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The Book of the Prophet Esai

(Part Six)

The Forty fifth Chapter
     Thus says the Lord unto Cyrus his anointed, whom he leads by the right hand: that the people may fall down before him: I will loose the girdles of Kings: that they shall open the (kjv =two leaved gates??) gates before your face, and not to shut their doors. I will go before you, and make the crooked straight. I shall break the brazen doors, and burst the iron bars. I shall give you the hid treasure and the thing that is secretly kept: that you may know, that I the God of Israel have called you by your name: and that for Jacob my servants sake, and for Israel my chosen. For I called you by name, and ordened (ordained, ordered) you or ever you knew me: Even I the Lord, before whom there is none other: for without me there is no God. I prepared the or ever you know me: that it might be known from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same, that all is nothing without me. For I am the Lord, and there is else none. It is I that created the light, and darkness, I make peace, and trouble: yes even I the Lord do all these things. The heavens above shall drop down, and the clouds shall rain righteousness. The earth shall open itself, and bring forth health, and thereby shall righteousness flourish. Even I the Lord shall bring it to pass.
     Woe be unto him that chides (express disapproval) with his maker, the potsherd with the potter: Says the clay to the potter: What make you? or your work serves for nothing? Woe be unto him, that says to his father: Why beget you? And to his mother: Why bear you? Thus says the Lord, even the holy one and maker of Israel: Ask me of things for to come, concerning my sons: and put me in remembrance, as touching the works of my hands: I have made the earth, and created man upon it. With my hands have I spread forth heaven, and given a commandment for all the Host thereof. I shall wake him up with righteousness, and order all his ways. He shall build my city, and let out my prisoners: and that for neither gifts or rewards, says the Lord of Hosts.
     The Lord has said moreover: The occupiers of Egypt, the merchants of the Morains (kjv = Ethiopia) and Sabees, shall come unto you with tribute, they shall be yours, they shall follow you, and go with chains upon their feet. They shall fall down before you, and make supplication unto you. For God (without whom there is none other God) shall be with you. O how profound are you O' God, you God and Saviour of Israel? Confounded be ye, and put to dishonor: go from here, now together with shame, all you that be workmasters of error: (that is worshipers of Idols) But Israel shall be saved in the Lord, which is the everlasting salvation: They shall not come to shame or confusion, world without end.
     For thus says the Lord: even he that created heaven, the God that made the earth, that fashioned it, and set it forth: I have not made it for naught, but I made it to be inhabited. Even I the Lord, without whom there is none other. I have not spoken secretly, neither in dark places of the earth. It is not for naught, that I said unto the seed of Jacob: Seek me. I am the Lord, which when I speak, declares the thing that is righteousness and true. Let them be gathered, and come together, let them draw near hither, that are escaped of the people: Have they any understanding, that set up the stocks of their Idols, and praise unto a God, that cannot help them? Let men draw nye, let them come hither, and ask counsel of one another, and show forth: What is he, that told this before? or, who spoke of it, ever since the beginning? Have not I the Lord done it: without whom there is none other God? the true God and Saviour, and there is else none but I : And therefore turn you unto me (all you ends of the earth) so shall you be saved, for I am God, and there is else none. I swear by myself: out of my mouth comes the word of righteousness, and that may no man turn: but all knees shall bow unto me, and all tongues shall swear by me, saying: Verily in the Lord is my righteousness and strength. To him shall men come: but all they that think scorn of him, shall be confounded. And the whole seed of Israel shall be justified, and praised in the Lord.

The Forty sixth Chapter
     Nevertheless, *Bel shall fall, (kjv = bows down) and *Nebo shall be broken: (kjv = stoopeth) whose images are a burden for the beasts and cattle, to overladen them, and to make them weary. They shall sink down, and fall together: for they may not ease them of their burden, therefore must they go into captivity. Bel = "lord" a chief Babylonian deity, man, owner, husband , have, master, man given, adversary, archers, babbler, citizens, inhabitants ) rulers, lords, (noun of relationship used to characterize ie, master of dreams) lord (used of foreign gods) Nebo = "prophet" of : of the Baal :who presided over learning and writings of the Greek Hermes, Latin Mercury, and Egyptian Thoth *(the mountain where Moses died) all from the Hebrew..RN
     Hearken unto me, O house of *Jacob, and you that remain yet of the household of Israel: whom I have borne from your mothers womb, and brought you up from your birth, till you were grown: I, I which shall bear you unto your last age: I have made you, I will also nourish you, bear you and save you. Whom will you make me like, in fashion or image, that I may be like him? you fools (no doubt) will take out silver and gold out of your purses, and weigh it, and hire a goldsmith to make a God of it, that men may kneel down and worship it. Yet must he be taken on mens shoulders and borne, and set in his place, that he may stand and not move. Alas that men should cry unto him, which gives no answer: and delivers not the man that calls upon him, from his trouble. *Jacob = "heel holder" or "supplanter" 06117 `aqab {awkab}a primitive root; v AV supplant take by the heel, stay, utterly, circumvent, follow at the heel, assail insidiously, overreach, attack at the heel , to hold back 06282 `athar {awthawr}from 06280;AV thick, suppliants )worshipper, odor, incense (odoriferous smoke) 06280 `athar {awthar} a primitive root; AV deceitful, multiplied, to be abundant, to be plentiful, to multiply, become abundant . from the Hebrew. RN
     Consider this well, and be ashamed. Go into your own selves (O you renegades) Remember the things which are past, since the beginning of the world: that I am God, and that there is else no God, yes and that there is nothing like unto me. In the beginning of a thing, I show the end thereof: and tell before, things that are not yet come to pass. With one word is my devise accomplished, and fulfills all my pleasure. I call a bird out of the East, and all that I take in hand, out of far countries, as soon as I command, I bring it hither: as soon as I think to devise a thing, I do it.
     Hear me, O you that are of an high stomach, but far from righteousness, I shall bring forth my righteousness. It is not far, and my health shall not tarry long away. I will lay health in Sion, and give Israel my glory.

