD:
Let me live in your house
every day of my life
to see how wonderful you are
and to pray in your temple.
5In times of trouble,
you will protect me.
You will hide me in your tent
and keep me safe
on top of a mighty rock.
6You will let me defeat
all of my enemies.
Then I will celebrate,
as I enter your tent
with animal sacrifices
and songs of praise.
7Please listen when I pray!
Have pity. Answer my prayer.
8My heart tells me to pray.
I am eager to see your face,
9so don't hide from me.
I am your servant,
and you have helped me.
Don't turn from me in anger.
You alone keep me safe.
Don't reject or desert me.
10Even if my father and mother
should desert me,
you will take care of me.
11Teach me to follow, LORD,
and lead me on the right path
because of my enemies.
12Don't let them do to me
what they want.
People tell lies about me
and make terrible threats,
13but I know I will live
to see how kind you are.
14Trust the LORD!
Be brave and strong
and trust the LORD.

Psalm 28

(By David.)

A Prayer for Help
1Only you, LORD,
are a mighty rock! Don't refuse to help me
when I pray.
If you don't answer me,
I will soon be dead.
2Please listen to my prayer
and my cry for help,
as I lift my hands
toward your holy temple.
3Don't drag me away, LORD,
with those cruel people,
who speak kind words,
while planning trouble.
4Treat them as they deserve!
Punish them for their sins.
5They don't pay any attention
to your wonderful deeds.
Now you will destroy them
and leave them in ruin.
6I praise you, LORD,
for answering my prayers.
7You are my strong shield,
and I trust you completely.
You have helped me,
and I will celebrate
and thank you in song.
8You give strength
to your people, LORD,
and you save and protect
your chosen ones.
9Come save us and bless us.
Be our shepherd and always
carry us in your arms.

Psalm 29

(A psalm by David.)

The Voice of the LORD in a Storm
1All of you angels in heaven, honor the glory and power
of the LORD!
2Honor the wonderful name
of the LORD,
and worship the LORD
most holy and glorious.
3The voice of the LORD
echoes over the oceans.
The glorious LORD God
above the roar
of the raging sea,
4and his voice is mighty
and marvelous.
5The voice of the LORD
destroys the cedar trees;
the LORD shatters cedars
on Mount Lebanon.
6God makes Mount Lebanon
skip like a calf
and Mount Hermon
jump like a wild ox.
7The voice of the LORD
makes lightning flash
8and the desert tremble.
And because of the LORD,
the desert near Kadesh
shivers and shakes.
9The voice of the LORD
makes deer give birth
before their time. Forests are stripped of leaves,
and the temple is filled
with shouts of praise.
10The LORD rules on his throne,
king of the flood forever.
11Pray that our LORD
will make us strong
and give us peace.

Psalm 30

(A psalm by David for the dedication of the temple.)

A Prayer of Thanks
1I will praise you, LORD!
You saved me from the grave
and kept my enemies
from celebrating my death.
2I prayed to you, LORD God,
and you healed me,
3saving me from death
and the grave.
4Your faithful people, LORD,
will praise you with songs
and honor your holy name.
5Your anger lasts a little while,
but your kindness lasts
for a lifetime.
At night we may cry,
but when morning comes
we will celebrate.
6I was carefree and thought,
"I'll never be shaken!"
7You, LORD, were my friend,
and you made me strong
as a mighty mountain.
But when you hid your face,
I was crushed.
8I prayed to you, LORD,
and in my prayer I said,
9"What good will it do you
if I am in the grave?
Once I have turned to dust,
how can I praise you
or tell how loyal you are?
10Have pity, LORD! Help!"
11You have turned my sorrow
into joyful dancing.
No longer am I sad
and wearing sackcloth.
12I thank you from my heart,
and I will never stop
singing your praises,
my LORD and my God.

Psalm 31

(A psalm by David for the music leader.)

A Prayer for Protection
1I come to you, LORD,
for protection.
Don't let me be ashamed.
Do as you have promised
and rescue me.
2Listen to my prayer
and hurry to save me.
Be my mighty rock and the fortress
where I am safe.
3You, LORD God,
are my mighty rock
and my fortress.
Lead me and guide me,
so that your name
will be honored.
4Protect me from hidden traps
and keep me safe.
5You are faithful,
and I trust you
because you rescued me.
6I hate the worshipers
of worthless idols,
but I trust you, LORD.
7I celebrate and shout
because you are kind.
You saw all my suffering,
and you cared for me.
8You kept me from the hands
of my enemies,
and you set me free.
9Have pity, LORD!
I am hurting and almost blind.
My whole body aches.
10I have known only sorrow
all my life long,
and I suffer
year after year.
I am weak from sin,
and my bones are limp.
11My enemies insult me.
Neighbors are even worse,
and I disgust my friends.
People meet me on the street,
and they turn and run.
12I am completely forgotten
like someone dead.
I am merely a broken dish.
13I hear the crowds whisper,
"Everyone is afraid!"
They are plotting and scheming
to murder me.
14But I trust you, LORD,
and I claim you as my God.
15My life is in your hands.
Save me from enemies
who hunt me down.
16Smile on me, your servant.
Have pity and rescue me.
17I pray only to you.
Don't disappoint me.
Disappoint my cruel enemies
until they lie silent
in their graves.
18Silence those proud liars!
Make them stop bragging
and insulting your people.
19You are wonderful,
and while everyone watches,
you store up blessings for all
who honor and trust you.
20You are their shelter
from harmful plots,
and you are their protection
from vicious gossip.
21I will praise you, LORD,
for showing great kindness
when I was like a city
under attack.
22I was terrified and thought,
"They've chased me
far away from you!"
But you answered my prayer
when I shouted for help.
23All who belong to the LORD,
show how you love him.
The LORD protects the faithful,
but he severely punishes
everyone who is proud.
24All who trust the LORD,
be cheerful and strong.

Psalm 32

(A special psalm by David.)

The Joy of Forgiveness
1Our God, you bless everyone
whose sins you forgive
and wipe away.
2You bless them by saying,
"You told me your sins,
without trying to hide them,
and now I forgive you."
3Before I confessed my sins,
my bones felt limp,
and I groaned all day long.
4Night and day your hand
weighed heavily on me,
and my strength was gone
as in the summer heat.
5So I confessed my sins
and told them all to you.
I said, "I'll tell the LORD
each one of my sins."
Then you forgave me
and took away my guilt.
6We worship you, Lord,
and we should always pray
whenever we find out
that we have sinned. Then we won't be swept away
by a raging flood.
7You are my hiding place!
You protect me from trouble,
and you put songs in my heart
because you have saved me.
8You said to me,
"I will point out the road
that you should follow.
I will be your teacher
and watch over you.
9Don't be stupid
like horses and mules
that must be led with ropes
to make them obey."
10All kinds of troubles
will strike the wicked,
but your kindness shields those
who trust you, LORD.
11And so your good people
should celebrate and shout.

Psalm 33

Sing Praises to the LORD
1You are the LORD's people.
Obey him and celebrate!
He deserves your praise.
2Praise the LORD with harps!
Use harps with ten strings
to make music for him.
3Sing a new song. Shout!
Play beautiful music.
4The LORD is truthful;
he can be trusted.
5He loves justice and fairness,
and he is kind to everyone
everywhere on earth.
6The LORD made the heavens
and everything in them
by his word.
7He scooped up the ocean
and stored the water.
8Everyone in this world
should worship
and honor
the LORD!
9As soon as he spoke
the world was created;
at his command,
the earth was formed.
10The LORD destroys the plans
and spoils the schemes
of the nations.
11But what the LORD has planned
will stand forever.
His thoughts never change.
12The LORD blesses each nation
that worships only him.
He blesses his chosen ones.
13The LORD looks at the world
14from his throne in heaven,
and he watches us all.
15The LORD gave us each a mind,
and nothing we do
can be hidden from him.
16Mighty armies alone
cannot win wars for a king;
great strength by itself
cannot keep a soldier safe.
17In war the strength of a horse
cannot be trusted
to take you to safety.
18But the LORD watches over
who honor him
and trust his kindness.
19He protects them from death
and starvation.
20We depend on you, LORD,
to help and protect us.
21You make our hearts glad
because we trust you,
the only God.
22Be kind and bless us!
We depend on you.

Psalm 34

(Written by David when he pretended to be crazy in front of Abimelech, so that Abimelech would send him away, and David could leave.)

Honor the LORD
1I will always praise the LORD.
2With all my heart,

I will praise
the LORD.
Let all who are helpless,
listen and be glad.
3Honor the LORD with me!
Celebrate his great name.
4I asked the LORD for help,
and he saved me
from all my fears.
5Keep your eyes on the LORD!
You will shine like the sun
and never blush with shame.
6I was a nobody, but I prayed,
and the LORD saved me
from all my troubles.
7If you honor the LORD,
his angel will protect you.
8Discover for yourself
that the LORD is kind.
Come to him for protection,
and you will be glad.
9Honor the LORD!
You are his special people.
No one who honors the LORD
will ever be in need.
10Young lions may go hungry or even starve,
but if you trust the LORD,
you will never miss out
on anything good.
11Come, my children, listen
as I teach you
to respect the LORD.
12Do you want to live
and enjoy a long life?
13Then don't say cruel things
and don't tell lies.
14Do good instead of evil
and try to live at peace.
15If you obey the LORD,
he will watch over you
and answer your prayers.
16But God despises evil people,
and he will wipe them all
from the earth,
till they are forgotten.
17When his people pray for help,
he listens and rescues them
from their troubles.
18The LORD is there to rescue
who are discouraged
and have given up hope.
19The LORD's people
may suffer a lot,
but he will always
bring them safely through.
20Not one of their bones
will ever be broken.
21Wicked people are killed
by their own evil deeds,
and if you hate God's people
you will be punished.
22The LORD saves the lives
of his servants.
Run to him for protection,
and you won't be punished.

Psalm 35

(A psalm by David.)

A Prayer for Protection from Enemies
1Fight my enemies, LORD!
Attack my attackers!
2Shield me and help me.
3Aim your spear at everyone
who hunts me down,
but promise to save me.
4Let all who want to kill me
be disappointed
and disgraced.
Chase away and confuse
all who plan to harm me.
5Send your angel after them
and let them be like straw
in the wind.
6Make them run in the dark
on a slippery road,
as your angel chases them.
7I did them no harm,
but they hid a net
to trap me,
and they dug a deep pit
to catch and kill me.
8Surprise them with disaster!
Trap them in their own nets
and let them fall and rot
in the pits they have dug.
9I will celebrate and be joyful
because you, LORD,
have saved me.
10Every bone in my body
will shout:
"No one is like the LORD!"
You protect the helpless
from those in power;
you save the poor and needy
from those who hurt them.
11Liars accuse me of crimes
I know nothing about.
12They repay evil for good,
and I feel all alone.
13When they were sick,
I wore sackcloth and went without food. I truly prayed for them,
14as I would for a friend
or a relative.
I was in sorrow and mourned,
as I would for my mother.
15I have stumbled,
and worthless liars
I don't even know
surround me and sneer.
16Worthless people make fun and never stop laughing.
17But all you do is watch!
When will you do something?
Save me from the attack
of those vicious lions.
18And when your people meet,
I will praise you
and thank you, Lord,
in front of them all.
19Don't let my brutal enemies
be glad because of me.
They hate me for no reason.
Don't let them wink
behind my back.
20They say hurtful things,
and they lie to people
who want to live in peace.
21They are quick to accuse me.
They say, "You did it!
We saw you ourselves."
22You see everything, LORD!
Please don't keep silent
or stay so far away.
23Fight to defend me, Lord God,
24and prove that I am right
by your standards.
Don't let them laugh at me
25or say to each other,
"Now we've got what we want!
We'll gobble him down!"
26Disappoint and confuse
all who are glad
to see me in trouble,
but disgrace and embarrass
my proud enemies
who say to me,
"You are nothing!"
27Let all who want me to win
be happy and joyful.
From now on let them say,
"The LORD is wonderful!
God is glad when all goes well
for his servant."
28Then I will shout all day,
"Praise the LORD God!
He did what was right."

Psalm 36

(For the music leader by David, the LORD's servant.)

Human Sin and God's Goodness
1Sinners don't respect God;
sin is all they think about.
2They like themselves too much
to hate their own sins
or even to see them.
3They tell deceitful lies,
and they don't have the sense
to live right.
4Those people stay awake,
thinking up mischief,
and they follow the wrong road,
refusing to turn from sin.
5Your love is faithful, LORD,
and even the clouds in the sky
can depend on you.
6Your decisions are always fair.
They are firm like mountains,
deep like the sea,
and all people and animals
are under your care.
7Your love is a treasure,
and everyone finds shelter
in the shadow of your wings.
8You give your guests a feast
in your house,
and you serve a tasty drink
that flows like a river.
9The life-giving fountain
belongs to you,
and your light gives light
to each of us.
10Our LORD, keep showing love
to everyone who knows you,
and use your power to save
all whose thoughts please you.
11Don't let those proud
and merciless people
kick me around
or chase me away.
12Look at those wicked people!
They are knocked down,
never to get up again.

Psalm 37

(By David.)

Trust the LORD
1Don't be annoyed by anyone
who does wrong,
and don't envy them.
2They will soon disappear
like grass without rain.
3Trust the LORD and live right!
The land will be yours,
and you will be safe.
4Do what the LORD wants,
and he will give you
your heart's desire.
5Let the LORD lead you
and trust him to help.
6Then it will be as clear
as the noonday sun
that you were right.
7Be patient and trust the LORD.
Don't let it bother you
when all goes well for those
who do sinful things.
8Don't be angry or furious.
Anger can lead to sin.
9All sinners will disappear,
but if you trust the LORD,
the land will be yours.
10Sinners will soon disappear,
never to be found,
11but the poor will take the land
and enjoy a big harvest.
12Merciless people make plots
against good people
and snarl like animals,
13but the Lord laughs and knows
their time is coming soon.
14The wicked kill with swords
and shoot arrows
to murder
the poor and the needy
and all who do right.
15But they will be killed
by their own swords,
and their arrows
will be broken.
16It is better to live right
and be poor
than to be sinful and rich.
17The wicked will lose all
of their power,
but the LORD gives strength
to everyone who is good.
18Those who obey the LORD
are daily in his care,
and what he has given them
will be theirs forever.
19They won't be in trouble
when times are bad,
and they will have plenty
when food is scarce.
20Wicked people are enemies
of the LORD
and will vanish like smoke
from a field on fire.
21An evil person borrows
and never pays back;
a good person is generous
and never stops giving.
22Everyone the LORD blesses
will receive the land;
everyone the LORD curses
will be destroyed.
23If you do what the LORD wants,
he will make certain
each step you take is sure.
24The LORD will hold your hand,
and if you stumble,
you still won't fall.
25As long as I can remember,
good people have never
been left helpless,
and their children have never
gone begging for food.
26They gladly give and lend,
and their children
turn out good.
27If you stop sinning
and start doing right,
you will keep living
and be secure forever.
28The LORD loves justice,
and he won't ever desert
his faithful people.
He always protects them,
but destroys
the children
the wicked.
29God's people will own the land
and live here forever.
30Words of wisdom come
when good people speak
for justice.
31They remember God's teachings,
and they never take
a wrong step.
32The wicked try to trap
and kill good people,
33but the LORD is on their side,
and he will defend them
when they are on trial.
34Trust the LORD and follow him.
He will give you the land,
and you will see
the wicked destroyed.
35I have seen brutal people
abuse others
and grow strong
like trees in rich soil.
36Suddenly they disappeared!
I looked, but they were gone
and no longer there.
37Think of the bright future
for all the families
of honest
and innocent
and peace-loving people.
38But not a trace will be left
of the wicked
or their families.
39The LORD protects his people,
and they can come to him
in times of trouble.
40The LORD helps them
and saves them from the wicked
because they run to him.

Psalm 38

(A psalm by David to be used when an offering is made.)

A Prayer in Times of Trouble
1When you are angry, LORD,
please don't punish me
or even correct me.
2You shot me with your arrows,
and you struck me
with your hand.
3My body hurts all over
because of your anger.
Even my bones are in pain,
and my sins
4are so heavy
that I am crushed.
5Because of my foolishness,
I am covered with sores
that stink and spread.
6My body is twisted and bent,
and I groan all day long.
7Fever has my back in flames,
and I hurt all over.
8I am worn out and weak,
moaning and in distress.
9You, Lord, know every one
of my deepest desires,
and my noisy groans
are no secret to you.
10My heart is beating fast.
I feel weak all over,
and my eyes are red.
11Because of my sickness,
no friends or neighbors
will come near me.
12All who want me dead
set traps to catch me,
and those who want
to harm and destroy me
plan and plot all day.
13I am not able to hear
or speak a word;
14I am completely deaf
and can't make a sound.
15I trust you, LORD God,
and you will do something.
16I said, "Don't let them laugh
or brag because I slip."
17I am about to collapse
from constant pain.
18I told you my sins,
and I am sorry for them.
19Many deadly and powerful
enemies hate me,
20and they repay evil for good
because I try to do right.
21You are the LORD God!
Stay nearby
and don't desert me.
22You are the one who saves me.
Please hurry and help.

Psalm 39

(A psalm by David for Jeduthun, the music leader.)

A Prayer for Forgiveness
1I told myself, "I'll be careful
not to sin by what I say,
and I'll muzzle my mouth
when evil people are near."
2I kept completely silent,
but it did no good, and I hurt even worse.
3I felt a fire burning inside,
and the more I thought,
the more it burned,
until at last I said:
4"Please, LORD,
show me my future.
Will I soon be gone?
5You made my life short,
so brief that the time
means nothing to you.
"Human life is but a breath,
6and it disappears
like a shadow.
Our struggles are senseless;
we store up more and more,
without ever knowing
who will get it all.
7"What am I waiting for?
I depend on you, Lord!
8Save me from my sins.
Don't let fools sneer at me.
9You treated me like this,
and I kept silent,
not saying a word.
10"Won't you stop punishing me?
You have worn me down.
11You punish us severely
because of our sins.
Like a moth, you destroy
what we treasure most.
We are as frail as a breath.
12"Listen, LORD, to my prayer!
My eyes are flooded with tears,
as I pray to you.
I am merely a stranger
visiting in your home
as my ancestors did.
13Stop being angry with me
and let me smile again
before I am dead and gone."

Psalm 40

(A psalm by David for the music leader.)

A Prayer for Help
1I patiently waited, LORD,
for you to hear my prayer.
You listened
2and pulled me
from a lonely pit
full of mud and mire.
You let me stand on a rock
with my feet firm,
3and you gave me a new song,
a song of praise to you.
Many will see this,
and they will honor
and trust
you, the LORD God.
4You bless all of those
who trust you, LORD,
and refuse to worship idols
or follow false gods.
5You, LORD God, have done
many wonderful things,
and you have planned
marvelous things for us.
No one is like you!
I would never be able to tell
all you have done.
6Sacrifices and offerings
are not what please you;
gifts and payment for sin
are not what you demand.
But you made me willing
to listen and obey.
7And so, I said, "I am here
to do what is written
about me in the book,
where it says,
8'I enjoy pleasing you.
Your Law is in my heart.' "
9When your people worshiped,
you know I told them,
"Our LORD always helps!"
10When all your people met,
I did not keep silent.
I said, "Our LORD is kind.
He is faithful and caring,
and he saves us."
11You, LORD, never fail
to have pity on me;
your love and faithfulness
always keep me secure.
12I have more troubles
than I can count.
My sins are all around me,
and I can't find my way.
My sins outnumber
the hairs on my head,
and I feel weak.
13Please show that you care
and come to my rescue.
Hurry and help me!
14Disappoint and confuse
all who want me dead;
turn away and disgrace
all who want to hurt me.
15Embarrass and shame
all of those who say,
"Just look at you now!"
16Our LORD, let your worshipers
rejoice and be glad.
They love you for saving them,
so let them always say,
"The LORD is wonderful!"
17I am poor and needy,
but, LORD God,
you care about me,
and you come to my rescue.
Please hurry and help.

