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The Book of the Prophet Esai

(Part Three)

The Twentieth Chapter
     In the same year that Tharthan came unto Asdod, where Sargon the King of the Assyrians sent him, what time as he also besieged Asdod, and won it the same season: Then spoke the Lord unto Esai the son of Amoz, saying: Go and loose off that sackcloth from off your loins, and put off your shoes from your feet. And so he did, going naked and barefoot. Then said the Lord: where as my servant Esai goes naked and barefoot, it is a token and signifying of the thing, that after three years shall come upon Egypt and Ethiopia. For even thus shall the King of Assyrians drive both young and old, as prisoners naked and barefoot, out of Egypt and Ethiopia. And shall discover the shame of Egypt. They shall be also at their wits end, and ashamed one of another: the Egyptians of the Morians, and the Morians of the Egyptians, at the sight of their glory. Moreover they that dwell in the Isles shall see even the same day: behold, this is our hope, to whom we fled to seek help, that we might be delivered from the King of the Assyrians. How will we escape?

The Twenty first Chapter
     This is the heavy burden of the waste sea: A grievous vision was showed unto me, like as when a storm of wind and rain rushes in from the wilderness, that terrible land. Who so may deceive (said the voice) let him deceive: Who so may destroy, let him destroy. Up Elam, besiege it O Madai, for I well still all their groanings. With this, the reines of my back were full of pain: Pangs came upon me, as upon a woman in travail. When I heard it, I was abashed: and when I looked up, I was afraid. Mine heart panted, I trembled for fear. The darkness made me fearful in my mind.
     Yet soon make ready the table, (said this voice) keep the watch, eat and drink: Up you Captains, take you to your shield, for thus the Lord has charged me: Go your way, set a watchman, that he may tell what he sees. And when he had waited diligently, he saw two horsemen: the one riding upon an Ass, the other upon a camel. And the lion cried: Lord, I have stand waiting all the whole day, and have kept my watch all the night. With that came there one riding upon a chariot, which answered, and said: Babylon is fallen, she is turned upside down, and all the images of her Gods are smitten to the ground. This (O my fellow threshers and fanners) have I heard of the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel, to show it unto you.
The heavy burden of Dumah.
     One of the Seir, cried out to me: Watchman what have you espyed by night, watchman what have you espyed by night? The watchman answered: The day breaks on, and the night is coming: If your request be earnest, then ask and come again.
The heavy burden upon Arabia.
     At even (evening) you shall abide in the wood, in the way toward Dedanim. Meet the thirsty with water (O you citizens of *Hema) meet those with bread that are fled. For they shall run away from the weapon, from the drawn sword, from the bent bow, and from the great battle. For thus has the Lord spoken unto me, over a year shall all the power of the Cedar be gone, like as when the office of an hired servant goes out: And the remnant of the good Archers of Cedar, shall be very few: For the Lord God of Israel has spoken it. *Hema; this is Hema not Tema (as found in kjv) both these names appear in the text, but each has a different meaning.