The Forty seventh Chapter
     But as for you (O daughter you virgin Babylon) You shall sit in the dust you shall sit upon the ground, and not in a throne, (O you maiden of Chaldea) You shall no more be called tender and pleasant. You shall bring forth the *querne and grind meal, put down your stomacher and bear your knees, and shall wade through the water rivers. your shame shall be discovered, and your *previties shall be seen. For I will avenge me of you, and no man shall let me: says our redeemer, which is called the Lord of Hosts, the holy one of Israel. *querne = hand held grain mill. *previties = secrets held between people, to cover up something corrupt. Not "private parts" as we have been told, see Genesis 3:11, when God asked Adam, "who told you that you was naked"
     Sit still, hold your tongue, and get you into some dark corner, O daughter Chaldea, for you shall no more be called lady of kingdoms. I was so wroth with my people, that I *punished mine inheritance, (kjv = polluted) and give them into your power. Nevertheless, you show them no mercy, but even the very aged men of them, did you oppress right sore with your yoke, and you thought thus. I shall be lady for ever. And beside all that, you have not regarded these things, neither cast, (came) what should come after. Hear now therefore, you willful, that sit so careless, and speak it thus in your heart: I am alone, and wantony is there none: *I shall never be a widow, nor desolate again. And yet both these things shall come to you upon one day in the twinkling of an eye: Namely widowhood, and desolation. They shall mightily fall upon you, for the multitude of your *witches, and for the great heap of your *conjurers. For you have comforted yourself in deceitfulness, and have said: No man sees me. your own wisdom and conning has deceived you. In that you have said: I am alone, and without me there is none. Therefore shall trouble come upon you, and you shall not know, from where it shall arise. Mischief shall fall upon you, which you shall not be able to put off. A sudden misery shall come upon you, or ever you be aware. *I shall never be a widow; see Apocalypse 18. Look to the Hebrew root words for the revealing definitions of witches and conjurers. RN
     Now go to your conjurers, and to the multitude of your witches (whom you have been acquainted withal from your youth) if they may help you, or strengthen you. You have hither to had many counsels of them, so let the heaven gazers and the beholders of stars come on now and deliver you: yes and let them show, when these new things shall come upon you. Behold, they shall be like straw, which if it be kindled with fire, no man may rid it for the vehemence of the flame: And yet it gives no cinders to warm a man by, nor clear fire to sit by. Even so shall they be unto you whom you have used and occupied from your youth. Every one shall show you his erroneous way, yet shall none of them defend you.