Psalm 41

(A psalm by David for the music leader.)

A Prayer in Time of Sickness
1You, LORD God, bless everyone
who cares for the poor,
and you rescue those people
in times of trouble.
2You protect them
and keep them alive.
You make them happy here
in this land,
and you don't hand them over
to their enemies.
3You always heal them
and restore their strength
when they are sick.
4I prayed, "Have pity, LORD!
Heal me,
though I have sinned
against you."
5My vicious enemies ask me,
"When will you die
and be forgotten?"
6When visitors come,
all they ever bring
are worthless words,
and when they leave,
they spread gossip.
7My enemies whisper about me.
They think the worst,
8and they say,
"You have some fatal disease!
You'll never get well."
9My most trusted friend
has turned against me,
though he ate at my table.
10Have pity, LORD! Heal me,
so I can pay them back.
11Then my enemies
won't defeat me,
and I will know
that you really care.
12You have helped me
because I am innocent,
and you will always
be close to my side.
13You, the LORD God of Israel,
will be praised forever!
Amen and amen.

Psalm 42


(Psalms 42-72)

(A special psalm for the people of Korah and for the music leader.)

Longing for God
1As a deer gets thirsty
for streams of water,
I truly am thirsty
for you, my God.
2In my heart, I am thirsty
for you, the living God.
When will I see your face?
3Day and night my tears
are my only food,
as everyone keeps asking,
"Where is your God?"
4Sorrow floods my heart,
when I remember
leading the worshipers
to your house. I can still hear them shout
their joyful praises.
5Why am I discouraged?
Why am I restless?
I trust you!
And I will praise you again
because you help me,
6and you are my God.
I am deeply discouraged
as I think about you
from where the Jordan begins
at Mount Hermon
and from Mount Mizar.
7Your vicious waves
have swept over me
like an angry ocean
or a roaring waterfall.
8Every day, you are kind,
and at night
you give me a song
as my prayer to you,
the living LORD God.
9You are my mighty rock. Why have you forgotten me?
Why must enemies mistreat me
and make me sad?
10Even my bones are in pain,
while all day long
my enemies sneer and ask,
"Where is your God?"
11Why am I discouraged?
Why am I restless?
I trust you!
And I will praise you again
because you help me,
and you are my God.

Psalm 43

A Prayer in Times of Trouble
1Show that I am right, God!
Defend me against everyone
who doesn't know you;
rescue me from each
of those deceitful liars.
2I run to you
for protection.
Why have you turned me away?
Why must enemies mistreat me
and make me sad?
3Send your light and your truth
to guide me.
Let them lead me to your house
on your sacred mountain.
4Then I will worship
at your altar
because you
make me joyful.
You are my God,
and I will praise you.
Yes, I will praise you
as I play my harp.
5Why am I discouraged?
Why am I restless?
I trust you!
And I will praise you again
because you help me,
and you are my God.

Psalm 44

(A special psalm for the people of Korah and for the music leader.)

A Prayer for Help
1Our God, our ancestors told us
what wonders you worked
and we listened carefully.
2You chased off the nations
by causing them trouble
with your powerful arm.
Then you let our ancestors
take over their land.
3Their strength and weapons
were not
what won the land
and gave them victory!
You loved them and fought
with your powerful arm
and your shining glory.
4You are my God and King,
and you give victory to the people of Jacob.
5By your great power,
we knocked our enemies down
and stomped on them.
6I don't depend on my arrows
or my sword to save me.
7But you saved us
from our hateful enemies,
and you put them to shame.
8We boast about you, our God,
and we are always grateful.
9But now you have rejected us;
you don't lead us into battle,
and we look foolish.
10You made us retreat,
and our enemies have taken
everything we own.
11You let us be slaughtered
like sheep,
and you scattered us
among the nations.
12You sold your people
for little or nothing,
and you earned no profit.
13You made us look foolish
to our neighbors,
and people who live nearby
insult us and sneer.
14Foreigners joke about us
and shake their heads.
15I am embarrassed every day,
and I blush with shame.
16But others mock and sneer,
as they watch my enemies
take revenge on me.
17All of this has happened to us,
though we didn't forget you
or break our agreement.
18We always kept you in mind
and followed your teaching.
19But you crushed us,
and you covered us
with deepest darkness
where wild animals live.
20We did not forget you
or lift our hands in prayer
to foreign gods.
21You would have known it
because you discover
every secret thought.
22We face death all day for you.
We are like sheep on their way
to be slaughtered.
23Wake up! Do something, Lord!
Why are you sleeping?
Don't desert us forever.
24Why do you keep looking away?
Don't forget our sufferings
and all of our troubles.
25We are flat on the ground,
holding on to the dust.
26Do something! Help us!
Show how kind you are
and come to our rescue.

Psalm 45

(A special psalm for the people of Korah and for the music leader. To the tune "Lilies." A love song.)

For a Royal Wedding
1My thoughts are filled
with beautiful words
for the king,
and I will use my voice
as a writer would use
pen and ink.
2No one is as handsome as you!
Your words are always kind.
That is why God
will always bless you.
3Mighty king, glorious ruler,
strap on your sword
4and ride out in splendor!
Win victories for truth
and mercy and justice.
Do fearsome things
with your powerful arm.
5Send your sharp arrows
through enemy hearts
and make all nations fall
at your feet.
6You are God, and you will rule
forever as king. Your royal power
brings about justice.
7You love justice and hate evil.
And so, your God chose you
and made you happier
than any of your friends.
8The sweet aroma of the spices
myrrh, aloes, and cassia,
covers your royal robes.
You enjoy the music of harps
in palaces decorated
with ivory.
9Daughters of kings are here,
and your bride stands
at your right side,
wearing a wedding gown
trimmed with pure gold.
10Bride of the king,
listen carefully to me.
Forget your own people
and your father's family.
11The king is your husband,
so do what he desires.
12All of the richest people
from the city of Tyre
will try to influence you
13with precious treasures.
Your bride, my king,
has inward beauty, and her wedding gown is woven
with threads of gold.
14Wearing the finest garments,
she is brought to you,
followed by her young friends,
the bridesmaids.
15Everyone is excited,
as they follow you
to the royal palace.
16Your sons and your grandsons
will also be kings
as your ancestors were.
You will make them the rulers
everywhere on earth.
17I will make your name famous
from now on,
and you will be praised
forever and ever.

Psalm 46

(A special song for the people of Korah and for the music leader.)

God Is Our Mighty Fortress
1God is our mighty fortress,
always ready to help
in times of trouble.
2And so, we won't be afraid!
Let the earth tremble
and the mountains tumble
into the deepest sea.
3Let the ocean roar and foam,
and its raging waves
shake the mountains.
4A river and its streams
bring joy to the city,
which is the sacred home
of God Most High.
5God is in that city,
and it won't be shaken.
He will help it at dawn.
6Nations rage! Kingdoms fall!
But at the voice of God
the earth itself melts.
7The LORD All-Powerful
is with us.
The God of Jacob
is our fortress.
8Come! See the fearsome things
the LORD has done on earth.
9God brings wars to an end
all over the world.
He breaks the arrows,
shatters the spears,
and burns the shields.
10Our God says, "Calm down,
and learn that I am God!
All nations on earth
will honor me."
11The LORD All-Powerful
is with us.
The God of Jacob
is our fortress.

Psalm 47

(A psalm for the people of Korah and for the music leader.)

God Rules the Nations
1All of you nations,
clap your hands
and shout
joyful praises to God.
2The LORD Most High is fearsome,
the ruler of all the earth.
3God has put every nation
under our power,
4and he chose for us the land
that was the pride of Jacob,
his favorite.
5God goes up to his throne,
as people shout
and trumpets blast.
6Sing praises to God our King,
7the ruler of all the earth!
Praise God with songs.
8God rules the nations
from his sacred throne.
9Their leaders come together
and are now the people
of Abraham's God.
All rulers on earth
surrender their weapons,
and God is greatly praised!

Psalm 48

(A song and a psalm for the people of Korah.)

The City of God
1The LORD God is wonderful!
He deserves all praise
in the city where he lives.
His holy mountain,
2beautiful and majestic,
brings joy to all on earth.
Mount Zion, truly sacred,
is home for the Great King.
3God is there to defend it
and has proved to be
its protector.
4Kings joined forces
to attack the city,
5but when they saw it,
they were terrified
and ran away.
6They trembled all over
like women giving birth
7or like seagoing ships wrecked by eastern winds.
8We had heard about it,
and now we have seen it
in the city of our God,
the LORD All-Powerful.
This is the city that God
will let stand forever.
9Our God, here in your temple
we think about your love.
10You are famous and praised
everywhere on earth,
as you win victories
with your powerful arm.
11Mount Zion will celebrate,
and all Judah will be glad,
because you bring justice.
12Let's walk around Zion
and count its towers.
13We will see its strong walls
and visit each fortress.
Then you can say
to future generations,
14"Our God is like this forever
and will always guide us."

Psalm 49

(A psalm for the people of Korah and for the music leader.)

Don't Depend on Wealth
1Everyone on this earth,
now listen to what I say!
2Listen, no matter who you are,
rich or poor.
3I speak words of wisdom,
and my thoughts make sense.
4I have in mind a mystery
that I will explain
while playing my harp.
5Why should I be afraid
in times of trouble,
when I am surrounded
by vicious enemies?
6They trust in their riches
and brag about
all of their wealth.
7You cannot buy back your life
or pay off God!
8It costs far too much
to buy back your life.
You can never pay God enough
9to stay alive forever
and safe from death.
10We see that wise people die,
and so do stupid fools.
Then their money is left
for someone else.
11The grave will be their home forever and ever,
although they once had land
of their own.
12Our human glory disappears,
and, like animals, we die.
13Here is what happens to fools
and to those who trust
the words of fools:
14They are like sheep
with death as their shepherd,
leading them to the grave. In the morning God's people
will walk all over them,
as their bodies lie rotting
in their home, the grave.
15But God will rescue me
from the power of death.
16Don't let it bother you
when others get rich
and live in luxury.
17Soon they will die
and all of their wealth
will be left behind.
18We humans are praised
when we do well,
and all of us are glad
to be alive.
19But we each will go down
to our ancestors,
never again to see
the light of day.
20Our human glory disappears,
and, like animals, we die.

Psalm 50

(A psalm by Asaph.)

What Pleases God
1From east to west,
the powerful LORD God
has been calling together
everyone on earth.
2God shines brightly from Zion,
the most beautiful city.
3Our God approaches,
but not silently;
a flaming fire comes first,
and a storm surrounds him.
4God comes to judge his people.
He shouts to the heavens
and to the earth,
5"Call my followers together!
They offered me a sacrifice,
and we made an agreement."
6The heavens announce,
"God is the judge,
and he is always honest."
7My people, I am God!
Israel, I am your God.
Listen to my charges
against you.
8Although you offer sacrifices
and always bring gifts,
9I won't accept your offerings
of bulls and goats.
10Every animal in the forest
belongs to me,
and so do the cattle
on a thousand hills.
11I know all the birds
in the mountains,
and every wild creature
is in my care.
12If I were hungry,
I wouldn't tell you,
because I own the world
and everything in it.
13I don't eat the meat of bulls
or drink the blood of goats.
14I am God Most High!
The only sacrifice I want
is for you to be thankful
and to keep your word.
15Pray to me
in time of trouble.
I will rescue you,
and you will honor me.
16But to the wicked I say:
"You don't have the right
to mention my laws
or claim
to keep our agreement!
17You refused correction
and rejected my commands.
18You made friends
with every crook you met,
and you liked people who break
their wedding vows.
19You talked only about violence
and told nothing but lies;
20you sat around gossiping,
ruining the reputation
of your own relatives."
21When you did all of this,
I didn't say a word,
and you thought,
"God is just like us!"
But now I will accuse you.
22You have ignored me!
So pay close attention
or I will tear you apart,
and no one can help you.
23The sacrifice that honors me
is a thankful heart.
Obey me, and I, your God,
will show my power to save.

Psalm 51

(For the music leader. A psalm by David when the prophet Nathan came to him after David had been with Bathsheba.)

A Prayer for Forgiveness
1You are kind, God!
Please have pity on me.
You are always merciful!
Please wipe away my sins.
2Wash me clean from all
of my sin and guilt.
3I know about my sins,
and I cannot forget
my terrible guilt.
4You are really the one

I have sinned against
I have disobeyed you
and have done wrong.
So it is right and fair for you
to correct and punish me.
5I have sinned and done wrong
since the day I was born.
6But you want complete honesty,
so teach me true wisdom.
7Wash me with hyssop until I am clean
and whiter than snow.
8Let me be happy and joyful!
You crushed my bones,
now let them celebrate.
9Turn your eyes from my sin
and cover my guilt.
10Create pure thoughts in me
and make me faithful again.
11Don't chase me away from you
or take your Holy Spirit
away from me.
12Make me as happy as you did
when you saved me;
make me want to obey!
13I will teach sinners your Law,
and they will return to you.
14Keep me from any deadly sin.
Only you can save me!
Then I will shout and sing
about your power to save.
15Help me to speak,
and I will praise you, Lord.
16Offerings and sacrifices
are not what you want.
17The way to please you
is to feel sorrow
deep in our hearts.
This is the kind of sacrifice
you won't refuse.
18Please be willing, Lord,
to help the city of Zion
and to rebuild its walls.
19Then you will be pleased
with the proper sacrifices,
and we will offer bulls
on your altar once again.

Psalm 52

(A special psalm by David for the music leader. He wrote this when Doeg from Edom went to Saul and said, "David has gone to Ahimelech's house.")

God Is in Control
1You people may be strong
and brag about your sins,
but God can be trusted
day after day.
2You plan brutal crimes,
and your lying words cut
like a sharp razor.
3You would rather do evil
than good,
and tell lies
than speak the truth.
4You love to say cruel things,
and your words are a trap.
5God will destroy you forever!
He will grab you and drag you
from your homes.
You will be uprooted
and left to die.
6When good people see
this fearsome sight,
they will laugh and say,
7"Just look at them now!
Instead of trusting God,
they trusted their wealth
and their cruelty."
8But I am like an olive tree
growing in God's house,
and I can count on his love
forever and ever.
9I will always thank God
for what he has done;

I will praise
his good name
when his people meet.

Psalm 53

(A special psalm by David for the music leader. To the tune "Mahalath." (Psalm 53 <i>Mahalath</i>: Or " For flutes," one possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.) )

No One Can Ignore God
1Only a fool would say,
"There is no God!"
People like that are worthless!
They are heartless and cruel
and never do right.
2From heaven God
looks down to see
if anyone is wise enough
to search for him.
3But all of them
are crooked and corrupt.
Not one of them does right.
4Won't you lawbreakers learn?
You refuse to pray,
and you gobble down
the people of God.
5But you will be terrified
worse than ever before.
God will scatter the bones
of his enemies,
and you will be ashamed
when God rejects you.
6I long for someone from Zion
to come and save Israel!
Our God, when you bless
your people again,
Jacob's family will be glad,
and Israel will celebrate.

Psalm 54

(For the music leader. Use with stringed instruments. A special psalm that David wrote when the people of Ziph went to Saul and said, "David is hiding here with us.")

Trusting God in Times of Trouble
1Save me, God, by your power
and prove that I am right.
2Listen to my prayer
and hear what I say.
3Cruel strangers have attacked
and want me dead.
Not one of them cares
about you.
4You will help me, Lord God,
and keep me from falling;
5you will punish my enemies
for their evil deeds.
Be my faithful friend
and destroy them.
6I will bring a gift
and offer a sacrifice
to you, LORD.
I will praise your name
because you are good.
7You have rescued me
from all of my troubles,
and my own eyes have seen
my enemies fall.

Psalm 55

(A special psalm by David for the music leader. Use with stringed instruments.)

Betrayed by a Friend
1Listen, God, to my prayer!
Don't reject my request.
2Please listen and help me.
My thoughts are troubled,
and I keep groaning
3because my loud enemies
shout and attack.
They treat me terribly
and hold angry grudges.
4My heart is racing fast,
and I am afraid of dying.
5I am trembling with fear,
completely terrified.
6I wish I had wings
like a dove,
so I could fly far away
and be at peace.
7I would go and live
in some distant desert.
8I would quickly find shelter
from howling winds
and raging storms.
9Confuse my enemies, Lord!
Upset their plans.
Cruelty and violence
are all I see in the city,
10and they are like guards
on patrol day and night.
The city is full of trouble,
11and corruption.
Troublemakers and liars
freely roam the streets.
12My enemies are not the ones
who sneer and make fun.
I could put up with that
or even hide from them.
13But it was my closest friend,
the one I trusted most.
14We enjoyed being together,
and we went with others
to your house, our God.
15All who hate me are controlled
by the power of evil.
Sentence them to death
and send them down alive
to the world of the dead.
16I ask for your help, LORD God,
and you will keep me safe.
17Morning, noon, and night
you hear my concerns
and my complaints.
18I am attacked from all sides,
but you will rescue me
unharmed by the battle.
19You have always ruled,
and you will hear me.
You will defeat my enemies
because they won't turn
and worship you.
20My friend turned against me
and broke his promise.
21His words were smoother
than butter,
and softer
than olive oil.
But hatred filled his heart,
and he was ready to attack
with a sword.
22Our LORD, we belong to you.
We tell you what worries us,
and you won't let us fall.
23But what about those people
who are cruel and brutal?
You will throw them down
into the deepest pit
long before their time.
I trust you, LORD!

Psalm 56

(For the music leader. To the tune "A Silent Dove in the Distance." (Psalm 56 <i>A Silent. . . Distance</i>: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.) A special psalm by David when the Philistines captured him in Gath.)

A Prayer of Trust in God
1Have pity, God Most High!
My enemies chase me all day.
2Many of them are pursuing
and attacking me,
3but even when I am afraid,
I keep on trusting you.
4I praise your promises!
I trust you and am not afraid.
No one can harm me.
5Enemies spend the whole day
finding fault with me;
all they think about
is how to do me harm.
6They attack from ambush,
watching my every step
and hoping to kill me.
7They won't get away with these crimes, God,
because when you get angry,
you destroy people.
8You have kept record
of my days of wandering.
You have stored my tears
in your bottle
and counted each of them.
9When I pray, LORD God,
my enemies will retreat,
because I know for certain
that you are with me.
10I praise your promises!
11I trust you and am not afraid.
No one can harm me.
12I will keep my promises
to you, my God,
and bring you gifts.
13You protected me from death
and kept me from stumbling,
so that I would please you
and follow the light
that leads to life.

Psalm 57

(For the music leader. To the tune "Don't Destroy." (Psalm 57; 58 <i>Don't Destroy</i>: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.) A special psalm by David when he was in the cave while running from Saul.)

Praise and Trust in Times of Trouble
1God Most High, have pity on me!
Have mercy.
I run to you
for safety.
In the shadow of your wings,
I seek protection
till danger dies down.
2I pray to you, my protector.
3You will send help from heaven
and save me,
but you will bring trouble
on my attackers.
You are faithful,
and you can be trusted.
4I live among lions,
who gobble down people!
They have spears and arrows
instead of teeth,
and they have sharp swords
instead of tongues.
5May you, my God, be honored
above the heavens;
may your glory be seen
everywhere on earth.
6Enemies set traps for my feet
and struck me down.
They dug a pit in my path,
but fell in it themselves.
7I am faithful to you,
and you can trust me.
I will sing and play music
for you, my God.
8I feel wide awake!
I will wake up my harp
and wake up the sun.
9I will praise you, Lord,
for everyone to hear,
and I will sing hymns to you
in every nation.
10Your love reaches higher
than the heavens;
your loyalty extends
beyond the clouds.
11May you, my God, be honored
above the heavens;
may your glory be seen
everywhere on earth.