The Twenty second Chapter
     The heavy burden upon the valley of visions. What have you there to do, that you climb up in to the house top, O you city of miracles, *seditious and willful: seeing, your slain men are neither killed with sword, nor dead in battle? For all your Captains got them to their horses from the ordinance, yes they are all together ridden away, and fled far off. When I perceived that, I said: away from me, that I may weep bitterly. Take no labor for to comfort me, as touching the destruction of my people. For this is that day of the Lord God of Hosts, where in he will plague, tread down, and weed out the valley of visions, and break down the walls, with such a crack, that it shall give a sound in the mountains. *seditious ; rebellious against the will of God. RN
     I saw the Elamites take the quivers to cart and to horse, and the walls were bare of harness. your goodly valleys were full of chariots, and the horse men made them soon to besiege the gates. Then was the covering of Judah put from that place, and then was seen the siege of the timber house. There shall you see the rifts in the walls of the city of David, whereof there shall be many. you shall gather together the waters of the lower pool, and tell the houses of Jerusalem, and break of some of them to keep the walls. And you shall make a pit between the two walls of the water of the old pool, and nothing regard him, that took it in hand, and made it. And at the same time shall the Lord God of Hosts call men to weeping, mourning, to baldness and a putting on of sackcloth. But they to fulfill their lust and willfulness, slaughter oxen: they kill sheep, they eat costly meat, and drink wine, let us eat and drink, to morrow we shall die. Nevertheless, when the Lord of Hosts heard of it, he said: yes, if this wickedness of yours shall be remitted, you must die for it. This has the Lord God of Hosts spoken.
     Thus says the Lord God of Hosts: Go in to the treasury unto Sobna the governor, and say to him: What have you here to do? and from where come you? that you have made the grave here? For he had caused a costly tomb of stone to be made for himself, a place to lie into be hewn out of a rock. Behold, the Lord shall cast you out by violence, he will deck you of another fashion, and put upon you a strange cloth. He shall carry you into a far country, like a ball with his hands. There shall you die, there shall the pomp of your chariots have an end: you villain of the house of the Lord: I will shoot you out of your office, and put you from your estate.
     After this will I call my servant Eliakim the son of Helkiah, and array him with your coat, and gird him with your girdle, and I will give your power in to his hand. He shall be a father of the citizens of Jerusalem, and of the kindred of Judah. I will also lay the key of Davids house upon his shoulders, and if he open, no man shall shut: and if he do shall shut, no man shall open. I will fasten him to a nail in the place of the most high faithfulness, and he shall be upon the glorious throne of his fathers house. They shall hang upon him all the glory of his fathers house, of the children and the childrens children, all apparel small and great, all instruments of measure and music. This shall come to pass (says the Lord of Hosts) when the nail that is fastened to the place of the highest faithfulness, shall be plucked off. And when the weight that hangs upon it, shall fall, be broken, and hewn in pieces. For the Lord himself had said it.

The Twenty third Chapter
     An heavy burden upon Tyrus. Mourn you ships of Tharsis, for she is thrown down to the ground, and conquered of them that are come from Cethim. The indwellers of the Islands, the merchants of Sidon, and they that occupy the see (sea), (of whom you was full some time) are at a point. For by see (sea) were their fruits brought unto you, and all manner of corn by water. You was the common market of all people. Sidon is sorry for it, yes and all the power of the see (sea) complains, and says that I had never traveled with child, that I had never born any, that I had neither nourished boy nor brought up daughter. As soon as Egypt perceives it, she will be as sorry as Tyrus it self. Go over the see (sea), mourn you that dwell in the Isles. Is not that the glorious city, which has been of long antiquity? Whose natives dwelling far off, commend her so greatly? Who have devised such things upon Tyrus the crown of all cities, whose merchants and Captains were the highest in the world? Even the Lord of Hosts has devised it, that he may put down all the pomp, and minish all the Glory of the world. Go through your land (O you daughter of the see (sea)) as men go over the water, and there is not a girdle more.
     Thus the Lord that removes the kingdoms, has taken in hand against that mighty Canaan to root it out: has stretched his hand over the see (sea), and said: From here, now forth shall you make no more mirth, O daughter of Sidon: for you shall be put down of the Cethens. Stand up therefore, and go where the enemy will carry you, where you shall also have no rest. Behold, (for your example) The Chaldees were such a people, that no man was like them, Assur builded them: he set up his castles and palaces, and broke them down again. And therefore mourn (you ships of the see (sea)) for your power shall be thrown down.
     After that, shall seventy years of Tyrus, even as long as their Kings life was) be forgotten. And after seventy years, shall it happen to Tyrus as with an harlot that plays upon the lute. Take your lute (say men to her) and go about the city, you are yet an unknown wench, make pastime with diverse ballads, whereby you may come into acquaintance. Thus shall it happen after seventy years. The lord shall visit the city of Tyrus, and it shall come again to her merchandise, and shall occupy with all the kingdoms that be in the world. But all her occupying and wining shall be hallowed unto the Lord. For then shall they lay up nothing behind them nor upon heaps: but the merchandise of Tirus shall belong to the citizens of the Lord, to feeding and suffering of the hungry, and to the clothing of the aged.