The Forty eighth Chapter
     Hear this, O you house of Jacob: you that are called by the name of Israel, and are come out of one stock with Judah: which swear by the name of the Lord, and bear witness by the God of Israel (but not with truth and right) which are called free men of the holy city, as they that look for comfort in the God of Israel, whos name is the Lord of Hosts.
     The things that I showed you ever since the beginning: Have I not brought them to pass, immediately as they came out of my mouth, and declared them? And they are come? Howbeit I know that you are obstinate, and that your neck has a iron vein, and your brow is of brass. Nevertheless, I have ever since the beginning showed you of things for to come, and declared them unto you, or ever they came to pass: that you should not say: mine Idol has done it, my carved or graven image has showed it: Hear and consider all these things whether it was you that prophesied them: But as for me, I told you before at the beginning, new and secrete things that you know not of: And some done now not of old time, whereof you never heard, before they were brought to pass: that you can not say: I knew of them. Moreover there be some whereof you have neither heard nor know, neither have they been open unto your ears before time. For I know that you would maliciously offend, therefore I have called you a transgressor, even from your mothers womb.
     Nevertheless for my names sake, I have withdrawn my wrath, and for mine honors sake I have over seen you, so that I have not rooted the out. Behold, I have purged you, and not for money. I have chosen you in the fire of poverty, And that only for mine own sake, for I gave mine honor to none other, that you should not despise me. Hearken unto me O Jacob, and Israel whom I have called. I am even he that is, I am the first and the last. My hand is the foundation of the earth, and my right hand spans over the heavens. As soon as I called them they were there. Gather you all together, and hearken: Which of yonder gods has declared this, that the Lord will do by the king of Babylon (whom he loves and favors) and by the Chaldees his arm? I myself alone have told you this before. Yes I shall call him and bring him forth, and give him a prosperous journey. Come near and hear this: have I spoken anything darkly since the beginning? when a thing begineth, I am there.
     Wherefore the Lord God with his spirit has sent me, And thus says the Lord God your avenger, the holy one of Israel: I am the Lord your God, which teach you profitable things, and lead you the way, that you should go. If you will now regard my commandment, your wealthiness shall be as the water stream: and your righteousness as the waves flowing in the sea. your seed shall be as the sand of the sea, and the fruit of your body, like the gravel stones thereof: your name shall not be rooted out, nor destroyed before me. you shall go away from Babylon, and escape the Chaldees with a merry voice. This shall be spoken of, declared abroad, and go forth unto the end of the world: so that it shall be said: The Lord has defended his servant Jacob, that they suffered no thirst, when they travailed in the wilderness. He clave the rocks a sunder, and the water gushed out. As for the ungodly, they have no peace, says the Lord.

The Forty ninth Chapter
     You Isles, hearken unto me, and take heed you people from far: The Lord has called me from my birth, and made mention of my name from my mothers womb: he has made my mouth like a sharp sword, under the shadow of his hand has he defended me, and hid me in his quiver, as a good arrow, and said unto me: You are my servant Israel, I will be honored in you. Then answered I: I shall lese my labor, I shall spend my strength in vain. Nevertheless, I will commit my cause and my work unto the Lord my God. And now says the Lord, even he that fashioned me from my mothers womb to be his servant, that I may bring Jacob again unto him: Howbeit, Israel shall not be not gathered unto him again. In whose sight I am great, which also is my Lord, my God and my strength. Let it be but a small thing, that you are my servant, to set up the kindreds of Jacob, and to restore the destruction of Israel: If I make you not also the light of the Gentiles, that you may be my health unto the end of the world.
     Moreover, thus says the Lord the *avenger (kjv = Redeemer) and holy one of Israel, because of the abhorring and despising among the Gentiles, concerning the servant of all them that bear rule: Kings and princes shall see, and arise and worship, because of the Lord that he is faithful: and because of the holy one of Israel, which has chosen you.
     And thus says the Lord: In the time appointed will I be present with you. And in the hour of health will I help you, and deliver you. I will make you a pledge for the people, so that you shall help up the earth again, and challenge against the seated heritages: That you may say to the prisoners: Go forth, and to them that are in darkness: come into the light, that they may feed in the high ways, and get their living in all places. There shall neither hunger nor thirst, heat nor Sun hurt them. For he that favors them shall lead them, and give them drink of the spring wells. I will make ways upon all my mountains, and my foot paths shall be exalted. And behold, they shall come from far: lo, some from the north and west, some from the *south. (kjv = land of Sinim) . Rejoice you heavens, and sing praises you earth: Talk of joy you hills, for God will comfort his people, and have mercy upon his, that be in trouble.
     Then shall Sion say: God has forsaken me, and the Lord has forgotten me. does a wife forget the child of her womb, and the son who she has born? And though she forget, yet will not I forget you. Behold, I have written you up upon my hands, your walls are ever in my sight. They that have broken you down, shall make haste to build you up again: and they that made you waste shall dwell in you. Lift up your eyes, and look about you: all these shall gather them together, and come to you. As truly as I live (says the Lord) you shall put them all upon you, as an apparel, and gird them to you, as an bride does her jewels. As for your land that lays desolate, wasted and destroyed: it shall be too narrow for them, that shall dwell in it. And they that would devour you, shall be far away. Then the child whom the barren shall bring forth unto you, shall say in your ear: This place is too narrow, sit near together, that I may have some room. Then shall you think to yourself: Who has begotten me these? seeing I am barren and alone, a captive and an out cast? And who has nourished them up for me? I am desolate and alone, but from where come these?
     And therefore thus says the Lord God: Behold, I will stretch out mine hand to the Gentiles, and set up my token to the people. They shall bring your sons in their laps, and carry your daughters unto you upon their shoulders. For kings shall be your nursing fathers, and Queens shall be your nursing mothers. They shall fall before you with their faces flat upon the earth, and lick up the dust of your feet: that you may know, how that I am the Lord. And who so puts his trust in me, shall not be confounded. Who so spoils the giant of his praye (prey)? or who takes the prisoners from the mighty? And therefore thus says the Lord: The prisoners shall be taken from the giant, and the spoil delivered from the violent: for I will magnify your cause against your adversaries, and save your sons. And feed your enemies with their own flesh, and make them drink of their own blood, as of sweet wine. And all flesh shall know (O Jacob) that I am the Lord your Saviour, a strong avenger.