Psalm 58

(A special psalm by David for the music leader. To the tune "Don't Destroy." (Psalm 57; 58 <i>Don't Destroy</i>: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.) )

A Prayer When All Goes Wrong
1Do you mighty people talk only to oppose justice? Don't you ever judge fairly?
2You are always planning evil,
and you are brutal.
3You have done wrong and lied
from the day you were born.
4Your words spread poison
like the bite of a cobra
5that refuses to listen
to the snake charmer.
6My enemies are fierce
as lions, LORD God!
Shatter their teeth.
Snatch out their fangs.
7Make them disappear
like leaking water,
and make their arrows miss.
8Let them dry up like snails
or be like a child that dies
before seeing the sun.
9Wipe them out quicker
than a pot can be heated
by setting thorns on fire.
10Good people will be glad
when they see the wicked
getting what they deserve,
and they will wash their feet
in their enemies' blood.
11Everyone will say, "It's true!
Good people are rewarded.
God does rule the earth
with justice."

Psalm 59

(For the music leader. To the tune "Don't Destroy." (Psalm 59 <i>Don't Destroy</i>: See the note at Psalm 57.) A special psalm by David when Saul had David's house watched so that he could kill him.)

A Prayer for Protection
1Save me, God! Protect me
from enemy attacks!
2Keep me safe from brutal people
who want to kill me.
3Merciless enemies, LORD,
are hiding and plotting,
hoping to kill me.
I have not hurt them
in any way at all.
4But they are ready to attack.
Do something! Help me!
Look at what's happening.
5LORD God All-Powerful,
you are the God of Israel.
Punish the other nations
and don't pity those terrible
and rebellious people.
6My enemies return at evening,
growling like dogs
roaming the city.
7They curse and their words
cut like swords,
as they say to themselves,
"No one can hear us!"
8You, LORD, laugh at them
and sneer at the nations.
9You are my mighty fortress,
and I depend on you.
10You love me and will let me
see my enemies defeated.
11Don't kill them,
or everyone may forget!
Just use your mighty power
to make them tremble
and fall.
You are a shield
for your people.
12My enemies are liars!
So let them be trapped
by their boastful lies.
13Get angry and destroy them.
Leave them in ruin.
Then all the nations will know
that you rule in Israel.
14Those liars return at evening,
growling like dogs
roaming the city.
15They search for scraps of food,
and they snarl
until they are stuffed.
16But I will sing about
your strength, my God,
and I will celebrate
because of your love.
You are my fortress,
my place of protection
in times of trouble.
17I will sing your praises!
You are my mighty fortress,
and you love me.

Psalm 60

(For the music leader. To the tune "Lily of the Promise." A special psalm by David for teaching. He wrote it during his wars with the Arameans of northern Syria, (Psalm 60 <i>wars. . . Syria</i>: See 2 Samuel 8.3-8; 10.16-18; 1 Chronicles 18.3-11; 19.6-19.) when Joab came back and killed twelve thousand Edomites <i> in Salt Valley.)

You Can Depend on God
1You, God, are angry with us!
We are rejected and crushed.
Make us strong again!
2You made the earth shake
and split wide open;
now heal its wounds
and stop its trembling.
3You brought hard times
on your people,
and you gave us wine
that made us stagger.
4You gave a signal to those
who worship you,
so they could escape
from enemy arrows.
5Answer our prayers!
Use your powerful arm
and give us victory.
Then the people you love
will be safe.
6Our God, you solemnly promised,
"I would gladly divide up
the city of Shechem
and give away Succoth Valley
piece by piece.
7The lands of Gilead
and Manasseh are mine.
Ephraim is my war helmet,
and Judah is the symbol
of my royal power.
8Moab is merely my washbasin.
Edom belongs to me,
and I shout in triumph
over the Philistines."
9Our God, who will bring me
to the fortress,
or lead me to Edom?
10Have you rejected us
and deserted our armies?
11Help us defeat our enemies!
No one else can rescue us.
12You will give us victory
and crush our enemies.

Psalm 61

(A psalm by David for the music leader. Use with stringed instruments.)

Under the Protection of God
1Please listen, God,
and answer my prayer!
2I feel hopeless,
and I cry out to you
from a faraway land.
Lead me to the mighty rock high above me.
3You are a strong tower,
where I am safe
from my enemies.
4Let me live with you forever
and find protection
under your wings, my God.
5You heard my promises,
and you have blessed me,
just as you bless everyone
who worships you.
6Let the king have a long
and healthy life.
7May he always rule
with you, God, at his side;
may your love and loyalty
watch over him.
8I will sing your praises
and will always
keep my promises.

Psalm 62

(A psalm by David for Jeduthun, the music leader.)

God Is Powerful and Kind
1Only God can save me,
and I calmly wait for him.
2God alone is the mighty rock that keeps me safe
and the fortress
where I am secure.
3I feel like a shaky fence
or a sagging wall.
How long will all of you
attack and assault me?
4You want to bring me down
from my place of honor.
You love to tell lies,
and when your words are kind,
hatred hides in your heart.
5Only God gives inward peace,
and I depend on him.
6God alone is the mighty rock
that keeps me safe,
and he is the fortress
where I feel secure.
7God saves me and honors me.
He is that mighty rock
where I find safety.
8Trust God, my friends,
and always tell him
each one of your concerns.
God is our place of safety.
9We humans are only a breath;
none of us are truly great.
All of us together weigh less
than a puff of air.
10Don't trust in violence
or depend on dishonesty
or rely on great wealth.
11I heard God say two things:
"I am powerful,
12and I am very kind."
The Lord rewards each of us
according to what we do.

Psalm 63

(A psalm by David when he was in the desert of Judah.)

God's Love Means More than Life
1You are my God. I worship you.
In my heart, I long for you,
as I would long for a stream
in a scorching desert.
2I have seen your power
and your glory
in the place of worship.
3Your love means more
than life to me,
and I praise you.
4As long as I live,
I will pray to you.
5I will sing joyful praises
and be filled with excitement
like a guest at a banquet.
6I think about you
before I go to sleep,
and my thoughts turn to you
during the night.
7You have helped me,
and I sing happy songs
in the shadow of your wings.
8I stay close to you,
and your powerful arm
supports me.
9All who want to kill me
will end up in the ground.
10Swords will run them through,
and wild dogs will eat them.
11Because of you, our God,
the king will celebrate
with your faithful followers,
but liars will be silent.

Psalm 64

(A psalm by David for the music leader.)

Celebrate because of the LORD
1Listen to my concerns, God,
and protect me
from my terrible enemies.
2Keep me safe from secret plots
of corrupt and evil gangs.
3Their words cut like swords,
and their cruel remarks
sting like sharp arrows.
4They fearlessly ambush
and shoot innocent people.
5They are determined to do evil,
and they tell themselves,
"Let's set traps!
No one can see us."
6They make evil plans and say,
"We'll commit a perfect crime.
No one knows our thoughts."
7But God will shoot his arrows
and quickly wound them.
8They will be destroyed
by their own words,
and everyone who sees them
will tremble with fear.
9They will be afraid and say,
"Look at what God has done
and keep it all in mind."
10May the LORD bless his people
with peace and happiness
and let them celebrate.

Psalm 65

(A psalm by David and a song for the music leader.)

God Answers Prayer
1Our God, you deserve praise in Zion,
where we keep
our promises to you.
2Everyone will come to you
because you answer prayer.
3Our terrible sins get us down,
but you forgive us.
4You bless your chosen ones,
and you invite them
to live near you
in your temple.
We will enjoy your house,
the sacred temple.
5Our God, you save us,
and your fearsome deeds
answer our prayers for justice!
You give hope to people
everywhere on earth,
even those across the sea.
6You are strong,
and your mighty power
put the mountains in place.
7You silence the roaring waves
and the noisy shouts
of the nations.
8People far away marvel
at your fearsome deeds,
and all who live under the sun
celebrate and sing
because of you.
9You take care of the earth
and send rain
to help the soil
grow all kinds of crops.
Your rivers never run dry,
and you prepare the earth
to produce much grain.
10You water all of its fields
and level the lumpy ground.
You send showers of rain
to soften the soil
and help the plants sprout.
11Wherever your footsteps
touch the earth,
a rich harvest is gathered.
12Desert pastures blossom,
and mountains celebrate.
13Meadows are filled
with sheep and goats;
valleys overflow with grain
and echo with joyful songs.

Psalm 66

(A song and a psalm for the music leader.)

Shout Praises to God
1Tell everyone on this earth
to shout praises to God!
2Sing about his glorious name.
Honor him with praises.
3Say to God, "Everything you do
is fearsome,
and your mighty power makes
your enemies come crawling.
4You are worshiped by everyone!
We all sing praises to you."
5Come and see the fearsome things
our God has done!
6When God made the sea dry up,
our people walked across,
and because of him,
we celebrated there.
7His mighty power rules forever,
and nothing the nations do
can be hidden from him.
So don't turn against God.
8All of you people,
come praise our God!
Let his praises be heard.
9God protects us from death
and keeps us steady.
10Our God, you tested us,
just as silver is tested.
11You trapped us in a net
and gave us heavy burdens.
12You sent war chariots
to crush our skulls.
We traveled through fire
and through floods,
but you brought us
to a land of plenty.
13I will bring sacrifices
into your house, my God,
and I will do what I promised
14when I was in trouble.
15I will sacrifice my best sheep
and offer bulls and goats
on your altar.
16All who worship God,
come here and listen;
I will tell you everything
God has done for me.
17I prayed to the Lord,
and I praised him.
18If my thoughts had been sinful,
he would have refused
to hear me.
19But God did listen
and answered my prayer.
20Let's praise God!
He listened when I prayed,
and he is always kind.

Psalm 67

(A psalm and a song for the music leader. Use with stringed instruments.)

Tell the Nations To Praise God
1Our God, be kind and bless us!
Be pleased and smile.
2Then everyone on earth
will learn to follow you,
and all nations will see
your power to save us.
3Make everyone praise you
and shout your praises.
4Let the nations celebrate
with joyful songs,
because you judge fairly
and guide all nations.
5Make everyone praise you
and shout your praises.
6Our God has blessed the earth
with a wonderful harvest!
7Pray for his blessings
to continue
and for everyone on earth
to worship our God.

Psalm 68

(A psalm and a song by David for the music leader.)

God Will Win the Battle
1Do something, God!
Scatter your hateful enemies.
Make them turn and run.
2Scatter them like smoke!
When you come near,
make them melt
like wax in a fire.
3But let your people be happy
and celebrate because of you.
4Our God, you are the one
who rides on the clouds,
and we praise you.
Your name is the LORD,
and we celebrate
as we worship you.
5Our God, from your sacred home
you take care of orphans
and protect widows.
6You find families
for those who are lonely.
You set prisoners free
and let them prosper, but all who rebel will live
in a scorching desert.
7You set your people free,
and you led them
through the desert.
8God of Israel,
the earth trembled,
and rain poured down.
You alone are the God
who rules from Mount Sinai.
9When your land was thirsty,
you sent showers
to refresh it.
10Your people settled there,
and you were generous
to everyone in need.
11You gave the command,
and a chorus of women told
what had happened:
12"Kings and their armies
retreated and ran,
and everything they left
is now being divided.
13And for those who stayed back
to guard the sheep,
there are metal doves
with silver-coated wings
and shiny gold feathers."
14God All-Powerful, you scattered
the kings
like snow falling
on Mount Zalmon.
15Our LORD and our God,
Bashan is a mighty mountain
covered with peaks.
16Why is it jealous of Zion,
the mountain you chose
as your home forever?
17When you, LORD God, appeared
to your people at Sinai, you came with thousands
of mighty chariots.
18When you climbed
the high mountain,
you took prisoners with you
and were given gifts.
Your enemies didn't want you
to live there,
but they gave you gifts.
19We praise you, Lord God!
You treat us with kindness
day after day,
and you rescue us.
20You always protect us
and save us from death.
21Our Lord and our God,
your terrible enemies
are ready for war, but you will crush
their skulls.
22You promised to bring them
from Bashan
and from the deepest sea.
23Then we could stomp
on their blood,
and our dogs could chew
on their bones.
24We have seen crowds marching
to your place of worship,
our God and King.
25The singers come first,
and then the musicians,
surrounded by young women
playing tambourines.
26They come shouting,
"People of Israel,
praise the LORD God!"
27The small tribe of Benjamin
leads the way,
followed by the leaders
from Judah.
Then come the leaders
from Zebulun and Naphtali.
28Our God, show your strength!
Show us once again.
29Then kings will bring gifts
to your temple
in Jerusalem.
30Punish that animal
that lives in the swamp! Punish that nation
whose leaders and people
are like wild bulls.
Make them come crawling
with gifts of silver.
Scatter those nations
that enjoy making war.
31Force the Egyptians to bring
gifts of bronze;
make the Ethiopians hurry to offer presents.
32Now sing praises to God!
Every kingdom on earth,
sing to the Lord!
33Praise the one who rides
across the ancient skies;
listen as he speaks
with a mighty voice.
34Tell about God's power!
He is honored in Israel,
and he rules the skies.
35The God of Israel is fearsome
in his temple,
and he makes us strong.
Let's praise our God!

Psalm 69

(By David for the music leader. To the tune "Lilies.")

God Can Be Trusted
1Save me, God!
I am about to drown.
2I am sinking deep in the mud,
and my feet are slipping.
I am about to be swept under
by a mighty flood.
3I am worn out from crying,
and my throat is dry.
I have waited for you
till my eyes are blurred.
4There are more people
who hate me for no reason
than there are hairs
on my head.
Many terrible enemies
want to destroy me, God.
Am I supposed to give back
something I didn't steal?
5You know my foolish sins.
Not one is hidden from you.
6LORD God All-Powerful,
ruler of Israel,
don't let me embarrass anyone
who trusts and worships you.
7It is for your sake alone
that I am insulted
and blush with shame.
8I am like a stranger
to my relatives
and like a foreigner
to my own family.
9My love for your house
burns in me like a fire,
and when others insulted you,
they insulted me as well.
10I cried and went without food, but they still insulted me.
11They sneered at me
for wearing sackcloth to show my sorrow.
12Rulers and judges gossip
about me,
and drunkards make up songs
to mock me.
13But I pray to you, LORD.
So when the time is right,
answer me
and help me
with your wonderful love.
14Don't let me sink in the mud,
but save me from my enemies
and from the deep water.
15Don't let me be
swept away by a flood
or drowned in the ocean
or swallowed by death.
16Answer me, LORD!
You are kind and good.
Pay attention to me!
You are truly merciful.
17Don't turn away from me.
I am your servant,
and I am in trouble.
Please hurry and help!
and save me
my enemies.
19You know how I am insulted,
mocked, and disgraced;
you know every one
of my enemies.
20I am crushed by insults,
and I feel sick.
I had hoped for mercy and pity,
but there was none.
21Enemies poisoned my food,
and when I was thirsty,
they gave me vinegar.
22Make their table a trap
for them and their friends.
23Blind them with darkness
and make them tremble.
24Show them how angry you are!
Be furious and catch them.
25Destroy their camp
and don't let anyone live
in their tents.
26They cause trouble for people
you have already punished;
their gossip hurts those
you have wounded.
27Make them guiltier than ever
and don't forgive them.
28Wipe their names from the book
of the living;
remove them from the list
of the innocent.
29I am mistreated and in pain.
Protect me, God,
and keep me safe!
30I will praise the LORD God
with a song
and a thankful heart.
31This will please the LORD
better than offering an ox
or a full-grown bull.
32When those in need see this,
they will be happy,
and the LORD's worshipers
will be encouraged.
33The LORD will listen
when the homeless cry out,
and he will never forget
his people in prison.
34Heaven and earth
will praise our God,
and so will the oceans
and everything in them.
35God will rescue Jerusalem,
and he will rebuild
the towns of Judah.
His people will live there
on their own land,
36and when the time comes,
their children will inherit
the land.
Then everyone who loves God
will also settle there.

Psalm 70

(By David for the music leader. To be used when an offering is made.)

God Is Wonderful
1Save me, LORD God!
Hurry and help.
2Disappoint and confuse
all who want to kill me.
Turn away and disgrace
all who want to hurt me.
3Embarrass and shame those
who say, "We told you so!"
4Let your worshipers celebrate
and be glad because of you.
They love your saving power,
so let them always say,
"God is wonderful!"
5I am poor and needy,
but you, the LORD God,
care about me.
You are the one who saves me.
Please hurry and help!

Psalm 71

A Prayer for God's Protection
1I run to you, LORD,
for protection.
Don't disappoint me.
2You do what is right,
so come to my rescue.
Listen to my prayer
and keep me safe.
3Be my mighty rock, the place
where I can always run
for protection.
Save me by your command!
You are my mighty rock
and my fortress.
4Come and save me, LORD God,
from vicious and cruel
and brutal enemies!
5I depend on you,
and I have trusted you
since I was young.
6I have relied on you from the day I was born.
You brought me safely
through birth,
and I always praise you.
7Many people think of me
as something evil.
But you are my mighty protector,
8and I praise and honor you
all day long.
9Don't throw me aside
when I am old;
don't desert me
when my strength is gone.
10My enemies are plotting
because they want me dead.
11They say, "Now we'll catch you!
God has deserted you,
and no one can save you."
12Come closer, God!
Please hurry and help.
13Embarrass and destroy
all who want me dead;
disgrace and confuse
all who want to hurt me.
14I will never give up hope
or stop praising you.
15All day long I will tell
the wonderful things you do
to save your people.
But you have done much more
than I could possibly know.
16I will praise you, LORD God,
for your mighty deeds
and your power to save.
17You have taught me
since I was a child,
and I never stop telling about
your marvelous deeds.
18Don't leave me when I am old
and my hair turns gray.
Let me tell future generations
about your mighty power.
19Your deeds of kindness
are known in the heavens.
No one is like you!
20You made me suffer a lot,
but you will bring me
back from this deep pit
and give me new life.
21You will make me truly great
and take my sorrow away.
22I will praise you, God,
the Holy One of Israel.
You are faithful.
I will play the harp
and sing your praises.
23You have rescued me!
I will celebrate and shout,
singing praises to you
with all my heart.
24All day long I will announce
your power to save.
I will tell how you disgraced
and disappointed
those who wanted to hurt me.

Psalm 72

(By Solomon.)

A Prayer for God To Guide and Help the King
1Please help the king
to be honest and fair
just like you, our God.
2Let him be honest and fair
with all your people,
especially the poor.
3Let peace and justice rule
every mountain and hill.
4Let the king defend the poor,
rescue the homeless,
and crush
everyone who hurts them.
5Let the king live forever like the sun and the moon.
6Let him be as helpful as rain
that refreshes the meadows
and the ground.
7Let the king be fair
with everyone,
and let there be peace
until the moon
falls from the sky.
8Let his kingdom reach
from sea to sea,
from the Euphrates River
across all the earth.
9Force the desert tribes
to accept his rule,
and make his enemies
crawl in the dirt.
10Force the rulers of Tarshish and of the islands
to pay taxes to him.
Make the kings of Sheba
and of Seba bring gifts.
11Make other rulers bow down
and all nations serve him.
12Do this because the king
rescues the homeless
when they cry out,
and he helps everyone
who is poor and in need.
13The king has pity
on the weak and the helpless
and protects those in need.
14He cares when they hurt,
and he saves them from cruel
and violent deaths.
15Long live the king!
Give him gold from Sheba.
Always pray for the king
and praise him each day.
16Let cities overflow with food
and hills be covered with grain,
just like Mount Lebanon.
Let the people in the cities
prosper like wild flowers.
17May the glory of the king
shine brightly forever
like the sun in the sky.
Let him make nations prosper
and learn to praise him.
18LORD God of Israel,
we praise you.
Only you can work miracles.
19We will always praise
your glorious name.
Let your glory be seen
everywhere on earth.
Amen and amen.
20This ends the prayers
of David, the son of Jesse.

Psalm 73


(Psalms 73-89)

(A psalm by Asaph.)