The Twenty fourth Chapter
     Behold, the Lord waste and *plague the world, he shall make the face of the earth desolate, and scatter abroad the inhabitors thereof. Then shall the Priest be as the people, the master as the servant, the dame like the maid, the seller like the buyer, he that lends upon usury, like him that borrows upon usury, the creditor like the debtor. Yes miserably shall the world be wasted and clean destroyed. For the Lord has so determined in himself. The earth shall be heavy and decay: The face of the earth shall perish away, the proud people shall come to naught. For the earth is corrupt of her indwellers. *For plagues; see Job (of the heart, and also the flesh) RN
     For why? they have offended the law changed the ordinances, and made the everlasting testament of none effect. And therefore shall the curse devour the earth: for they that dwell theron have sinned, wherefore they shall be burnt also, and those that remain, shall be very few. The sweet wine shall mourn, the grapes shall be weak, and all that have been merry in heart, shall sigh. The mirth of tabrets shall be layed down, the cheer of the joyful shall cease, and the pleasure of the lutes shall have an end: there shall be no more wine be drunk with mirth, the beer shall be bitter to them that drink it, the wicked cities shall be broken down, all houses shall be shut, that no man may come in.
     In the streets shall there be lift up a cry because of wine, all mens cheer shall vanish away, and all joy of the earth shall pass. Desolation shall remain in the cities, and the gates shall be smitten with wasteness. For it shall happen unto all lands and to all people, like as when a man smites down the olives, that are left on the olive tree: or seeks after grapes, when the wine gathering is out. And those same (that remain) shall lift up their voice, and be glad, and shall magnify the glory of the Lord, even from the see {sea} and praise the name of the Lord God of Israel in the *valleys and Flondes (floods). kjv = isles of the sea. We heard songs sung to the praise of the righteous, from all the ends of the world. Therefore I must speak: O mine unfruitfulness, O my poverty. Woe is me, all is full of sinners, which offend of purpose and malice. And therefore (O you that dwell upon the earth) there is at hand for you, fear, pit and snare. Who so escapes the terrible cry, shall fall in to the pit. And if he come out of the pit, he shall be taken with the snare. For the windows above shall be opened, and the foundation of the earth shall move. The earth shall give a great crack, it shall have a sore ruin, and take an horrible fall. The earth shall stacker {stagger} like a drunken man, and be taken away like a tent. Her misdeeds shall lay heavy upon her, that she must fall, and never rise up again. At the same time shall the Lord muster together the high host above, and the Kings of the world upon the earth. These shall be coupled together as prisoners be, and shall be shut in one ward and punished innumerable days. The Moon and the Sun shall be ashamed, when the Lord of Hosts shall rule them at Jerusalem upon the mount Zion, before and with his excellent counsel.

The Twenty fifth Chapter
     O' Lord, you are my God, I will praise you, and will magnify your name: For you bring marvelous things to pass, according to your old counsels, truly and steadfastly. You make of towns, heap of stone: and of head cities, broken walls: The palaces of the wicked destroyed you out of the city, that they shall never be builded again. Therefore the very rude people must magnify you, and the cities of the cruel Heathen must fear you. For you are the poor mans help, and strength for the needful in his necessity.
     You are a defense against evil weather, a shadow against the heat. But unto the presumptuous, you are like a strong whistle wind, that casts down the boasting of the ungodly: you keep men from heat, with the shadow of your clouds, you cut off the branches of the tyrants.
     Moreover, the Lord of Hosts shall once prepare a feast for all people upon the hill: a plenteous, costly, pleasant feast, of fat and well fed beasts, of sweet and most pure things. Upon the hill shall he take away the side veil that hangs before the face of all people, and the covering wherewith all Gentiles are covered. As for death he shall utterly consume it. The Lord God shall wipe away the tears from all faces, and take away the confusion of his people through the whole world. For the Lord himself has said it.
     At that time shall it be said: Lo, this is our God in whom we *put our trust, (kjv = have waited for him) and *he has healed us. (kjv = and he will save us) This is the Lord we have waited for: Let us rejoice and delight in his health. For the hand of the Lord ceases upon this hill. But Moab shall be threshed down under him, like as the straw is trodden down under feet in a dung hill. For he stretch out his hands upon him, like as a swimmer does swim. And with the power of his hands shall he cast down his pomp. As for his strongholds and high walls: he shall bow them, cast them down, and fell them to the ground in to dust.