God Is Good
1God is truly good to Israel, especially to everyone
with a pure heart.
2But I almost stumbled and fell,
3because it made me jealous
to see proud and evil people
and to watch them prosper.
4They never have to suffer, they stay healthy,
5and they don't have troubles
like everyone else.
6Their pride is like a necklace,
and they commit sin
more often
than they dress themselves.
7Their eyes poke out with fat,
and their minds are flooded
with foolish thoughts.
8They sneer and say cruel things
and because of their pride,
they make violent threats.
9They dare to speak against God
and to order others around.
10God will bring his people back,
and they will drink the water
he so freely gives.
11Only evil people would say,
"God Most High cannot
know everything!"
12Yet all goes well for them,
and they live in peace.
13What good did it do me
to keep my thoughts pure
and refuse to do wrong?
14I am sick all day,
and I am punished
each morning.
15If I had said evil things,
I would not have been loyal
to your people.
16It was hard for me
to understand all this!
17Then I went to your temple,
and there I understood
what will happen
to my enemies.
18You will make them stumble,
never to get up again.
19They will be terrified,
suddenly swept away
and no longer there.
20They will disappear, Lord,
despised like a bad dream
the morning after.
21Once I was bitter
and brokenhearted.
22I was stupid and ignorant,
and I treated you
as a wild animal would.
23But I never really left you,
and you hold my right hand.
24Your advice has been my guide,
and later you will welcome me
in glory.
25In heaven I have only you,
and on this earth
you are all I want.
26My body and mind may fail,
but you are my strength
and my choice forever.
27Powerful LORD God,
all who stay far from you
will be lost,
and you will destroy those
who are unfaithful.
28It is good for me
to be near you.
I choose you as my protector,
and I will tell about
your wonderful deeds.

Psalm 74

(A special psalm by Asaph.)

A Prayer for the Nation in Times of Trouble
1Our God, why have you
completely rejected us?
Why are you so angry
with the ones you care for?
2Remember the people
you rescued long ago,
the tribe you chose
to be your very own.
Think of Mount Zion,
your home;
3walk over to the temple
left in ruins forever
by those who hate us.
4Your enemies roared like lions
in your holy temple,
and they have placed
their banners there.
5It looks like a forest
chopped to pieces.
6They used axes and hatchets
to smash the carvings.
7They burned down your temple
and badly disgraced it.
8They said to themselves,
"We'll crush them!"
Then they burned every one
of your meeting places
all over the country.
9There are no more miracles
and no more prophets.
Who knows how long
it will be like this?
10Our God, how much longer
will our enemies sneer?
Won't they ever stop
insulting you?
11Why don't you punish them?
Why are you holding back?
12Our God and King,
you have ruled
since ancient times;
you have won victories
everywhere on this earth.
13By your power you made a path
through the sea,
and you smashed the heads
of sea monsters.
14You crushed the heads
of the monster Leviathan, then fed him to wild creatures
in the desert.
15You opened the ground
for streams and springs
and dried up mighty rivers.
16You rule the day and the night,
and you put the moon
and the sun in place.
17You made summer and winter
and gave them to the earth.
18Remember your enemies, LORD!
They foolishly sneer
and won't respect you.
19You treat us like pet doves,
but they mistreat us.
Don't keep forgetting us
and letting us be fed
to those wild animals.
20Remember the agreement
you made with us.
Violent enemies are hiding
in every dark corner
of the earth.
21Don't disappoint those in need
or make them turn from you,
but help the poor and homeless
to shout your praises.
22Do something, God!
Defend yourself.
Remember how those fools
sneer at you all day long.
23Don't forget the loud shouts
of your enemies.

Psalm 75

(A psalm and a song by Asaph for the music leader. To the tune "Don't Destroy." (Psalm 75 <i>Don't Destroy</i>: See the note at Psalm 57.) )

Praise God for All He Has Done
1Our God, we thank you
for being so near to us!
Everyone celebrates
your wonderful deeds.
2You have set a time
to judge with fairness.
3The earth trembles,
and its people shake;
you alone keep
its foundations firm.
4You tell every bragger,
"Stop bragging!"
And to the wicked you say,
"Don't boast of your power!
5Stop bragging! Quit telling me
how great you are."
6Our LORD and our God,
victory doesn't come
from the east or the west
or from the desert.
7You are the one who judges.
You can take away power
and give it to others.
8You hold in your hand
a cup filled with wine, strong and foaming.
You will pour out some
for every sinful person
on this earth,
and they will have to drink
until it is gone.
9But I will always tell about
you, the God of Jacob,
and I will sing your praise.
10Our Lord, you will destroy
the power of evil people,
but you will give strength
to those who are good.

Psalm 76

(A song and a psalm for the music leader. Use stringed instruments.)

God Always Wins
1You, our God,
are famous in Judah
and honored in Israel.
2Your home is on Mount Zion
in the city of peace.
3There you destroyed
fiery arrows, shields, swords,
and all the other weapons.
4You are more glorious than
the eternal mountains.
5Brave warriors were robbed
of what they had taken,
and now they lie dead,
unable to lift an arm.
6God of Jacob, when you roar,
enemy chariots and horses
drop dead in their tracks.
7Our God, you are fearsome,
and no one can oppose you
when you are angry.
8From heaven you announced
your decisions as judge!
And all who live on this earth
were terrified and silent
9when you took over as judge,
ready to rescue
everyone in need.
10Even the most angry people
will praise you
when you are furious.
11Everyone, make your promises
to the LORD your God
and do what you promise.
The LORD is fearsome,
and all of his servants
should bring him gifts.
12God destroys the courage
of rulers and kings
and makes cowards of them.

Psalm 77

(A psalm by Asaph for Jeduthun, the music leader.)

In Times of Trouble God Is with His People
1I pray to you, Lord God,
and I beg you to listen.
2In days filled with trouble,
I search for you.
And at night I tirelessly
lift my hands in prayer,
refusing comfort.
3When I think of you,
I feel restless and weak.
4Because of you, Lord God,
I can't sleep.
I am restless
and can't even talk.
5I think of times gone by,
of those years long ago.
6Each night my mind
is flooded with questions:
7"Have you rejected me forever?
Won't you be kind again?
8Is this the end of your love
and your promises?
9Have you forgotten
how to have pity?
Do you refuse to show mercy
because of your anger?"
10Then I said, "God Most High,
what hurts me most
is that you no longer help us
with your mighty arm."
11Our LORD, I will remember
the things you have done,
your miracles of long ago.
12I will think about each one
of your mighty deeds.
13Everything you do is right,
and no other god
compares with you.
14You alone work miracles,
and you have let nations
see your mighty power.
15With your own arm you rescued
your people,
the descendants
of Jacob and Joseph.
16The ocean looked at you, God,
and it trembled deep down
with fear.
17Water flowed from the clouds.
Thunder was heard above
as your arrows of lightning
flashed about.
18Your thunder roared
like chariot wheels.
The world was made bright
by lightning,
and all the earth trembled.
19You walked
through the water
of the mighty sea,
but your footprints
were never seen.
20You guided your people
like a flock of sheep,
and you chose Moses and Aaron
to be their leaders.

Psalm 78

(A special psalm by Asaph.)

What God Has Done for His People
1My friends, I beg you
to listen as I teach.
2I will give instruction
and explain the mystery
of what happened long ago.
3These are things we learned
from our ancestors,
4and we will tell them
to the next generation.
We won't keep secret
the glorious deeds
and the mighty miracles
of the LORD.
5God gave his Law
to Jacob's descendants,
the people of Israel.
And he told our ancestors
to teach their children,
6so that each new generation
would know his Law
and tell it to the next.
7Then they would trust God
and obey his teachings,
without forgetting anything
God had done.
8They would be different
from their ancestors,
who were stubborn, rebellious,
and unfaithful to God.
9The warriors from Ephraim
were armed with arrows,
but they ran away
when the battle began.
10They broke their agreement
with God,
and they turned their backs
on his teaching.
11They forgot all he had done,
even the mighty miracles
12he did for their ancestors
near Zoan in Egypt.
13God made a path in the sea
and piled up the water
as he led them across.
14He guided them during the day
with a cloud,
and each night he led them
with a flaming fire.
15God made water flow
from rocks
he split open
in the desert,
and his people drank freely,
as though from a lake.
16He made streams gush out
like rivers from rocks.
17But in the desert,
the people of God Most High
kept sinning and rebelling.
18They stubbornly tested God
and demanded from him
what they wanted to eat.
19They challenged God by saying,
"Can God provide food
out here in the desert?
20It's true God struck the rock
and water gushed out
like a river,
but can he give his people
bread and meat?"
21When the LORD heard this,
he was angry and furious
with Jacob's descendants,
the people of Israel.
22They had refused to trust him,
and they had doubted
his saving power.
23But God gave a command
to the clouds,
and he opened the doors
in the skies.
24From heaven he sent grain
that they called manna.
25He gave them more than enough,
and each one of them ate
this special food.
26God's mighty power
brought a strong wind
from the southeast,
27and it brought birds
that covered the ground,
like sand on the beach.
28Then God made the birds fall
in the camp of his people
near their tents.
29God gave his people
all they wanted,
and each of them ate
until they were full.
30But before they had swallowed
the last bite,
31God became angry and killed
the strongest
and best
from the families of Israel.
32But the rest kept on sinning
and would not trust
God's miracles.
33So he cut their lives short
and made them terrified.
34After he killed some of them,
the others turned to him
with all their hearts.
35They remembered God Most High,
the mighty rock that kept them safe.
36But they tried to flatter God,
and they told him lies;
37they were unfaithful
and broke their promises.
38Yet God was kind.
He kept forgiving their sins
and didn't destroy them.
He often became angry,
but never lost his temper.
39God remembered that they
were made of flesh
and were like a wind
that blows once
and then dies down.
40While they were in the desert,
they often rebelled
and made God sad.
41They kept testing him
and caused terrible pain
for the Holy One of Israel.
42They forgot about his power
and how he had rescued them
from their enemies.
43God showed them all kinds
of wonderful miracles
near Zoan in Egypt.
44He turned the rivers of Egypt
into blood,
and no one could drink
from the streams.
45He sent swarms of flies
to pester the Egyptians,
and he sent frogs
to cause them trouble.
46God let worms and grasshoppers
eat their crops.
47He destroyed their grapevines
and their fig trees
with hail and floods.
48Then he killed their cattle
with hail
and their other animals
with lightning.
49God was so angry and furious
that he went into a rage
and caused them great trouble
by sending swarms
of destroying angels.
50God gave in to his anger
and slaughtered them
in a terrible way.
51He killed the first-born son
of each Egyptian family.
52Then God led his people
out of Egypt
and guided them in the desert
like a flock of sheep.
53He led them safely along,
and they were not afraid,
but their enemies drowned
in the sea.
54God brought his people
to the sacred mountain
that he had taken
by his own power.
55He made nations run
from the tribes of Israel,
and he let the tribes
take over their land.
56But the people tested
God Most High,
and they refused
to obey his laws.
57They were as unfaithful
as their ancestors,
and they were as crooked
as a twisted arrow.
58God demanded all their love,
but they made him angry
by worshiping idols.
59So God became furious
and completely rejected
the people of Israel.
60Then he deserted his home
at Shiloh,
where he lived
here on earth.
61He let enemies capture
the sacred chest and let them dishonor him.
62God took out his anger
on his chosen ones
and let them be killed
by enemy swords.
63Fire destroyed the young men,
and the young women were left
with no one to marry.
64Priests died violent deaths,
but their widows
were not allowed to mourn.
65Finally the Lord woke up,
and he shouted
like a drunken soldier.
66God scattered his enemies
and made them ashamed
67Then the Lord decided
not to make his home
with Joseph's descendants
in Ephraim.
68Instead he chose the tribe
of Judah,
and he chose Mount Zion,
the place he loves.
69There he built his temple
as lofty as the mountains
and as solid as the earth
that he had made
to last forever.
70The Lord God chose David
to be his servant
and took him
from tending sheep
71and from caring for lambs.
Then God made him the leader
of Israel, his own nation.
72David treated the people fairly
and guided them with wisdom.

Psalm 79

(A psalm by Asaph.)

Have Pity on Jerusalem
1Our God, foreign nations
have taken your land,
disgraced your temple,
and left Jerusalem in ruins.
2They have fed the bodies
of your servants
to flesh-eating birds;
your loyal people are food
for savage animals.
3All Jerusalem is covered
with their blood,
and there is no one left
to bury them.
4Every nation around us
sneers and makes fun.
5Our LORD, will you keep on
being angry?
Will your angry feelings
keep flaming up like fire?
6Get angry with those nations
that don't know you
and won't worship you!
7They have gobbled down
Jacob's descendants
and left the land in ruins.
8Don't make us pay for the sins
of our ancestors.
Have pity and come quickly!
We are completely helpless.
9Our God, you keep us safe.
Now help us! Rescue us.
Forgive our sins
and bring honor to yourself.
10Why should nations ask us,
"Where is your God?"
Let us and the other nations
see you take revenge
for your servants who died
a violent death.
11Listen to the prisoners groan!
Let your mighty power save all
who are sentenced to die.
12Each of those nations sneered
at you, our Lord.
Now let others sneer at them,
seven times as much.
13Then we, your people,
will always thank you.
We are like sheep
with you as our shepherd,
and all generations
will hear us praise you.

Psalm 80

(A psalm by Asaph for the music leader. To the tune "Lilies of the Agreement.")

Help Our Nation
1Shepherd of Israel, you lead
the descendants of Joseph,
and you sit on your throne
above the winged creatures. Listen to our prayer
and let your light shine
2for the tribes of Ephraim,
Benjamin, and Manasseh.
Save us by your power.
3Our God, make us strong again!
Smile on us and save us.
4LORD God All-Powerful,
how much longer
will the prayers of your people
make you angry?
5You gave us tears for food,
and you made us drink them
by the bowlful.
6Because of you,
our enemies who live nearby
laugh and joke about us.
7But if you smile on us,
we will be saved.
8We were like a grapevine
you brought out of Egypt.
You chased other nations away
and planted us here.
9Then you cleared the ground,
and we put our roots deep,
spreading over the land.
10Shade from this vine covered
the mountains.
Its branches
the mighty cedars
11and stretched to the sea;
its new growth reached
to the river.
12Our Lord, why have you
torn down the wall
from around the vineyard?
You let everyone who walks by
pick the grapes.
13Now the vine is gobbled down
by pigs from the forest
and other wild animals.
14God All-Powerful,
please do something!
Look down from heaven
and see what's happening
to this vine.
15With your own hands
you planted its roots,
and you raised it
as your very own.
16Enemies chopped the vine down
and set it on fire.
Now show your anger
and destroy them.
17But help the one who sits
at your right side, the one you raised
to be your own.
18Then we will never turn away.
Put new life into us,
and we will worship you.
19LORD God All-Powerful,
make us strong again!
Smile on us and save us.

Psalm 81

(By Asaph for the music leader. (Psalm 81 <i>leader</i>: See the note at Psalm 8.) )

God Makes Us Strong
1Be happy and shout to God
who makes us strong!
Shout praises to the God
of Jacob.
2Sing as you play tambourines
and the lovely sounding
stringed instruments.
3Sound the trumpets and start
the New Moon Festival. We must also celebrate
when the moon is full.
4This is the law
in Israel,
it was given to us
by the God of Jacob.
5The descendants of Joseph
were told to obey it,
when God led them out
from the land of Egypt.
In a language unknown to me,
I heard someone say:
6"I lifted the burden
from your shoulder
and took the heavy basket
from your hands.
7When you were in trouble,
I rescued you,
and from the thunderclouds,
I answered your prayers.
Later I tested you
at Meribah Spring.
8"Listen, my people,
while I, the Lord,
correct you!
Israel, if you would only
pay attention to me!
9Don't worship foreign gods
or bow down to gods
you know nothing about.
10I am the LORD your God.
I rescued you from Egypt.
Just ask, and I will give you
whatever you need.
11"But, my people, Israel,
you refused to listen,
and you would have nothing
to do with me!
12So I let you be stubborn
and keep on following
your own advice.
13"My people, Israel,
if only you would listen
and do as I say!
14I, the LORD, would quickly
defeat your enemies
with my mighty power.
15Everyone who hates me
would come crawling,
and that would be the end
of them.
16But I would feed you
with the finest bread
and with the best honey until you were full."

Psalm 82

(A psalm by Asaph.)

Please Do Something, God!
1When all of the other gods have come together,
the Lord God judges them
and says:
2"How long will you
keep judging unfairly
and favoring evil people?
3Be fair to the poor
and to orphans.
Defend the helpless
and everyone in need.
4Rescue the weak and homeless
from the powerful hands
of heartless people.
5"None of you know
or understand a thing.
You live in darkness,
while the foundations
of the earth tremble.
6"I, the Most High God, say
that all of you are gods and also my own children.
7But you will die,
just like everyone else,
including powerful rulers."
8Do something, God!
Judge the nations of the earth;
they belong to you.

Psalm 83

(A song and a psalm by Asaph.)

God Rules All the Earth
1Our God, don't just sit there,
silently doing nothing!
2Your hateful enemies
are turning against you
and rebelling.
3They are sly, and they plot
against those you treasure.
4They say, "Let's wipe out
the nation of Israel
and make sure that no one
remembers its name!"
5All of them fully agree
in their plans against you,
and among them are
6Edom and the Ishmaelites;
Moab and the Hagrites;
7Gebal, Ammon, and Amalek;
Philistia and Phoenicia.
8Even Assyria has joined forces
with Moab and Ammon.
9Our Lord, punish all of them
as you punished Midian.
Destroy them, as you destroyed
Sisera and Jabin
at Kishon Creek
10near Endor,
and let their bodies rot.
11Treat their leaders as you did
Oreb and Zeeb,
Zebah and Zalmunna.
12All of them said, "We'll take
God's valuable land!"
13Our God, scatter them around
like dust in a whirlwind.
14Just as flames destroy forests
on the mountains,
15pursue and terrify them
with storms of your own.
16Make them blush with shame,
until they turn and worship
you, our LORD.
17Let them be forever
Let them die in disgrace.
18Make them realize that you
are the LORD Most High,
the only ruler of earth!

Psalm 84

(For the music leader. (Psalm 84 <i>leader</i>: See the note at Psalm 8.) A psalm for the people of Korah.)

The Joy of Worship
1LORD God All-Powerful,
your temple is so lovely!
2Deep in my heart I long
for your temple,
and with all that I am
I sing joyful songs to you.
3LORD God All-Powerful,
my King and my God,
sparrows find a home
near your altars;
swallows build nests there
to raise their young.
4You bless everyone
who lives in your house,
and they sing your praises.
5You bless all who depend
on you for their strength
and all who deeply desire
to visit your temple.
6When they reach Dry Valley, springs start flowing,
and the autumn rain fills it
with pools of water.
7Your people grow stronger,
and you, the God of gods,
will be seen in Zion.
8LORD God All-Powerful,
the God of Jacob,
please answer my prayer!
9You are the shield
that protects your people,
and I am your chosen one.
Won't you smile on me?
10One day in your temple
is better
than a thousand
anywhere else.
I would rather serve
in your house,
than live in the homes
of the wicked.
11Our LORD and our God,
you are like the sun
and also like a shield.
You treat us with kindness
and with honor,
never denying any good thing
to those who live right.
12LORD God All-Powerful,
you bless everyone
who trusts you.

Psalm 85

(A psalm by the people of Korah for the music leader.)

A Prayer for Peace
1Our LORD, you have blessed
your land
and made all go well
for Jacob's descendants.
2You have forgiven the sin
and taken away the guilt
of your people.
3Your fierce anger is no longer
aimed at us.
4Our LORD and our God,
you save us!
Please bring us back home
and don't be angry.
5Will you always be angry
with us and our families?
6Won't you give us fresh life
and let your people be glad
because of you?
7Show us your love
and save us!
8I will listen to you, LORD God,
because you promise peace
to those
who are faithful
and no longer foolish.
9You are ready to rescue
everyone who worships you,
so that you will live with us
in all of your glory.
10Love and loyalty
will come together;
goodness and peace
will unite.
11Loyalty will sprout
from the ground;
justice will look down
from the sky above.
12Our LORD, you will bless us;
our land will produce
wonderful crops.
13Justice will march in front,
making a path
for you to follow.

Psalm 86

(A prayer by David.)

A Prayer for Help
1Please listen, LORD,
and answer my prayer!
I am poor and helpless.
2Protect me and save me
because you are my God.
I am your faithful servant,
and I trust you.
3Be kind to me!
I pray to you all day.
4Make my heart glad!
I serve you,
and my prayer is sincere.
5You willingly forgive,
and your love is always there
for those who pray to you.
6Please listen, LORD!
Answer my prayer for help.
7When I am in trouble, I pray,
knowing you will listen.
8No other gods are like you;
only you work miracles.
9You created each nation,
and they will all bow down
to worship and honor you.
10You perform great wonders
because you alone are God.
11Teach me to follow you,
and I will obey your truth.
Always keep me faithful.
12With all my heart I thank you.
I praise you, LORD God.
13Your love for me is so great
that you protected me
from death and the grave.
14Proud and violent enemies,
who don't care about you,
have ganged up to attack
and kill me.
15But you, the Lord God,
are kind and merciful.
You don't easily get angry,
and your love
can always be trusted.
16I serve you, LORD,
and I am the child
of one of your servants.
Look on me with kindness.
Make me strong and save me.
17Show that you approve of me!
Then my hateful enemies
will feel like fools,
because you have helped
and comforted me.

Psalm 87

(A psalm and a song by the people of Korah.)

The Glory of Mount Zion
1Zion was built by the LORD
on the holy mountain,
2and he loves that city
more than any other place
in all of Israel.
3Zion, you are the city of God,
and wonderful things
are told about you.
4Egypt, Babylonia, Philistia, Phoenicia, and Ethiopia are some of those nations
that know you,
and their people all say,
"I was born in Zion."
5God Most High will strengthen
the city of Zion.
Then everyone will say,
"We were born here too."
6The LORD will make a list
of his people,
and all who were born here
will be included.
7All who sing or dance will say,
"I too am from Zion."

Psalm 88

(A song and a psalm by the people of Korah for the music leader. To the tune "Mahalath Leannoth." (Psalm 88 <i>To. . . Leannoth</i>: Or " For the flutes," one possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.) A special psalm by Heman the Ezrahite.)

A Prayer When You Can't Find the Way
1You keep me safe, LORD God.
So when I pray at night,
2please listen carefully
to each of my concerns.
3I am deeply troubled
and close to death;
4I am as good as dead
and completely helpless.
5I am no better off
than those in the grave,
those you have forgotten
and no longer help.
6You have put me in the deepest
and darkest grave;
7your anger rolls over me
like ocean waves.
8You have made my friends turn
in horror from me.
I am a prisoner
who cannot escape,
9and I am almost blind
because of my sorrow.
Each day I lift my hands
in prayer to you, LORD.
10Do you work miracles
for the dead?
Do they stand up
and praise you?
11Are your love and loyalty
in the world
of the dead?
12Do they know of your miracles
or your saving power
in the dark world below
where all is forgotten?
13Each morning I pray
to you, LORD.
14Why do you reject me?
Why do you turn from me?
15Ever since I was a child,
I have been sick
and close to death.
You have terrified me
and made me helpless.
16Your anger is like a flood!
And I am shattered
by your furious attacks
17that strike each day
and from every side.
18My friends and neighbors
have turned against me
because of you,
and now darkness
is my only companion.

Psalm 89

(A special psalm by Ethan the Ezrahite.)

The LORD's Agreement with David
1Our LORD, I will sing
of your love forever.
Everyone yet to be born
will hear me praise
your faithfulness.
2I will tell them,
"God's love
can always be trusted,
and his faithfulness lasts
as long as the heavens."
3You said, "David, my servant,
is my chosen one,
and this is the agreement
I made with him:
4David, one of your descendants
will always be king."
5Our LORD, let the heavens
now praise your miracles,
and let all of your angels
praise your faithfulness.
6None who live in the heavens
can compare with you.
7You are the most fearsome
of all who live in heaven;
all the others fear
and greatly honor you.
8You are LORD God All-Powerful!
No one is as loving
and faithful as you are.
9You rule the roaring sea
and calm its waves.
10You crushed the monster Rahab, and with your powerful arm
you scattered your enemies.
11The heavens and the earth
belong to you.
And so does the world
with all its people
because you created them
12and everything else. Mount Tabor and Mount Hermon
gladly praise you.
13You are strong and mighty!
14Your kingdom is ruled
by justice and fairness
with love and faithfulness
leading the way.
15Our LORD, you bless those
who join in the festival
and walk in the brightness
of your presence.
16We are happy all day
because of you,
and your saving power
brings honor to us.
17Your own glorious power
makes us strong,
and because of your kindness,
our strength increases.
18Our LORD and our King,
the Holy One of Israel,
you are truly our shield.
19In a vision, you once said
to your faithful followers:
"I have helped a mighty hero.
I chose him from my people
and made him famous.
20David, my servant, is the one
I chose to be king,
21and I will always be there
to help and strengthen him.
22"No enemy will outsmart David,
and he won't be defeated
by any hateful people.
23I will strike down and crush
his troublesome enemies.
24He will always be able
to depend on my love,
and I will make him strong
with my own power.
25I will let him rule the lands
across the rivers and seas.
26He will say to me,
`You are my Father
and my God,
as well as the mighty rock where I am safe.'
27"I have chosen David
as my first-born son,
and he will be the ruler
of all kings on earth.
28My love for him will last,
and my agreement with him
will never be broken.
29"One of David's descendants
will always be king,
and his family will rule
until the sky disappears.
30Suppose some of his children
should reject my Law
and refuse my instructions.
31Or suppose they should disobey
all of my teachings.
32Then I will correct
and punish them
because of their sins.
33But I will always love David
and faithfully keep all
of my promises to him.
34"I won't break my agreement
or go back on my word.
35I have sworn once and for all
by my own holy name,
and I won't lie to David.
36His family will always rule.
I will let his kingdom last
as long as the sun
37and moon
appear in the sky."
38You are now angry, God,
and you have turned your back
on your chosen king.
39You broke off your agreement
with your servant, the king,
and you completely destroyed
his kingdom.
40The walls of his city
have been broken through,
and every fortress
now lies in ruin.
41All who pass by
take what they want,
and nations everywhere
joke about the king.
42You made his enemies powerful
and let them celebrate.
43But you forced him to retreat
because you did not fight
on his side.
44You took his crown and threw his throne
in the dirt.
45You made an old man of him
and put him to shame.
46How much longer, LORD?
Will you hide forever?
How long will your anger
keep burning like fire?
47Remember, life is short! Why did you empty our lives
of all meaning?
48No one can escape the power
of death and the grave.
49Our Lord, where is the love
you have always shown
and that you promised
so faithfully to David?
50Remember your servant, Lord!
People make jokes about me,
and I suffer many insults.
51I am your chosen one,
but your enemies chase
and make fun of me.
52Our LORD, we praise you
forever. Amen and amen.

Psalm 90


(Psalms 90-106)

(A prayer by Moses, the man of God.)

God Is Eternal
1Our Lord, in all generations
you have been our home.
2You have always been God--
long before the birth
of the mountains,
even before you created
the earth and the world.
3At your command we die
and turn back to dust,
4but a thousand years
mean nothing to you!
They are merely a day gone by
or a few hours in the night.
5You bring our lives to an end
just like a dream.
We are merely tender grass
6that sprouts and grows
in the morning,
but dries up by evening.
7Your furious anger frightens
and destroys us,
8and you know all of our sins,
even those we do in secret.
9Your anger is a burden
each day we live,
then life ends like a sigh.
10We can expect seventy years,
or maybe eighty,
if we are healthy,
but even our best years
bring trouble and sorrow.
Suddenly our time is up,
and we disappear.
11No one knows the full power
of your furious anger,
but it is as great as the fear
that we owe to you.
12Teach us to use wisely
all the time we have.
13Help us, LORD! Don't wait!
Pity your servants.
14When morning comes,
let your love satisfy
all our needs.
Then we can celebrate
and be glad for what time
we have left.
15Make us happy for as long
as you caused us trouble
and sorrow.
16Do wonderful things for us,
your servants,
and show your mighty power
to our children.
17Our Lord and our God,
treat us with kindness
and let all go well for us.
Please let all go well!

Psalm 91

The LORD Is My Fortress
1Live under the protection
of God Most High
and stay in the shadow
of God All-Powerful.
2Then you will say to the LORD,
"You are my fortress,
my place of safety;
you are my God,
and I trust you."
3The Lord will keep you safe
from secret traps
and deadly diseases.
4He will spread his wings
over you
and keep you secure.
His faithfulness is like
a shield or a city wall.
5You won't need to worry
about dangers at night
or arrows during the day.
6And you won't fear diseases
that strike in the dark
or sudden disaster at noon.
7You will not be harmed,
though thousands fall
all around you.
8And with your own eyes
you will see
the punishment
of the wicked.
9The LORD Most High
is your fortress.
Run to him for safety,
10and no terrible disasters
will strike you
or your home.
11God will command his angels
to protect you
wherever you go.
12They will carry you
in their arms,
and you won't hurt your feet
on the stones.
13You will overpower
the strongest lions
and the most deadly snakes.
14The Lord says,
"If you love me
and truly know who I am,
I will rescue you
and keep you safe.
15When you are in trouble,
call out to me.
I will answer and be there
to protect and honor you.
16You will live a long life
and see my saving power."

Psalm 92

(A psalm and a song for the Sabbath.)

Sing Praises to the LORD
1It is wonderful to be grateful
and to sing your praises,
LORD Most High!
2It is wonderful each morning
to tell about your love
and at night to announce
how faithful you are.
3I enjoy praising your name
to the music of harps,
4because everything you do
makes me happy,
and I sing joyful songs.
5You do great things, LORD.
Your thoughts are too deep
6for an ignorant fool
to know or understand.
7Though the wicked sprout
and spread like grass,
they will be pulled up
by their roots.
8But you will rule
over all of us forever,
9and your hateful enemies
will be scattered
and then destroyed.
10You have given me
the strength of a wild ox,
and you have chosen me
to be your very own.
11My eyes have seen,
and my ears have heard
the doom and destruction
of my terrible enemies.
12Good people will prosper
like palm trees,
and they will grow strong
like the cedars of Lebanon.
13They will take root
in your house, LORD God,
and they will do well.
14They will be like trees
that stay healthy and fruitful,
even when they are old.
15And they will say about you,
"The LORD always does right!
God is our mighty rock."

Psalm 93

The LORD Is King
1Our LORD, you are King!
Majesty and power
are your royal robes.
You put the world in place,
and it will never be moved.
2You have always ruled,
and you are eternal.
3The ocean is roaring, LORD!
The sea is pounding hard.
4Its mighty waves are majestic,
but you are more majestic,
and you rule over all.
5Your decisions are firm,
and your temple will always
be beautiful and holy.

Psalm 94

The LORD Punishes the Guilty
1LORD God, you punish
the guilty.
Show what you are like
and punish them now.
2You judge the earth.
Come and help us!
Pay back those proud people
for what they have done.
3How long will the wicked
celebrate and be glad?
4All of those cruel people
strut and boast,
5and they crush and wound
your chosen nation, LORD.
6They murder widows,
foreigners, and orphans.
7Then they say,
"The LORD God of Jacob
doesn't see or know."
8Can't you fools see?
Won't you ever learn?
9God gave us ears and eyes!
Can't he hear and see?
10God instructs the nations
and gives knowledge to us all.
Won't he also correct us?
11The LORD knows how useless
our plans really are.
12Our LORD, you bless everyone
that you instruct and teach
by using your Law.
13You give them rest
from their troubles,
until a pit can be dug
for the wicked.
14You won't turn your back
on your chosen nation.
15Justice and fairness
will go hand in hand,
and all who do right
will follow along.
16Who will stand up for me
against those cruel people?
17If you had not helped me, LORD,
I would soon have gone
to the land of silence.
18When I felt my feet slipping,
you came with your love
and kept me steady.
19And when I was burdened
with worries,
you comforted me
and made me feel secure.
20But you are opposed
to dishonest lawmakers
21who gang up to murder
innocent victims.
22You, LORD God, are my fortress,
that mighty rock where I am safe.
23You will pay back my enemies,
and you will wipe them out
for the evil they did.

Psalm 95

Worship and Obey the LORD
1Sing joyful songs to the LORD!
Praise the mighty rock
where we are safe.
2Come to worship him
with thankful hearts
and songs of praise.
3The LORD is the greatest God,
king over all other gods.
4He holds the deepest part
of the earth in his hands,
and the mountain peaks
belong to him.
5The ocean is the Lord's
because he made it,
and with his own hands
he formed the dry land.
6Bow down and worship
the LORD our Creator!
7The LORD is our God,
and we are his people,
the sheep he takes care of
in his own pasture.
Listen to God's voice today!
8Don't be stubborn and rebel
as your ancestors did
at Meribah and Massah out in the desert.
9For forty years
they tested God
and saw
the things he did.
10Then God got tired of them
and said,
"You never show good sense,
and you don't understand
what I want you to do."
11In his anger, God told them,
"You people will never enter
my place of rest."

Psalm 96

Sing a New Song to the LORD
1Sing a new song to the LORD!
Everyone on this earth,
sing praises to the LORD,
2sing and praise his name.
Day after day announce,
"The LORD has saved us!"
3Tell every nation on earth,
"The LORD is wonderful
and does marvelous things!
4The LORD is great and deserves
our greatest praise!
He is the only God
worthy of our worship.
5Other nations worship idols,
but the LORD created
the heavens.
6Give honor and praise
to the LORD,
whose power and beauty
fill his holy temple."
7Tell everyone of every nation,
"Praise the glorious power
of the LORD.
8He is wonderful! Praise him
and bring an offering
into his temple.
9Everyone on earth, now tremble
and worship the LORD,
majestic and holy."
10Announce to the nations,
"The LORD is King!
The world stands firm,
never to be shaken,
and he will judge its people
with fairness."
11Tell the heavens and the earth
to be glad and celebrate!
Command the ocean to roar
with all of its creatures
12and the fields to rejoice
with all of their crops.
Then every tree in the forest
will sing joyful songs
13to the LORD.
He is coming to judge
all people on earth
with fairness and truth.

Psalm 97

The LORD Brings Justice
1The LORD is King!
Tell the earth to celebrate
and all islands to shout.
2Dark clouds surround him,
and his throne is supported
by justice and fairness.
3Fire leaps from his throne,
destroying his enemies,
4and his lightning is so bright
that the earth sees it
and trembles.
5Mountains melt away like wax
in the presence of the LORD
of all the earth.
6The heavens announce,
"The LORD brings justice!"
Everyone sees God's glory.
7Those who brag about
the useless idols they worship
are terribly ashamed,
and all the false gods
bow down to the LORD.
8When the people of Zion
and of the towns of Judah
hear that God brings justice,
they will celebrate.
9The LORD rules the whole earth,
and he is more glorious
than all the false gods.
10Love the LORD
and hate evil!
God protects his loyal people
and rescues them
from violence.
11If you obey and do right,
a light will show you the way
and fill you with happiness.
12You are the LORD's people!
So celebrate and praise
the only God.

Psalm 98

The LORD Works Miracles
1Sing a new song to the LORD!
He has worked miracles,
and with his own powerful arm,
he has won the victory.
2The LORD has shown the nations
that he has the power to save
and to bring justice.
3God has been faithful
in his love for Israel,
and his saving power is seen
everywhere on earth.
4Tell everyone on this earth
to sing happy songs
in praise of the LORD.
5Make music for him on harps.
Play beautiful melodies!
6Sound the trumpets and horns
and celebrate with joyful songs
for our LORD and King!
7Command the ocean to roar
with all of its creatures,
and the earth to shout
with all of its people.
8Order the rivers
to clap their hands,
and all of the hills
to sing together.
9Let them worship the LORD!
He is coming to judge
everyone on the earth,
and he will be honest
and fair.

Psalm 99

Our LORD Is King
1Our LORD, you are King!
You rule from your throne
above the winged creatures, as people tremble
and the earth shakes.
2You are praised in Zion,
and you control all nations.
3Only you are God!
And your power alone,
so great and fearsome,
is worthy of praise.
4You are our mighty King, a lover of fairness,
who sees that justice is done
everywhere in Israel.
5Our LORD and our God,
we praise you
and kneel down to worship you,
the God of holiness!
6Moses and Aaron were two
of your priests.
Samuel was also one of those
who prayed in your name,
and you, our LORD,
answered their prayers.
7You spoke to them
from a thick cloud,
and they obeyed your laws.
8Our LORD and our God,
you answered their prayers
and forgave their sins,
but when they did wrong,
you punished them.
9We praise you, LORD God,
and we worship you
at your sacred mountain.
Only you are God!

Psalm 100

(A psalm of praise.)

The LORD Is God
1Shout praises to the LORD,
everyone on this earth.
2Be joyful and sing
as you come in
to worship the LORD!
3You know the LORD is God!
He created us,
and we belong to him;
we are his people,
the sheep in his pasture.
4Be thankful and praise the LORD
as you enter his temple.
5The LORD is good!
His love and faithfulness
will last forever.

Psalm 101

(A psalm by David.)

A King and His Promises
1I will sing to you, LORD!
I will celebrate your kindness
and your justice.
2Please help me learn
to do the right thing,
and I will be honest and fair
in my own kingdom.
3I refuse to be corrupt
or to take part
in anything crooked,
4and I won't be dishonest
or deceitful.
5Anyone who spreads gossip
will be silenced,
and no one who is conceited
will be my friend.
6I will find trustworthy people
to serve as my advisors,
and only an honest person
will serve as an official.
7No one who cheats or lies
will have a position
in my royal court.
8Each morning I will silence
any lawbreakers I find
in the countryside
or in the city of the LORD.

Psalm 102

(A prayer for someone who hurts and needs to ask the LORD for help.)

A Prayer in Time of Trouble
1I pray to you, LORD!
Please listen.
2Don't hide from me
in my time of trouble.
Pay attention to my prayer
and quickly give an answer.
3My days disappear like smoke,
and my bones are burning
as though in a furnace.
4I am wasting away like grass,
and my appetite is gone.
5My groaning never stops,
and my bones can be seen
through my skin.
6I am like a lonely owl
in the desert
7or a restless sparrow
alone on a roof.
8My enemies insult me all day,
and they use my name
for a curse word.
9Instead of food,
I have ashes to eat
and tears to drink,
10because you are furious
and have thrown me aside.
11My life fades like a shadow
at the end of day
and withers like grass.
12Our LORD, you are King forever

and will always be
13You will show pity to Zion
because the time has come.
14We, your servants,
love each stone in the city,
and we are sad to see them
lying in the dirt.
15Our LORD, the nations
will honor you,
and all kings on earth
will praise your glory.
16You will rebuild
the city of Zion.
Your glory will be seen,
17and the prayers of the homeless
will be answered.
18Future generations must also
praise the LORD,
so write this for them:
19"From his holy temple,
the LORD looked down
at the earth.
20He listened to the groans
of prisoners,
and he rescued everyone
who was doomed to die."
21All Jerusalem should praise
you, our LORD,
22when people from every nation
meet to worship you.
23I should still be strong,
but you, LORD, have made
an old person of me.
24You will live forever!
Years mean nothing to you.
Don't cut my life in half!
25In the beginning, LORD,
you laid the earth's foundation
and created the heavens.
26They will all disappear
and wear out like clothes.
You change them,
as you would a coat,
but you last forever.
27You are always the same.
Years cannot change you.
28Every generation of those
who serve you
will live in your presence.

Psalm 103

(By David.)