The Twenty sixth Chapter
     Then shall the song be sung in the land of Judah. We have a strong city, the walls and the ordinance shall keep us. Open the gates, that the *good people may go in, which labors for the truth. (kjv = righteous nation) And you, which are the doer and have the matter in hand: shall provide for peace, even the peace that men hope for in you. Hope still in the Lord, for in the Lord God is everlasting strength. For why? It is he, that brings low the high minded citizens, and cast down the proud cities. He casts them to the ground, yes even in to the mire, that they may be trodden under the feet of the simple, and with the steps of the poor. You (Lord) consider the path of the righteous, whether it be right. Therefore (Lord) we have a respect unto to the way of your judgements, your name and your remembrance rejoice the soul. My soul lusts after you all the night long, and my mind hastens freely to you. For as soon as your judgments are known to the world, then the inhabitors of the earth learn righteousness. But the ungodly (though he have received grace) yet learns he not righteousness, but in the place where he is punished, he offends, and fears not the glory of the Lord.
     Lord, they will not see your high hand, but they shall see it, and be confounded: when you shall devour them with the wrath of the people, and with the fire of your enemies. But unto us, O' Lord, provide for peace: for you work in us all our works. O' Lord our God, though such Lords have domination upon us as know not you: yet grant that we may hope only in you, and keep your name in remembrance. The malicious tyrants when they die, are neither in life nor resurrection, for you visit them and rooted them out, and destroyed all the memorial of them. Again, you increases the people, O' Lord, you increases the people you shall be praised and magnified in all of the ends of the world. The people that seek unto you in trouble, that same adversary which they complain of is unto them a chastening before you. Like as a wife with child (when her travail comes upon her) is ashamed, cries and suffers the pain: Even so are we, O' Lord, in your sight. We are with child, we travails, and bear, and with the spirit we bring forth health, where through the earth is undestroyed, and the inhabitors of the world perish not. If the Lord leads, the above paragraph might be compared unto the kjv. RN
     But as for your dead men and ours, that be departed, they are in life and resurrection. They lay in the earth, they wake, and have joy: for your dew is a dew of life and light. But the place of the malicious Tyrants is fallen away. So go now my people into your chamber, and shut the door to you, and suffer now the twinkling of an eye, till the wrath be over past. For behold, the Lord will go out of his habitation, and visit the wickedness of them that dwell upon the earth. He will discover the blood that she has devoured, she shall never hide them, that she has murdered.

The Twenty seventh Chapter
     Then the Lord with his heavy, great, long sword shall visit Leviathan that invincible serpent: even Leviathan that crooked serpent, and shall slay the whalefish in the sea. At the same time shall men sing of the vineyard of Muscatel. I the Lord keep it, and water it in due season. I watch day and night, that no man break into it. I hear no evil will in my mind. Who will compel me, that I greatly forgetting all faithfulness, should burn it up at once with thorns and bushes? Or who will enforce me to keep or make peace? It will come to this point, that Jacob shall be rooted again, and Israel shall be green, and bare flowers, and they shall fill the whole world with their fruit. Smites he not his smiter even as he is smitten himself: Destroys he not the murders, as he is murdered ? Every man recompenses with the measure that he receives: He muses upon his sore wind, as upon the days of extreme heat. And therefore shall the iniquity of Jacob be thus reconciled. And so shall he take away all the fruit of his sins. As for the altar of stones, he shall make them all as stones beaten to powder: the groves and Idols shall not stand. The strong cities shall be desolate, and the fair cities shall be left like a wilderness. The cattle shall feed and lay their, and the sheep shall eat it up. Their harvest shall be burnt, their wives which were their beauty, when they came forth: shall be defiled. For it is a people without understanding, and therefore he that created them, shall not favor them and he that made them shall not be merciful to them. In that time shall the Lord shoot from the swift water of Euphrates, unto the river of Egypt. And there shall the children be chosen out one by one. Then shall the great trumpet be blown, so that those which have been destroyed in the Assirians land, and those that be scattered abroad in Egypt: shall come and worship the Lord at Jerusalem, upon the holy mount.