The LORD's Wonderful Love
1With all my heart
I praise the LORD,
and with all that I am
I praise his holy name!
2With all my heart
I praise the LORD!
I will never forget
how kind he has been.
3The LORD forgives our sins,
heals us when we are sick,
4and protects us from death.
His kindness and love
are a crown on our heads.
5Each day that we live, he provides for our needs
and gives us the strength
of a young eagle.
6For all who are mistreated,
the LORD brings justice.
7He taught his Law to Moses
and showed all Israel
what he could do.
8The LORD is merciful!
He is kind and patient,
and his love never fails.
9The LORD won't always be angry
and point out our sins;
10he doesn't punish us
as our sins deserve.
11How great is God's love for all
who worship him?
Greater than the distance
between heaven and earth!
12How far has the LORD taken
our sins from us?
Farther than the distance
from east to west!
13Just as parents are kind
to their children,
the LORD is kind
to all who worship him,
14because he knows
we are made of dust.
15We humans are like grass
or wild flowers
that quickly bloom.
16But a scorching wind blows,
and they quickly wither
to be forever forgotten.
17The LORD is always kind
to those who worship him,
and he keeps his promises
to their descendants
18who faithfully obey him.
19God has set up his kingdom
in heaven,
and he rules
the whole creation.
20All of you mighty angels,
who obey God's commands,
come and praise your LORD!
21All of you thousands
who serve and obey God,
come and praise your LORD!
22All of God's creation
and all that he rules,
come and praise your LORD!
With all my heart
I praise the LORD!

Psalm 104

The LORD Takes Care of His Creation
1I praise you, LORD God,
with all my heart.
You are glorious and majestic,
dressed in royal robes
2and surrounded by light.
You spread out the sky
like a tent,
3and you built your home
over the mighty ocean.
The clouds are your chariot
with the wind as its wings.
4The winds are your messengers,
and flames of fire
are your servants.
5You built foundations
for the earth,
and it
will never be shaken.
6You covered the earth
with the ocean
that rose
above the mountains.
7Then your voice thundered!
And the water flowed
8down the mountains
and through the valleys
to the place you prepared.
9Now you have set boundaries,
so that the water will never
flood the earth again.
10You provide streams of water
in the hills and valleys,
11so that the donkeys
and other wild animals
can satisfy their thirst.
12Birds build their nests nearby
and sing in the trees.
13From your home above
you send rain on the hills
and water the earth.
14You let the earth produce
grass for cattle,
plants for our food,
15wine to cheer us up,
olive oil for our skin,
and grain for our health.
16Our LORD, your trees
always have water,
and so do the cedars
you planted in Lebanon.
17Birds nest in those trees,
and storks make their home
in the fir trees.
18Wild goats find a home
in the tall mountains,
and small animals can hide
between the rocks.
19You created the moon
to tell us the seasons.
The sun knows when to set,
20and you made the darkness,
so the animals in the forest
could come out at night.
21Lions roar as they hunt
for the food you provide.
22But when morning comes,
they return to their dens,
23then we go out to work
until the end of day.
24Our LORD, by your wisdom
you made so many things;
the whole earth is covered
with your living creatures.
25But what about the ocean
so big and wide?
It is alive with creatures,
large and small.
26And there are the ships,
as well as Leviathan, the monster you created
to splash in the sea.
27All of these depend on you
to provide them with food,
28and you feed each one
with your own hand,
until they are full.
29But when you turn away,
they are terrified;
when you end their life,
they die and rot.
30You created all of them
by your Spirit,
and you give new life
to the earth.
31Our LORD, we pray
that your glory
will last forever
and that you will be pleased
with what you have done.
32You look at the earth,
and it trembles.
You touch the mountains,
and smoke goes up.
33As long as I live,
I will sing and praise you,
the LORD God.
34I hope my thoughts
will please you,
because you are the one
who makes me glad.
35Destroy all wicked sinners
from the earth
once and for all.
With all my heart
I praise you, LORD!
I praise you!

Psalm 105

The LORD Can Be Trusted
1Praise the LORD
and pray in his name!
Tell everyone
what he has done.
2Sing praises to the LORD!
Tell about his miracles.
3Celebrate and worship
his holy name
with all your heart.
4Trust the LORD
and his mighty power.
5Remember his miracles
and all his wonders
and his fair decisions.
6You belong to the family
of Abraham, his servant;
you are his chosen ones,
the descendants of Jacob.
7The LORD is our God,
bringing justice
everywhere on earth.
8He will never forget
his agreement or his promises,
not in thousands of years.
9God made an eternal promise
10to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
11when he said, "I'll give you
the land of Canaan."
12At the time there were
only a few of us,
and we were homeless.
13We wandered from nation
to nation,
from one country
to another.
14God did not let anyone
mistreat our people.
Instead he protected us
by punishing rulers
15and telling them,
"Don't touch my chosen leaders
or harm my prophets!"
16God kept crops from growing
until food was scarce
everywhere in the land.
17But he had already sent Joseph,
sold as a slave into Egypt,
18with chains of iron
around his legs and neck.
19Joseph remained a slave
until his own words
had come true,
and the LORD had finished
testing him.
20Then the king of Egypt
set Joseph free
21and put him in charge
of everything he owned.
22Joseph was in command
of the officials,
and he taught the leaders
how to use wisdom.
23Jacob and his family
and settled in Egypt
as foreigners.
24They were the LORD's people,
so he let them grow stronger
than their enemies.
25They served the LORD,
and he made the Egyptians plan
hateful things against them.
26God sent his servant Moses.
He also chose and sent Aaron
27to his people in Egypt,
and they worked miracles
and wonders there.
28Moses and Aaron obeyed God,
and he sent darkness
to cover Egypt.
29God turned their rivers
into streams of blood,
and the fish all died.
30Frogs were everywhere,
even in the royal palace.
31When God gave the command,
flies and gnats
swarmed all around.
32In place of rain,
God sent hailstones
and flashes of lightning.
33He destroyed their grapevines
and their fig trees,
and he made splinters
of all the other trees.
34God gave the command,
and more grasshoppers came
than could be counted.
35They ate every green plant
and all the crops that grew
in the land of Egypt.
36Then God took the life
of every first-born son.
37When God led Israel from Egypt,
they took silver and gold,
and no one was left behind.
38The Egyptians were afraid
and gladly let them go.
39God hid them under a cloud
and guided them by fire
during the night.
40When they asked for food,
he sent more birds
than they could eat.
41God even split open a rock,
and streams of water
gushed into the desert.
42God never forgot
his sacred promise
to his servant Abraham.
43When the Lord rescued
his chosen people from Egypt,
they celebrated with songs.
44The Lord gave them the land
and everything else
the nations had worked for.
45He did this so that his people
would obey all of his laws.
Shout praises to the LORD!

Psalm 106

A Nation Asks for Forgiveness
1We will celebrate
and praise you, LORD!
You are good to us,
and your love never fails.
2No one can praise you enough
for all of the mighty things
you have done.
3You bless those people
who are honest and fair
in everything they do.
4Remember me, LORD,
when you show kindness
by saving your people.
5Let me prosper with the rest
of your chosen ones,
as they celebrate with pride
because they belong to you.
6We and our ancestors
have sinned terribly.
7When they were in Egypt,
they paid no attention
to your marvelous deeds
or your wonderful love.
And they turned against you
at the Red Sea.
8But you were true to your name,
and you rescued them to prove
how mighty you are.
9You said to the Red Sea,
"Dry up!"
Then you led your people across
on land as dry as a desert.
10You saved all of them
11and drowned every one
of their enemies.
12Then your people trusted you
and sang your praises.
13But they soon forgot
what you had done
and rejected your advice.
14They became greedy for food
and tested you there
in the desert.
15So you gave them
what they wanted,
but later you destroyed them
with a horrible disease.
16Everyone in camp was jealous
of Moses
and of Aaron,
your chosen priest.
17Dathan and Abiram rebelled,
and the earth opened up
and swallowed them.
18Then fire broke out
and destroyed all
of their followers.
19At Horeb your people
made and worshiped
the statue
20of a bull, instead of you,
their glorious God.
21You worked powerful miracles
to save them from Egypt,
but they forgot about you
22and the fearsome things
you did at the Red Sea.
23You were angry and started
to destroy them,
but Moses, your chosen leader,
begged you not to do it.
24They would not trust
you, LORD,
and they did not like
the promised land.
25They would not obey you,
and they grumbled
in their tents.
26So you threatened them
by saying,
"I'll kill you
out here in the desert!
27I'll scatter your children
everywhere in the world."
28Your people became followers
of a god named Baal Peor,
and they ate sacrifices
offered to the dead.
29They did such terrible things
that you punished them
with a deadly disease.
30But Phinehas helped them, and the sickness stopped.
31Now he will always
be highly honored.
32At Meribah Spring they turned against you
and made you furious.
33Then Moses got into trouble
for speaking in anger.
34Our LORD, they disobeyed you
by refusing to destroy
the nations.
35Instead they were friendly
with those foreigners
and followed their customs.
36Then they fell into the trap
of worshiping idols.
37They sacrificed their sons
and their daughters
to demons
38and to the gods of Canaan.
Then they poured out the blood
of these innocent children
and made the land filthy.
39By doing such gruesome things,
they also became filthy.
40Finally, LORD, you were angry
and terribly disgusted
with your people.
41So you put them in the power
of nations
that hated them.
42They were mistreated and abused
by their enemies,
43but you saved them
time after time.
They were determined to rebel,
and their sins caused
their downfall.
44You answered their prayers
when they were in trouble.
45You kept your agreement
and were so merciful
46that their enemies
had pity on them.
47Save us, LORD God!
Bring us back
from among the nations.
Let us celebrate and shout
in praise of your holy name.
48LORD God of Israel,
you deserve to be praised
forever and ever.
Let everyone say, "Amen!
Shout praises to the LORD!"

Psalm 107


(Psalms 107-150)

The LORD Is Good to His People
1Shout praises to the LORD!
He is good to us,
and his love never fails.
2Everyone the LORD has rescued
from trouble
should praise him,
3everyone he has brought
from the east and the west,
the north and the south.
4Some of you were lost
in the scorching desert,
far from a town.
5You were hungry and thirsty
and about to give up.
6You were in serious trouble,
but you prayed to the LORD,
and he rescued you.
7Right away he brought you
to a town.
8You should praise the LORD
for his love
and for the wonderful things
he does for all of us.
9To everyone who is thirsty,
he gives something to drink;
to everyone who is hungry,
he gives good things to eat.
10Some of you were prisoners
suffering in deepest darkness
and bound by chains,
11because you had rebelled
against God Most High
and refused his advice.
12You were worn out
from working like slaves,
and no one came to help.
13You were in serious trouble,
but you prayed to the LORD,
and he rescued you.
14He brought you out
of the deepest darkness
and broke your chains.
15You should praise the LORD
for his love
and for the wonderful things
he does for all of us.
16He breaks down bronze gates
and shatters iron locks.
17Some of you had foolishly
committed a lot of sins
and were in terrible pain.
18The very thought of food
was disgusting to you,
and you were almost dead.
19You were in serious trouble,
but you prayed to the LORD,
and he rescued you.
20By the power of his own word,
he healed you
and saved you
from destruction.
21You should praise the LORD
for his love
and for the wonderful things
he does for all of us.
22You should celebrate
by offering sacrifices
and singing joyful songs
to tell what he has done.
23Some of you made a living
by sailing the mighty sea,
24and you saw the miracles
the LORD performed there.
25At his command a storm arose,
and waves covered the sea.
26You were tossed to the sky
and to the ocean depths,
until things looked so bad
that you lost your courage.
27You staggered like drunkards
and gave up all hope.
28You were in serious trouble,
but you prayed to the LORD,
and he rescued you.
29He made the storm stop
and the sea be quiet.
30You were happy because of this,
and he brought you to the port
where you wanted to go.
31You should praise the LORD
for his love
and for the wonderful things
he does for all of us.
32Honor the LORD
when you
and your leaders
meet to worship.
33If you start doing wrong,
the LORD will turn rivers
into deserts,
34flowing streams
into scorched land,
and fruitful fields
into beds of salt.
35But the LORD can also turn
deserts into lakes
and scorched land
into flowing streams.
36If you are hungry,
you can settle there
and build a town.
37You can plant fields
and vineyards
that produce
a good harvest.
38The LORD will bless you
with many children
and with herds of cattle.
39Sometimes you may be crushed
by troubles and sorrows,
until only a few of you
are left to survive.
40But the LORD will take revenge
on those who conquer you,
and he will make them wander
across desert sands.
41When you are suffering
and in need,
he will come to your rescue,
and your families will grow
as fast as a herd of sheep.
42You will see this because
you obey the LORD,
but everyone who is wicked
will be silenced.
43Be wise! Remember this
and think about the kindness

of the

Psalm 108

(A song and a psalm by David.)

With God on Our Side
1Our God, I am faithful to you
with all my heart,
and you can trust me.
I will sing
and play music for you
with all that I am.
2I will start playing my harps
before the sun rises.
3I will praise you, LORD,
for everyone to hear;
I will sing hymns to you
in every nation.
4Your love reaches
than the
and your loyalty extends
beyond the clouds.
5Our God, may you be honored
above the heavens;
may your glory be seen
everywhere on earth.
6Answer my prayers
and use your powerful arm
to give us victory.
Then the people you love
will be safe.
7Our God, from your holy place
you made this promise:
"I will gladly divide up
the city of Shechem
and give away Succoth Valley
piece by piece.
8The lands of Gilead
and Manasseh are mine.
Ephraim is my war helmet,
and Judah is my symbol
of royal power.
9Moab is merely my washbasin,
and Edom belongs to me.
I shout with victory
over the Philistines."
10Our God, who will bring me
to the fortress
or lead me to Edom?
11Have you rejected us?
You don't lead our armies.
12Help us defeat our enemies!
No one else can rescue us.
13You are the one
who gives us victory
and crushes our enemies.

Psalm 109

(A psalm by David for the music leader.)

A Prayer for the LORD's Help
1I praise you, God!
Don't keep silent.
2Destructive and deceitful lies
are told about me,
3and hateful things are said
for no reason.
4I had pity and prayed for my enemies,
but their words to me
were harsh and cruel.
5For being friendly and kind,
they paid me back
with meanness and hatred.
6My enemies said,
"Find some worthless fools
to accuse him of a crime.
7Try him and find him guilty!
Consider his prayers a lie.
8Cut his life short
and let someone else
have his job.
9Make orphans of his children
and a widow of his wife;
10make his children beg for food
and live in the slums.
11"Let the people he owes
take everything he owns.
Give it all to strangers.
12Don't let anyone be kind to him
or have pity on the children
he leaves behind.
13Bring an end to his family,
and from now on let him be
a forgotten man.
14"Don't let the LORD forgive
the sins of his parents
and his ancestors.
15Don't let the LORD forget
the sins of his family,
or let anyone remember
his family ever lived.
16He was so cruel to the poor,
homeless, and discouraged
that they died young.
17"He cursed others.
Now place a curse on him!
He never wished others well.
Wish only trouble for him!
18He cursed others more often
than he dressed himself.
Let his curses strike him deep,
just as water and olive oil
soak through to our bones.
19Let his curses surround him,
just like the clothes
he wears each day."
20Those are the cruel things
my enemies wish for me.
Let it all happen to them!
21Be true to your name, LORD God!
Show your great kindness
and rescue me.
22I am poor and helpless,
and I have lost all hope.
23I am fading away
like an evening shadow;
I am tossed aside
like a crawling insect.
24I have gone without eating, until my knees are weak,
and my body is bony.
25When my enemies see me,
they say cruel things
and shake their heads.
26Please help me, LORD God!
Come and save me
because of your love.
27Let others know that you alone
have saved me.
28I don't care if they curse me,
as long as you bless me.
You will make my enemies fail
when they attack,
and you will make me glad
to be your servant.
29You will cover them with shame,
just as their bodies
are covered with clothes.
30I will sing your praises
and thank you, LORD,
when your people meet.
31You help everyone in need,
and you defend them
when they are on trial.

Psalm 110

(A psalm by David.)

The LORD Gives Victory
1The LORD said to my Lord,
"Sit at my right side, until I make your enemies
into a footstool for you."
2The LORD will let your power
reach out from Zion,
and you will rule
over your enemies.
3Your glorious power
will be seen
on the day
you begin to rule.
You will wear the sacred robes
and shine like the morning sun
in all of your strength.
4The LORD has made a promise
that will never be broken:
"You will be a priest forever,
just like Melchizedek."
5My Lord is at your right side,
and when he gets angry
he will crush
the other kings.
6He will judge the nations
and crack their skulls,
leaving piles of dead bodies
all over the earth.
7He will drink from any stream
that he chooses,
while winning
victory after victory.

Psalm 111

Praise the LORD for All He Has Done
1Shout praises to the LORD!
With all my heart
I will thank the LORD
when his people meet.
2The LORD has done
many wonderful things!
Everyone who is pleased
with God's marvelous deeds
will keep them in mind.
3Everything the LORD does
is glorious and majestic,
and his power to bring justice
will never end.
4The LORD God is famous
for his wonderful deeds,
and he is kind and merciful.
5He gives food to his worshipers
and always keeps his agreement
with them.
6He has shown his mighty power
to his people
and has given them the lands
of other nations.
7God is always honest and fair,
and his laws can be trusted.
8They are true and right
and will stand forever.
9God rescued his people,
and he will never break
his agreement with them.
He is fearsome and holy.
10Respect and obey the LORD!
This is the first step
to wisdom and good sense. God will always be respected.

Psalm 112

God Blesses His Worshipers
1Shout praises to the LORD!
The LORD blesses everyone
who worships him and gladly
obeys his teachings.
2Their descendants will have
great power in the land,
because the LORD blesses
all who do right.
3They will get rich and prosper
and will always be remembered
for their fairness.
4They will be so kind
and merciful and good,
that they will be a light
in the dark
for others
who do the right thing.
5Life will go well for those
who freely lend
and are honest in business.
6They won't ever be troubled,
and the kind things they do
will never be forgotten.
7Bad news won't bother them;
they have decided
to trust the LORD.
8They are dependable
and not afraid,
and they will live to see
their enemies defeated.
9They will always be remembered
and greatly praised,
because they were kind
and freely gave to the poor.
10When evil people see this,
they angrily bite their tongues
and disappear.
They will never get
what they really want.

Psalm 113

The LORD Helps People in Need
1Shout praises to the LORD!
Everyone who serves him,
come and praise his name.
2Let the name of the LORD
be praised now and forever.
3From dawn until sunset
the name of the LORD
deserves to be praised.
4The LORD is far above
all of the nations;
he is more glorious
than the heavens.
5No one can compare
with the LORD our God.
His throne is high above,
6and he looks down to see
the heavens and the earth.
7God lifts the poor and needy
from dust and ashes,
8and he lets them take part
in ruling his people.
9When a wife has no children,
he blesses her with some,
and she is happy.
Shout praises to the LORD!

Psalm 114

The LORD Works Wonders
1God brought his people
out of Egypt,
that land
with a strange language.
2He made Judah his holy place
and ruled over Israel.
3When the sea looked at God,
it ran away,
and the Jordan River
flowed upstream.
4The mountains and the hills
skipped around like goats.
5Ask the sea why it ran away
or ask the Jordan
why it flowed upstream.
6Ask the mountains and the hills
why they skipped like goats!
7Earth, you will tremble,
when the Lord God of Jacob
comes near,
8because he turns solid rock
into flowing streams
and pools of water.

Psalm 115

The LORD Deserves To Be Praised
1We don't deserve praise!
The LORD alone deserves
all of the praise,
because of his love
and faithfulness.
2Why should the nations ask,
"Where is your God?"
3Our God is in the heavens,
doing as he chooses.
4The idols of the nations
are made of silver and gold.
5They have a mouth and eyes,
but they can't speak or see.
6Their ears can't hear,
and their noses can't smell.
7Their hands have no feeling,
their legs don't move,
and they can't make a sound.
8Everyone who made the idols
and all who trust them
are just as helpless
as those useless gods.
9People of Israel,
you must trust the LORD
to help and protect you.
10Family of Aaron the priest,
you must trust the LORD
to help and protect you.
11All of you worship the LORD,
so you must trust him
to help and protect you.
12The LORD will not forget
to give us his blessing;
he will bless all of Israel
and the family of Aaron.
13All who worship the LORD,
no matter who they are,
will receive his blessing.
14I pray that the LORD
will let your family
and your descendants
always grow strong.
15May the LORD who created
the heavens and the earth
give you his blessing.
16The LORD has kept the heavens
for himself,
but he has given the earth
to us humans.
17The dead are silent
and cannot praise the LORD,
18but we will praise him
now and forevermore.
Shout praises to the LORD!

Psalm 116

When the LORD Saves You from Death
1I love you, LORD!
You answered my prayers.
2You paid attention to me,
and so I will pray to you
as long as I live.
3Death attacked from all sides,
and I was captured
by its painful chains.
But when I was really hurting,
4I prayed and said,
please don't let me die!"
5You are kind, LORD,
so good and merciful.
6You protect ordinary people,
and when I was helpless,
you saved me
7and treated me so kindly
that I don't need
to worry anymore.
8You, LORD, have saved
my life from death,
my eyes from tears,
my feet from stumbling.
9Now I will walk at your side
in this land of the living.
10I was faithful to you
when I was suffering,
11though in my confusion I said,
"I can't trust anyone!"
12What must I give you, LORD,
for being so good to me?
13I will pour out an offering
of wine to you,
and I will pray in your name
because you
have saved me.
14I will keep my promise to you
when your people meet.
15You are deeply concerned
when one of your loyal people
faces death.
16I worship you, LORD,
just as my mother did,
and you have rescued me
from the chains of death.
17I will offer you a sacrifice
to show how grateful I am,
and I will pray.
18I will keep my promise to you
when your people
at your temple
in Jerusalem.
Shout praises to the LORD!

Psalm 117

Come Praise the LORD
1All of you nations,
come praise the LORD!
Let everyone praise him.
2His love for us is wonderful;

his faithfulness
never ends.
Shout praises to the LORD!

Psalm 118

The LORD Is Always Merciful
1Tell the LORD
how thankful you are,
because he is kind
and always merciful.
2Let Israel shout,
"God is always merciful!"
3Let the family of Aaron
the priest shout,
"God is always merciful!"
4Let every true worshiper
of the LORD shout,
"God is always merciful!"
5When I was really hurting,
I prayed to the LORD.
He answered my prayer,
and took my worries away.
6The LORD is on my side,
and I am not afraid
of what others can do to me.
7With the LORD on my side,
I will defeat all
of my hateful enemies.
8It is better to trust the LORD
for protection
than to trust anyone else,
9including strong leaders.
10Nations surrounded me,
but I got rid of them
by the power of the LORD.
11They attacked from all sides,
but I got rid of them
by the power of the LORD.
12They swarmed around like bees,
but by the power of the LORD,
I got rid of them
and their fiery sting.
13Their attacks were so fierce
that I nearly fell,
but the LORD helped me.
14My power and my strength
come from the LORD,
and he has saved me.
15From the tents of God's people
come shouts of victory:
"The LORD is powerful!
16With his mighty arm
the LORD wins victories!
The LORD is powerful!"
17And so my life is safe,
and I will live to tell
what the LORD has done.
18He punished me terribly,
but he did not let death
lay its hands on me.
19Open the gates of justice!
I will enter and tell the LORD
how thankful I am.
20Here is the gate of the LORD!
Everyone who does right
may enter this gate.
21I praise the LORD
for answering my prayers
and saving me.
22The stone that the builders
tossed aside
has now become
the most important stone.
23The LORD has done this,
and it is amazing to us.
24This day belongs to the LORD!
Let's celebrate
and be glad today.
25We'll ask the LORD to save us!
We'll sincerely ask the LORD
to let us win.
26God bless the one who comes
in the name of the LORD!
We praise you from here

in the house of the
27The LORD is our God,
and he has given us light!
Start the celebration!
March with palm branches
all the way to the altar.
28The LORD is my God!
I will praise him and tell him
how thankful I am.
29Tell the LORD
how thankful you are,
because he is kind
and always merciful.

Psalm 119

In Praise of the Law of the LORD
1Our LORD, you bless everyone
who lives right
and obeys your Law.
2You bless all of those
who follow your commands
from deep
in their hearts 
3and who never do wrong
or turn from you.
4You have ordered us always
to obey your teachings;
5I don't ever want to stray
from your laws.
6Thinking about your commands
will keep me from doing
some foolish thing.
7I will do right and praise you
by learning to respect
your perfect laws.
8I will obey all of them!
Don't turn your back on me.
9Young people can live
a clean life
by obeying your word.
10I worship you
with all my heart.
Don't let me walk away
from your commands.
11I treasure your word
above all else;
it keeps me from sinning
against you.
12I praise you, LORD!
Teach me your laws.
13With my own mouth,
I tell others the laws
that you have spoken.
14Obeying your instructions
brings as much happiness
as being rich.
15I will study your teachings
and follow your footsteps.
16I will take pleasure
in your laws
and remember your words.
17Treat me with kindness, LORD,
so that I may live
and do what you say.
18Open my mind
and let me discover
the wonders of your Law.
19I live here as a stranger.
Don't keep me from knowing
your commands.
20What I want most of all
and at all times
is to honor your laws.
21You punish those boastful,
worthless nobodies
who turn
from your commands.
22Don't let them sneer
and insult me
for following you.
23I keep thinking about
your teachings, LORD,
even if rulers plot
against me.
24Your laws are my greatest joy!
I follow their advice.
25I am at the point of death.
Let your teachings
breathe new life into me.
26When I told you my troubles,
you answered my prayers.
Now teach me your laws.
27Help me to understand
your teachings,
and I will think about
your marvelous deeds.
28I am overcome with sorrow.
Encourage me,
as you have promised to do.
29Keep me from being deceitful,
and be kind enough
to teach me your Law.
30I am determined to be faithful
and to respect your laws.
31I follow your rules, LORD.
Don't let me be ashamed.
32I am eager to learn all
that you want me to do;
help me to understand
more and more.
33Point out your rules to me,
and I won't disobey
even one of them.
34Help me to understand your Law;
I promise to obey it
with all my heart.
35Direct me by your commands!
I love to do what you say.
36Make me want to obey you,
rather than to be rich.
37Take away my foolish desires,
and let me find life
by walking with you.
38I am your servant!
Do for me what you promised
to those who worship you.
39Your wonderful teachings
protect me from the insults
that I hate so much.
40I long for your teachings.
Be true to yourself
and let me live.
41Show me your love
and save me, LORD,
as you have promised.
42Then I will have an answer
for everyone
who insults me
for trusting your word.
43I rely on your laws!
Don't take away my chance
to speak your truth.
44I will keep obeying your Law
forever and ever.
45I have gained perfect freedom
by following your teachings,
46and I trust them so much
that I tell them to kings.
47I love your commands!
They bring me happiness.
48I love and respect them
and will keep them in mind.
49Don't forget your promise
to me, your servant.
I depend on it.
50When I am hurting,
I find comfort in your promise
that leads to life.
51Conceited people sneer at me,
but I obey your Law.
52I find true comfort, LORD,
because your laws have stood
the test of time.
53I get furious when evil people
turn against your Law.
54No matter where I am,
your teachings
fill me with songs.
55Even in the night
I think about you, LORD,
and I obey your Law.
56You have blessed me
because I have always followed
your teachings.
57You, LORD, are my choice,
and I will obey you.
58With all my heart
I beg you to be kind to me,
just as you have promised.
59I pay careful attention
as you lead me,
and I follow closely.
60As soon as you command,
I do what you say.
61Evil people may set a trap,
but I obey your Law.
62Your laws are so fair
that I wake up
and praise you
in the middle of the night.
63I choose as my friends
everyone who worships you
and follows your teachings.
64Our LORD, your love is seen
all over the world.
Teach me your laws.
65I am your servant, LORD,
and you have kept your promise
to treat me with kindness.
66Give me wisdom and good sense.
I trust your commands.
67Once you corrected me
for not obeying you,
but now I obey.
68You are kindhearted,
and you do good things,
so teach me your laws.
69My reputation is being ruined
by conceited liars,
but with all my heart
I follow your teachings.
70Those liars have no sense,
but I find happiness
in your Law.
71When you corrected me,
it did me good
because it taught me
to study your laws.
72I would rather obey you
than to have a thousand pieces
of silver and gold.
73You created me
and put me together.
Make me wise enough to learn
what you have commanded.
74Your worshipers will see me,
and they will be glad
that I trust your word.
75Your decisions are correct,
and you were right
to punish me.
76I serve you, LORD.
Comfort me with your love,
just as you have promised.
77I love to obey your Law!
Have mercy and let me live.
78Put down those proud people
who hurt me with their lies,
because I have chosen
to study your teachings.
79Let your worshipers come to me,
so they will learn
to obey your rules.
80Let me truly respect your laws,
so I won't be ashamed.
81I long for you to rescue me!
Your word is my only hope.
82I am worn out from waiting
for you to keep your word.
When will you have mercy?
83My life is wasting away
like a dried-up wineskin, but I have not forgotten
your teachings.
84I am your servant!
How long must I suffer?
When will you punish
those troublemakers?
85Those proud people reject
your teachings,
and they dig pits
for me to fall in.
86Your laws can be trusted!
Protect me from cruel liars.
87They have almost killed me,
but I have been faithful
to your teachings.
88Show that you love me
and let me live,
so that I may obey all
of your commands.
89Our LORD, you are eternal!
Your word will last as long
as the heavens.
90You remain faithful
in every generation,
and the earth you created
will keep standing firm.
91All things are your servants,
and the laws you made
are still in effect today.
92If I had not found happiness
in obeying your Law,
I would have died in misery.
93I won't ever forget
your teachings,
because you give me new life
by following them.
94I belong to you,
and I have respected your laws,
so keep me safe.
95Brutal enemies are waiting
to ambush and destroy me,
but I obey your rules.
96Nothing is completely perfect,
except your teachings.
97I deeply love your Law!
I think about it all day.
98Your laws never leave my mind,
and they make me much wiser
than my enemies.
99Thinking about your teachings
gives me better understanding
than my teachers,
100and obeying your laws
makes me wiser
than those
who have lived a long time.
101I obey your word
instead of following a way
that leads to trouble.
102You have been my teacher,
and I won't reject
your instructions.
103Your teachings are sweeter
than honey.
104They give me understanding
and make me hate all lies.
105Your word is a lamp
that gives light
wherever I walk.
106Your laws are fair,
and I have given my word
to respect them all.
107I am in terrible pain!
Save me, LORD,
as you said you would.
108Accept my offerings of praise
and teach me your laws.
109I never forget your teachings,
although my life is always
in danger.
110Some merciless people
are trying to trap me,
but I never turn my back
on your teachings.
111They will always be
my most prized possession
and my source of joy.
112I have made up my mind
to obey your laws forever,
no matter what.
113I hate anyone
whose loyalty is divided,
but I love your Law.
114You are my place of safety
and my shield.
Your word is my only hope.
115All of you worthless people,
get away from me!
I am determined to obey
the commands of my God.
116Be true to your word, LORD.
Keep me alive and strong;
don't let me be ashamed
because of my hope.
117Keep me safe and secure,
so that I will always
respect your laws.
118You reject all deceitful liars
because they refuse
your teachings.
119As far as you are concerned,
all evil people are garbage, and so I follow your rules.
120I tremble all over
when I think of you
and the way you judge.
121I did what was fair and right!
Don't hand me over to those
who want to mistreat me.
122Take good care of me,
your servant,
and don't let me be harmed
by those conceited people.
123My eyes are weary from waiting
to see you keep your promise
to come and save me.
124Show your love for me,
your servant,
and teach me your laws.
125I serve you,
so let me understand
your teachings.
126Do something, LORD!
They have broken your Law.
127Your laws mean more to me
than the finest gold.
128I follow all of your commands, but I hate anyone
who leads me astray.
129Your teachings are wonderful,
and I respect them all.
130Understanding your word
brings light
to the minds
of ordinary people.
131I honestly want to know
everything you teach.
132Think about me and be kind,
just as you are to everyone
who loves your name.
133Keep your promise
and don't let me stumble
or let sin control my life.
134Protect me from abuse,
so I can obey your laws.
135Smile on me, your servant,
and teach me your laws.
136When anyone disobeys you,
my eyes overflow with tears.
137Our LORD, you always do right,
and your decisions are fair.
138All of your teachings are true
and trustworthy.
139It upsets me greatly
when my enemies neglect
your teachings.
140Your word to me, your servant,
is like pure gold;
I treasure what you say.
141Everyone calls me a nobody,
but I remember your laws.
142You will always do right,
and your teachings are true.
143I am in deep distress,
but I love your teachings.
144Your rules are always fair.
Help me to understand them
and live.
145I pray to you, LORD!
Please answer me.
I promise to obey your laws.
146I beg you to save me,
so I can follow your rules.
147Even before sunrise,
I pray for your help,
and I put my hope
in what you have said.
148I lie awake at night,
thinking of your promises.
149Show that you love me, LORD,
and answer my prayer.
Please do the right thing
and save my life.
150People who disobey your Law
have made evil plans
and want to hurt me,
151but you are with me,
and all of your commands
can be trusted.
152From studying your laws,
I found out long ago
that you made them
to last forever.
153I have not forgotten your Law!
Look at the trouble I am in,
and rescue me.
154Be my defender and protector!
Keep your promise
and save my life.
155Evil people won't obey you,
and so they have no hope
of being saved.
156You are merciful, LORD!
Please do the right thing
and save my life.
157I have a lot of brutal enemies,
but still I never turn
from your laws.
158All of those unfaithful people
who refuse to obey you
are disgusting to me.
159Remember how I love your laws,
and show your love for me
by keeping me safe.
160All you say can be trusted;
your teachings are true
and will last forever.
161Rulers are cruel to me
for no reason.
But with all my heart
I respect your words,
162because they bring happiness
like treasures taken in war.
163I can't stand liars,
but I love your Law.
164I praise you seven times a day
because your laws are fair.
165You give peace of mind
to all who love your Law.
Nothing can make them fall.
166You are my only hope
for being saved, LORD,
and I do all you command.
167I love and obey your laws
with all my heart.
168You know everything I do.
You know I respect every law
you have given.
169Please, LORD, hear my prayer
and give me the understanding
that comes from your word.
170Listen to my concerns
and keep me safe,
just as you have promised.
171If you will teach me your laws,
I will praise you
172and sing
about your promise,
because all of your teachings
are what they ought to be.
173Be ready to protect me
because I have chosen
to obey your laws.
174I am waiting for you
to save me, LORD.
Your Law makes me happy.
175Keep me alive,
so I can praise you,
and let me find help
in your teachings.
176I am your servant,
but I have wandered away
like a lost sheep.
Please come after me,
because I have not forgotten
your teachings.

Psalm 120

(A song for worship.)

A Prayer for the LORD's Help
1When I am in trouble, I pray,
2"Come and save me, LORD,
from deceitful liars!"
3What punishment is fitting
for you deceitful liars?
4Your reward should be
sharp and flaming arrows!
5But I must live as a foreigner
among the people of Meshech
and in the tents of Kedar.
6I have spent too much time
living among people
who hate peace.
7I am in favor of peace,
but when I speak of it,
all they want is war.

Psalm 121

(A song for worship.)

The LORD Will Protect His People
1I look to the hills!
Where will I find help?
2It will come from the LORD,
who created the heavens
and the earth.
3The LORD is your protector,
and he won't go to sleep
or let you stumble.
4The protector of Israel
doesn't doze
or ever get drowsy.
5The LORD is your protector,
there at your right side
to shade you from the sun.
6You won't be harmed
by the sun during the day
or by the moon at night.
7The LORD will protect you
and keep you safe
from all dangers.
8The LORD will protect you
now and always
wherever you go.

Psalm 122

(A song by David for worship.)

A Song of Praise
1It made me glad
to hear them say,
"Let's go to the house
of the LORD!"
2Jerusalem, we are standing
inside your gates.
3Jerusalem, what a strong
and beautiful city you are!
4Every tribe of the LORD
obeys him
and comes to you
to praise his name.
5David's royal throne is here
where justice rules.
6Jerusalem, we pray
that you will have peace,
and that all will go well
for those who love you.
7May there be peace
inside your city walls
and in your palaces.
8Because of my friends
and my relatives,
I will pray for peace.
9And because of the house
of the LORD our God,
I will work for your good.

Psalm 123

(A song for worship.)

A Prayer for Mercy
1Our LORD and our God,
I turn my eyes to you,
on your throne in heaven.
2Servants look to their master,
but we will look to you,
until you have mercy on us.
3Please have mercy, LORD!
We have been insulted
more than we can stand,
4and we can't take more abuse
from those proud,
conceited people.

Psalm 124

(A song by David for worship.)

Thanking the LORD for Victory
1The LORD was on our side!
Let everyone in Israel say:
2"The LORD was on our side!
Otherwise, the enemy attack
3would have killed us all,
because it was furious.
4We would have been swept away
in a violent flood
5of high and roaring waves."
6Let's praise the LORD!
He protected us from enemies
who were like wild animals,
7and we escaped like birds
from a hunter's torn net.
8The LORD made heaven and earth,
and he is the one
who sends us help.

Psalm 125

(A song for worship.)

The LORD's People Are Safe
1Everyone who trusts the LORD
is like Mount Zion
that cannot be shaken
and will stand forever.
2Just as Jerusalem is protected
by mountains on every side,
the LORD protects his people
by holding them in his arms
now and forever.
3He won't let the wicked
rule his people
or lead them to do wrong.
4Let's ask the LORD to be kind
to everyone
who is good
and completely obeys him.
5When the LORD punishes
the wicked,
he will punish everyone else
who lives a crooked life.
Pray for peace in Israel!

Psalm 126

(A song for worship.)

Celebrating the Harvest
1It seemed like a dream
when the LORD brought us back
to the city of Zion.
2We celebrated with laughter
and joyful songs.
In foreign nations it was said,
"The LORD has worked miracles
for his people."
3And so we celebrated
because the LORD had indeed
worked miracles for us.
4Our LORD, we ask you to bless
our people again,
and let us be like streams
in the Southern Desert.
5We cried as we went out
to plant our seeds.
Now let us celebrate
as we bring in the crops.
6We cried on the way
to plant our seeds,
but we will celebrate and shout
as we bring in the crops.

Psalm 127

(A song by Solomon for worship.)

Only the LORD Can Bless a Home
1Without the help of the LORD
it is useless to build a home
or to guard a city.
2It is useless to get up early
and stay up late
in order to earn a living.
God takes care of his own,
even while they sleep.
3Children are a blessing
and a gift from the LORD.
4Having a lot of children
to take care of you
in your old age
is like a warrior
with a lot of arrows.
5The more you have,
the better off you will be,
because they will protect you
when your enemies attack
with arguments.

Psalm 128

(A song for worship.)

The LORD Rewards His Faithful People
1The LORD will bless you
if you respect him
and obey his laws.
2Your fields will produce,
and you will be happy
and all will go well.
3Your wife will be as fruitful
as a grapevine,
and just as an olive tree
is rich with olives,
your home will be rich
with healthy children.
4That is how the LORD will bless
everyone who respects him.
5I pray that the LORD
will bless you from Zion
and let Jerusalem prosper
as long as you live.
6May you live long enough
to see your grandchildren.
Let's pray for peace in Israel!

Psalm 129

(A song for worship.)

A Prayer for Protection
1Since the time I was young,
enemies have often attacked!
Let everyone in Israel say:
2"Since the time I was young,
enemies have often attacked!
But they have not defeated me,
3though my back is like a field
that has just been plowed."
4The LORD always does right,
and he has set me free
from the ropes
of those cruel people.
5I pray that all who hate
the city of Zion
will be made ashamed
and forced to turn and run.
6May they be like grass
on the flat roof of a house,
grass that dries up
as soon as it sprouts.
7Don't let them be like wheat
gathered in bundles.
8And don't let anyone
who passes by say to them,
"The LORD bless you!
I give you my blessing
in the name of the LORD."