The Twenty eighth Chapter
     Woe to the crown of pride, to the drunken *Ephraimites, and to the fading flower, to the glory of his pomp, that is upon the top of the plentious valley: which men be overladen with wine. Behold, the strength and power of the Lord shall break into the land on every side, like a tempest of hail, that bears down strongholds, and like an horrible, mighty and overflowing water. And the proud crown of the drunken Ephraimites, shall be trodden under foot. And as the fading flower, which is upon the top of the plentious valley: it shall happen unto him, as to an untimely fruit before the harvest come. Which as soon as it is seen, is by and by devoured, or ever it come well in a mans hand. *Ephraimites; the Hebrew : double ash heap , double fruitful, increased. RN
     Then shall the Lord of Hosts be a joyful crown, and a glorious garland unto the remnant of his people. Unto the lowly, he shall be a spirit of Judgement, and unto them that drive away the enemies from the gates, he shall be a spirit of strength. But they go wrong by the reason of wine, they fall and stacker (stagger) because of strong drink. Yes even the priests and prophets themselves go amiss, they are drunken with wine, and weak brained through strong drink. They error in seeing, and in judgement they fail. For all tables are so full of vomit and filthiness, that no place is clean. What is he among them, that can teach, instruct or inform the children, which are weeded from suck or taken from the breasts: of any other fashion then: Command that may be commanded, bid that my be bidden (moved, invited, called), forbid that may be forbidden, keep back that may be kept back, here a little there a little. And therefore the Lord also shall speak with lisping lips and with a strange language unto these people, to whom he spoke before of this manner: This shall bring rest, if one refresh the weary, this shall bring rest. But they had no will to hear. And therefore the Lord shall answer their stubborns. Command that may be commanded, bid that my be bidden (moved, invited, called), forbid that may be forbidden, keep back that may be kept back, here a little there a little. That they may go forth, fall backward, be bruised, snared, and taken. Wherefore hear the word of the Lord, you mockers that rule the Lords people, which is at Jerusalem. For you comfort yourselves thus: Tush, death and we are at point, and as for hell, we have made a condition with it, that though it break out any sore plague, it shall not come upon us. For with deceit we shall escape, and with nimbleness we will defend ourselves. Therefore says the Lord God: Behold, I will lay a stone in Sion, a great stone, a costly corner stone, for a sure foundation: that who so puts his trust in him, shall not be confounded. Righteousness will I set up again in the balance, and judgement in the weights. The tempest of hail shall take away your refuge, that you have to deceive withal: and the overflowing waters shall break down your strongholds of dissimulation. Thus the appointment you have made with death, shall be done away: and the consideration that you made with hell, shall not stand. When the great destruction goes through, it shall all to tread you. It shall take you quiet away before it. For it shall go forth early in the morning, and continue only that day and that night. And the very fear only shall teach you, when you hear it. For the bed shall be so narrow that a man can not lie upon it: And the covering to small, that a man may not wind himself therin. For the Lord shall step forth as he did upon the mount Perazim, and take on as he did upon the dale of Gabaon: that he may bring forth his devise, his strange devise: and fulfill his work, his wonderful work. And therefore make no mocks at it, that your captivity increase not: for I have heard the Lord God of Hosts say, that there shall come a sudden destruction and plague upon the whole earth. Take heed, and hear my voice, ponder and *mark my words well. Goes not the houseband man ever in due season earnestly to his land? He mows and plows his ground to sow. And when he has made it plain, he sows it with *fetches (wheat like crop) or *comin (cumin like parsley). He sows the wheat and Barley in their place, Milium and Rye also in their place. And that he may do it right, his God teaches him and shows him. For he treads not the fitches out with a wane (farm wagon), neither brings he the cart here and there over the comin, but he threshes the fitches out with a flayle, and the comin with a rod. As for the wheat, he grinds it to make bread thereof, In as much as he can not bring it to pass with treading out. For neither the bruising that the cart wheels make, nor his beasts can grind it. This and such like things come of the Lord of Hosts which is marvelous in counsel, and great in righteousness.

The Twenty ninth Chapter
     Woe be unto you O Ariel, you city that David won. Take you yet some years, and yet some feasts pass over: then shall Ariel be besieged, so that she shall be heavy and sorrowful, and shall be unto me even as a lion. For I will lay siege to you round about, and keep you in with towers, and grave up dikes against you. And you shall be brought low, and speak out of the earth, and your words shall go humbly out of the ground. your voice shall come out of the earth, like the voice of a witch, and your talking shall groan out of the mire. For the multitude of your enemies shall be like meal dust. And the number of Tyrants shall be as the dust that the wind takes away suddenly. You shall be visited of the Lord of Hosts with thunder, earthquake, and with a great crack, with the whistle wind, tempest, and the flame of a consuming fire. But now the multitude of all the people, that went out against Ariel: the whole host, the strongholds, and siege: is like a dream which appears at night. It is like when an hungry man dreams that he is eating, and when he awakes, he has nothing: like as when a thirsty man dreams that he is drinking, and when he awakes he is faint, and his soul unpatient.
     So is the multitude of all the people that muster themselves against hill of Sion. But you shall be at your wits end, you shall be abashed: you shall stagger, and reel to and fro.
     You shall be drunken, but not of wine. you shall fall, but not through drunkenness: For the Lord shall give you an hard sleeping spirit, and hold down your eyes: namely your Prophets and heads which should see, them shall he cover. And all visions shall be unto you, as the words that stand in a sealed letter, when one offers it to a man that is learned, and says: read us this letter. Then he answers: I can not read it, for it is shut. But if it be given to one that is not learned, or say unto him: read this letter: Then says he I can not read.
     Therefore thus says the Lord: For so much as this people draws near me with their mouth, and praises me highly with their lips, where as their heart nevertheless is far from me, and the fear which they owe unto me, that turn they to mens laws and doctrines, therefore will I also show unto this people a marvelous, terrible, and great thing (Namely this:) I will destroy the wisdom of their wise, and the understanding of their learned men shall perish. Woe be unto them that seek so deep, to hide their imagination before the Lord, which rehearse their counsels in darkness, and say: who sees us, or who knows us? Which imagination of yours is even as when the potters clay takes advisement, as though the work might say to the workmaster : make me not, or as when an earthen vessel says of the potter: he understands not. See you not that it is hard by, that Libanus shall be turned in to Charmel, and that Charmel shall be taken as wood? Then shall the deaf man understand the words of the book, and the eyes of the blind shall see without any cloud or darkness. The oppressed shall hold a merry feast in the Lord, and the poor shall rejoice in the holy one of Israel.
     Then shall the furious people cease, and the mockers shall be put away, and all they that do wrong shall be plucked out, such as labor to draw men unto sin: and that deceive him, which reproves them in the gate, and such as turn good persons to vanity. And therefore the Lord (even the defender of Abraham) says thus unto the house of Jacob: Now shall not Jacob be ashamed, nor his face confounded, when he sees among his children (whom my hands have made) such as hallow my name among them: that they may sanctify the holy one of Jacob, and fear the God of Israel. and that they which before time were of an erroneous spirit, have now understanding, and that such as before could not speak, are now learned in my law.


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