Psalm 130

(A song for worship.)

Trusting the LORD in Times of Trouble
1From a sea of troubles
I call out to you, LORD.
2Won't you please listen
as I beg for mercy?
3If you kept record of our sins,
no one could last long.
4But you forgive us,
and so we will worship you.
5With all my heart,
I am waiting, LORD, for you!
I trust your promises.
6I wait for you more eagerly
than a soldier on guard duty
waits for the dawn.
Yes, I wait more eagerly
than a soldier on guard duty
waits for the dawn.
7Israel, trust the LORD!
He is always merciful,
and he has the power
to save you.
8Israel, the LORD will save you
from all of your sins.

Psalm 131

(A song by David for worship.)

Trust the LORD!
1I am not conceited, LORD,
and I don't waste my time
on impossible schemes.
2But I have learned to feel safe
and satisfied,
just like a young child
on its mother's lap.
3People of Israel,
you must trust the LORD
now and forever.

Psalm 132

(A song for worship.)

The LORD Is Always with His People
1Our LORD, don't forget David
and how he suffered.
2Mighty God of Jacob,
remember how he promised:
3"I won't go home
or crawl into bed
4or close my eyelids,
5until I find a home for you,
the mighty LORD God of Jacob."
6When we were in Ephrath,
we heard
that the sacred chest
was somewhere near Jaar.
7Then we said, "Let's go
to the throne of the LORD
and worship at his feet."
8Come to your new home, LORD,
you and the sacred chest
with all of its power.
9Let victory be like robes
for the priests;
let your faithful people
celebrate and shout.
10David is your chosen one,
so don't reject him.
11You made a solemn promise
to David, when you said,
"I, the LORD, promise
that someone in your family
will always be king.
12If they keep our agreement
and follow my teachings,
then someone in your family
will rule forever."
13You have gladly chosen Zion
as your home, our LORD.
14You said, "This is my home!
I will live here forever.
15I will bless Zion with food,
and even the poor will eat
until they are full.
16Victory will be like robes
for the priests,
and its faithful people
will celebrate and shout.
17I will give mighty power
to the kingdom of David.
Each one of my chosen kings
will shine like a lamp
18and wear a sparkling crown.
But I will disgrace
their enemies."

Psalm 133

(A song for worship.)

Living Together in Peace
1It is truly wonderful
when relatives live together
in peace.
2It is as beautiful as olive oil
poured on Aaron's head and running down his beard
and the collar of his robe.
3It is like the dew
from Mount Hermon,
falling on Zion's mountains,
where the LORD has promised
to bless
his people
life forevermore.

Psalm 134

(A song for worship.)

Praising the LORD at Night
1Everyone who serves the LORD,
come and offer praises.
Everyone who has gathered
in his temple tonight,
2lift your hands in prayer
toward his holy place
and praise the LORD.
3The LORD is the Creator
of heaven and earth,
and I pray that the LORD
will bless you from Zion.

Psalm 135

In Praise of the LORD's Kindness
1Shout praises to the LORD!
You are his servants,
so praise his name.
2All who serve in the temple
of the LORD our God,
3come and shout praises.
Praise the name of the LORD!
He is kind and good.
4He chose the family of Jacob
and the people of Israel
for his very own.
5The LORD is much greater
than any other god.
6He does as he chooses
in heaven and on earth
and deep in the sea.
7The LORD makes the clouds rise
from far across the earth,
and he makes lightning
to go with the rain.
Then from his secret place
he sends out the wind.
8The LORD killed the first-born
of people and animals
in the land of Egypt.
9God used miracles and wonders
to fight the king of Egypt
and all of his officials.
10He destroyed many nations
and killed powerful kings,
11including King Sihon
of the Amorites
and King Og of Bashan.
He conquered every kingdom
in the land of Canaan
12and gave their property
to his people Israel.
13The name of the LORD
will be remembered forever,
and he will be famous
for all time to come.
14The LORD will bring justice
and show mercy
to all
who serve him.
15Idols of silver and gold
are made
and worshiped
in other nations.
16They have a mouth and eyes,
but they can't speak or see.
17They are completely deaf,
and they can't breathe.
18Everyone who makes idols
and all who trust them
will end up as helpless
as their idols.
19Everyone in Israel,
come praise the LORD!
All the family of Aaron
20and all the tribe of Levi, come praise the LORD!
All of his worshipers,
come praise the LORD.
21Praise the LORD from Zion!
He lives here in Jerusalem.
Shout praises to the LORD!

Psalm 136

God's Love Never Fails
1Praise the LORD! He is good.
God's love never fails.
2Praise the God of all gods.
God's love never fails.
3Praise the Lord of lords.
God's love never fails.
4Only God works great miracles. God's love never fails.
5With wisdom he made the sky.
God's love never fails.
6The Lord stretched the earth
over the ocean.
God's love never fails.
7He made the bright lights
in the sky.
God's love never fails.
8He lets the sun rule each day.
God's love never fails.
9He lets the moon and the stars
rule each night.
God's love never fails.
10God struck down the first-born
in every Egyptian family.
God's love never fails.
11He rescued Israel from Egypt.
God's love never fails.
12God used his great strength
and his powerful arm.
God's love never fails.
13He split the Red Sea apart. God's love never fails.
14The Lord brought Israel safely
through the sea.
God's love never fails.
15He destroyed the Egyptian king
and his army there.
God's love never fails.
16The Lord led his people
through the desert.
God's love never fails.
17Our God defeated mighty kings.
God's love never fails.
18And he killed famous kings.
God's love never fails.
19One of them was Sihon,
king of the Amorites.
God's love never fails.
20Another was King Og of Bashan.
God's love never fails.
21God took away their land.
God's love never fails.
22He gave their land to Israel,
the people who serve him.
God's love never fails.
23God saw the trouble we were in.
God's love never fails.
24He rescued us from our enemies.
God's love never fails.
25He gives food to all who live.
God's love never fails.
26Praise God in heaven!
God's love never fails.

Psalm 137

A Prayer for Revenge
1Beside the rivers of Babylon
we thought about Jerusalem,
and we sat down and cried.
2We hung our small harps
on the willow trees.
3Our enemies had brought us here
as their prisoners,
and now they wanted us to sing
and entertain them.
They insulted us and shouted,
"Sing about Zion!"
4Here in a foreign land,
how can we sing
about the LORD?
5Jerusalem, if I forget you,
let my right hand go limp.
6Let my tongue stick
to the roof of my mouth,
if I don't think about you
above all else.
7Our LORD, punish the Edomites!
Because the day Jerusalem fell,
they shouted,
"Completely destroy the city!
Tear down every building!"
8Babylon, you are doomed!
I pray the Lord's blessings
on anyone who punishes you
for what you did to us.
9May the Lord bless everyone
who beats your children
against the rocks!

Psalm 138

(By David.)

Praise the LORD with All Your Heart
1With all my heart
I praise you, LORD.
In the presence of angels I sing your praises.
2I worship at your holy temple
and praise you for your love
and your faithfulness.
You were true to your word
and made yourself more famous
than ever before.
3When I asked for your help,
you answered my prayer
and gave me courage.
4All kings on this earth
have heard your promises, LORD,
and they will praise you.
5You are so famous
that they will sing
about the things you have done.
6Though you are above us all,
you care for humble people,
and you keep a close watch
on everyone who is proud.
7I am surrounded by trouble,
but you protect me
against my angry enemies.
With your own powerful arm
you keep me safe.
8You, LORD, will always
treat me with kindness.
Your love never fails.
You have made us what we are.
Don't give up on us now!

Psalm 139

(A psalm by David for the music leader.)

The LORD Is Always Near
1You have looked deep
into my heart, LORD,
and you know all about me.
2You know when I am resting
or when I am working,
and from heaven
you discover my thoughts.
3You notice everything I do
and everywhere I go.
4Before I even speak a word,
you know what I will say,
5and with your powerful arm
you protect me
from every side.
6I can't understand all of this!
Such wonderful knowledge
is far above me.
7Where could I go to escape
from your Spirit
or from your sight?
8If I were to climb up
to the highest heavens,
you would be there.
If I were to dig down
to the world of the dead
you would also be there.
9Suppose I had wings
like the dawning day
and flew across the ocean.
10Even then your powerful arm
would guide and protect me.
11Or suppose I said, "I'll hide
in the dark
until night comes
to cover me over."
12But you see in the dark
because daylight and dark
are all the same to you.
13You are the one
who put me together
inside my mother's body,
14and I praise you
because of
the wonderful way
you created me.
Everything you do is marvelous!
Of this I have no doubt.
15Nothing about me
is hidden from you!
I was secretly woven together
deep in the earth below,
16but with your own eyes
you saw
my body being formed.
Even before I was born,
you had written in your book
everything I would do.
17Your thoughts are far beyond
my understanding,
much more than I
could ever imagine.
18I try to count your thoughts,
but they outnumber the grains
of sand on the beach.
And when I awake,
I will find you nearby.
19How I wish that you would kill
all cruel and heartless people
and protect me from them!
20They are always rebelling
and speaking evil of you.
21You know I hate anyone
who hates you, LORD,
and refuses to obey.
22They are my enemies too,
and I truly hate them.
23Look deep into my heart, God,
and find out everything
I am thinking.
24Don't let me follow evil ways,
but lead me in the way
that time has proven true.

Psalm 140

(A psalm by David for the music leader.)

A Prayer for the LORD's Help
1Rescue me from cruel
and violent enemies, LORD!
2They think up evil plans
and always cause trouble.
3Their words bite deep
like the poisonous fangs
of a snake.
4Protect me, LORD, from cruel
and brutal enemies,
who want to destroy me.
5Those proud people have hidden
traps and nets
to catch me as I walk.
6You, LORD, are my God!
Please listen to my prayer.
7You have the power to save me,
and you keep me safe
in every battle.
8Don't let the wicked succeed
in doing what they want,
or else they might never
stop planning evil.
9They have me surrounded,
but make them the victims
of their own vicious lies.
10Dump flaming coals on them
and throw them into pits
where they can't climb out.
11Chase those cruel liars away!
Let trouble hunt them down.
12Our LORD, I know that you
defend the homeless
and see that the poor
are given justice.
13Your people will praise you
and will live with you
because they do right.

Psalm 141

(A psalm by David.)

A Prayer for the LORD's Protection
1I pray to you, LORD!
Please listen when I pray
and hurry to help me.
2Think of my prayer
as sweet-smelling incense,
and think of my lifted hands
as an evening sacrifice.
3Help me to guard my words
whenever I say something.
4Don't let me want to do evil
or waste my time doing wrong
with wicked people.
Don't let me even taste
the good things they offer.
5Let your faithful people
correct and punish me.
My prayers condemn the deeds
of those who do wrong,
so don't let me be friends
with any of them.
6Everyone will admit
that I was right
when their rulers are thrown
down a rocky cliff,
7and their bones lie scattered
like broken rocks
on top of a grave.
8You are my LORD and God,
and I look to you for safety.
Don't let me be harmed.
9Protect me from the traps
of those violent people,
10and make them fall
into their own traps
while you help me escape.

Psalm 142

(A special psalm and a prayer by David when he was in the cave.)

A Prayer for Help
1I pray to you, LORD.
I beg for mercy.
2I tell you all of my worries
and my troubles,
3and whenever I feel low,
you are there to guide me.
A trap has been hidden
along my pathway.
4Even if you look,
you won't see anyone
who cares enough
to walk beside me.
There is no place to hide,
and no one who really cares.
5I pray to you, LORD!
You are my place of safety,
and you are my choice
in the land of the living.
Please answer my prayer.
I am completely helpless.
6Help! They are chasing me,
and they are too strong.
7Rescue me from this prison,
so I can praise your name.
And when your people notice
your wonderful kindness to me,
they will rush to my side.

Psalm 143

(A psalm by David.)

A Prayer in Time of Danger
1Listen, LORD, as I pray!
You are faithful and honest
and will answer my prayer.
2I am your servant.
Don't try me in your court,
because no one is innocent
by your standards.
3My enemies are chasing me,
crushing me in the ground.
I am in total darkness,
like someone long dead.
4I have given up all hope,
and I feel numb all over.
5I remember to think about
the many things
you did
in years gone by.
6Then I lift my hands in prayer,
because my soul is a desert,
thirsty for water from you.
7Please hurry, LORD,
and answer my prayer.
I feel hopeless.
Don't turn away
and leave me here to die.
8Each morning let me learn
more about your love
because I trust you.
I come to you in prayer,
asking for your guidance.
9Please rescue me
from my enemies, LORD!
I come to you for safety.
10You are my God. Show me
what you want me to do,
and let your gentle Spirit
lead me in the right path.
11Be true to your name, LORD,
and keep my life safe.
Use your saving power
to protect me from trouble.
12I am your servant.
Show how much you love me
by destroying my enemies.

Psalm 144

(By David.)

A Prayer for the Nation
1I praise you, LORD!
You are my mighty rock, and you teach me
how to fight my battles.
2You are my friend,
and you are my fortress
where I am safe.
You are my shield,
and you made me the ruler
of our people.
3Why do we humans mean anything
to you, our LORD?
Why do you care about us?
4We disappear like a breath;
we last no longer
than a faint shadow.
5Open the heavens like a curtain
and come down, LORD.
Touch the mountains
and make them send up smoke.
6Use your lightning as arrows
to scatter my enemies
and make them run away.
7Reach down from heaven
and set me free.
Save me from the mighty flood
8of those lying foreigners
who can't tell the truth.
9In praise of you, our God,
I will sing a new song,
while playing my harp.
10By your power, kings win wars,
and your servant David is saved
from deadly swords.
11Won't you keep me safe
from those lying foreigners
who can't tell the truth?
12Let's pray that our young sons
will grow like strong plants
and that our daughters
will be as lovely
as columns
in the corner of a palace.
13May our barns be filled
with all kinds of crops.
May our fields be covered
with sheep by the thousands,
14and every cow have calves. Don't let our city be captured
or any of us be taken away,
and don't let cries of sorrow
be heard in our streets.
15Our LORD and our God,
you give these blessings
to all who worship you.

Psalm 145

(By David for praise.)

The LORD Is Kind and Merciful
1I will praise you,
my God and King,
and always honor your name.
2I will praise you each day
and always honor your name.
3You are wonderful, LORD,
and you deserve all praise,
because you are much greater
than anyone can understand.
4Each generation will announce
to the next
your wonderful
and powerful deeds.
5I will keep thinking about
your marvelous glory
and your mighty miracles.
6Everyone will talk about
your fearsome deeds,
and I will tell all nations
how great you are.
7They will celebrate and sing
about your matchless mercy
and your power to save.
8You are merciful, LORD!
You are kind and patient
and always loving.
9You are good to everyone,
and you take care
of all your creation.
10All creation will thank you,
and your loyal people
will praise you.
11They will tell about
your marvelous kingdom
and your power.
12Then everyone will know about
the mighty things you do
and your glorious kingdom.
13Your kingdom will never end,
and you will rule forever.
Our LORD, you keep your word
and do everything you say.
14When someone stumbles or falls,
you give a helping hand.
15Everyone depends on you,
and when the time is right,
you provide them with food.
16By your own hand
you satisfy
the desires of all who live.
17Our LORD, everything you do
is kind and thoughtful,
18and you are near to everyone
whose prayers are sincere.
19You satisfy the desires
of all your worshipers,
and you come to save them
when they ask for help.
20You take care of everyone
who loves you,
but you destroy the wicked.
21I will praise you, LORD,
and everyone will respect
your holy name forever.

Psalm 146

Shout Praises to the LORD
1Shout praises to the LORD!
With all that I am,
I will shout his praises.
2I will sing
and praise
the LORD God
for as long as I live.
3You can't depend on anyone,
not even a great leader.
4Once they die and are buried,
that will be the end
of all their plans.
5The LORD God of Jacob blesses
who trusts him
and depends on him.
6God made heaven and earth;
he created the sea
and everything else.
God always keeps his word.
7He gives justice to the poor
and food to the hungry.
The LORD sets prisoners free
8and heals blind eyes.
He gives a helping hand
to everyone who falls.
The LORD loves good people
9and looks after strangers.
He defends the rights
of orphans and widows,
but destroys the wicked.
10The LORD God of Zion
will rule forever!
Shout praises to the LORD!

Psalm 147

Sing and Praise the LORD
1Shout praises to the LORD!
Our God is kind,
and it is right and good
to sing praises to him.
2The LORD rebuilds Jerusalem
and brings the people of Israel
back home again.
3He renews our hopes
and heals our bodies.
4He decided how many stars
there would be in the sky
and gave each one a name.
5Our LORD is great and powerful!
He understands everything.
6The LORD helps the poor,
but he smears the wicked
in the dirt.
7Celebrate and sing!
Play your harps
for the LORD our God.
8He fills the sky with clouds
and sends rain to the earth,
so that the hills
will be green with grass.
9He provides food for cattle
and for the young ravens,
when they cry out.
10The LORD doesn't care about
the strength of horses
or powerful armies.
11The LORD is pleased only
with those who worship him
and trust his love.
12Everyone in Jerusalem,
come and praise
the LORD your God!
13He makes your city gates strong
and blesses your people
by giving them children.
14God lets you live in peace,
and he gives you
the very best wheat.
15As soon as God speaks,
the earth obeys.
16He covers the ground with snow
like a blanket of wool,
and he scatters frost
like ashes on the ground.
17God sends down hailstones
like chips of rocks.
Who can stand the cold?
18At his command the ice melts,
the wind blows,
and streams begin to flow.
19God gave his laws and teachings
to the descendants of Jacob,
the nation of Israel.
20But he has not given his laws
to any other nation.
Shout praises to the LORD!

Psalm 148

Come Praise the LORD
1Shout praises to the LORD!
Shout the LORD's praises
in the highest heavens.
2All of you angels,
and all who serve him above,
come and offer praise.
3Sun and moon,
and all of you bright stars,
come and offer praise.
4Highest heavens,
and the water
above the highest heavens, come and offer praise.
5Let all things
the name of the
because they were created
at his command.
6He made them to last forever,
and nothing can change
what he has done.
7All creatures on earth,
you obey his commands,
so come praise the LORD!
8Sea monsters and the deep sea,
fire and hail,
snow and frost,
and every stormy wind,
come praise the LORD!
9All mountains and hills,
fruit trees and cedars,
10every wild and tame animal,
all reptiles and birds,
come praise the LORD!
11Every king and every ruler,
all nations on earth,
12every man and every woman,
young people and old,
come praise the LORD!
13All creation, come praise

the name of the
Praise his name alone.
The glory of God is greater
than heaven and earth.
14Like a bull with mighty horns,
the LORD protects
his faithful nation Israel,
because they belong to him.
Shout praises to the LORD!

Psalm 149

A New Song of Praise
1Shout praises to the LORD!
Sing him a new song of praise
when his loyal people meet.
2People of Israel, rejoice
because of your Creator.
People of Zion, celebrate
because of your King.
3Praise his name by dancing
and playing music on harps
and tambourines.
4The LORD is pleased
with his people,
and he gives victory
to those who are humble.
5All of you faithful people,
praise our glorious Lord!
Celebrate and worship.
6Praise God with songs
on your lips
and a sword in your hand.
7Take revenge and punish
the nations.
8Put chains of iron
on their kings and rulers.
9Punish them as they deserve;
this is the privilege
of God's faithful people.
Shout praises to the LORD!

Psalm 150

The LORD Is Good to His People
1Shout praises to the LORD!
Praise God in his temple.
Praise him in heaven,
his mighty fortress.
2Praise our God!
His deeds are wonderful,
too marvelous to describe.
3Praise God with trumpets
and all kinds of harps.
4Praise him with tambourines
and dancing,
with stringed instruments
and woodwinds.
5Praise God with cymbals,
with clashing cymbals.
6Let every living creature
praise the LORD.
Shout praises to the LORD!