The Fiftieth Chapter
     Thus says the Lord, Where is the bill of your mothers divorcement, that I sent unto her or who is the usurer, whom I sold you to? Behold, for your own offenses are you sold: and because of your transgression, is your mother forsaken. For why would no man receive me, when I came? and when I called, no man gave me answer. Was my hand clean smitten off, that it might not help? or had I not power to deliver? Lo, at a word I drank up the sea, and of water floods I make dry land: so that for want of water, the fish corrupt and die of thirst. As for heaven, I clothe it with darkness, and put a sack upon it.
     The Lord God has given me a well learned tongue, so that I can comfort them which are troubled, yes and that in due season. He waked mine ear up by times in the morning (as schoolmasters do) that I might herk (hearken) The Lord God has opened mine ear, therefore can I not say no, nor withdraw myself, but I offer my back unto the smiters, and my cheeks to the nippers. I turn not my face from shame and spitting, for the Lord God has helped me, therefore shall I not be confounded. I have hardened my face like a flint stone, for I am sure, that i shall not come to confusion. Mine advocate speaks for me, who will then go with me to the liar? Let us stand one against another: if there be any that will reason with me, let him come here forth to me. Behold, the Lord God stands by me, what is he that can condemn me? Lo, they shall be all like as an old cloth which moths shall eat up.
     Therefore who so fears the Lord among you, let him hear the voice of his servant. Who so walks in darkness, and no light shines upon him, let him hope in the Lord and hold him by his God. But take heed, you have all kindled a fire, and girded yourselves with flame: you walk in the glistering of your own fire, and in the flame that you have kindled. This comes unto you from my hand, namely that you shall sleep in sorrow.

The Fifty first Chapter
     Hearken to me, you that hold of righteousness, you that seek the Lord: Take heed unto the stone, whereout you are hewn, and to the grave whereout you are digged. Consider Abraham your father, and Sara that bare you: how that I called him alone, and prospered him well, and increased him: how the Lord comforted Sion, and repaired all her decay: making her wilderness as the garden of the Lord. Mirth and joy was there, thanksgiving, and the voice of praise. Have respect unto me then, O my people, and lay your ear to me: for a law and an ordinance shall go from me, to lighten the Gentiles. It is hard by, that my health and my righteousness shall go forth, and the people shall be ordered with mine arm.
     The Islands (that is the Gentiles) shall hope in me, and put their trust in mine arm. Lift up your eyes toward heaven, and look upon the earth beneath. For the heavens shall vanish away like smoke, and the earth shall tear like a cloth, and they that dwell therein, shall perish in like manner. But my health endures for ever, and my righteousness shall not cease. Therefore hearken unto me, you that have pleasure in righteousness, you people that bear my law in their heart. Fear not the curse of men, be you afraid of their blasphemes and revilings: For the worms and moth shall eat them up like cloth and wool. But my righteousness shall endure for ever, and my saving health from generation to generation. Wake up, wake up, and be strong: O you arm of the Lord: wake up, like as in times past, ever and since the world began.
     Art you not *he, that have wounded that proud lucifer, and hewn the dragon in pieces? (kjv =leaves out this entire line) are not you even he, which has dried up the deep of the sea, which have made plain the sea ground, that the delivered might go through? That the redeemed of the Lord, which turned again, might come with joy unto Sion, there to endure for ever? That mirth and gladness might be with them? Yes I, I am even he, that in all things gives you consolation. What are you then, that fear a mortal man, the child of man, which goes away as does the flour? And forget the Lord that made you, that spread out the heavens, and laid the foundation of the earth. But you are ever afraid for the sight of your oppressor, which is ready to do harm: Where is the wrath of the oppressor? It comes on fast, it makes have to appear: It shall not perish, that it should not be able to destroy, neither shall it fail for fault of nourishing. I am the Lord your God, that make the sea to be still, and to rage: whose name is the Lord of Hosts. I shall put my word in your mouth, and defend you with the turning of my hand: that you may plant the heavens, and lay the foundations of the earth, and say unto Sion: You are my people.
     Awake, awake, and stand up, O Jerusalem, you that from the hand of the Lord, have drunken out the cup of his wrath: you that have supped of, and sucked out the slumbering cup to the bottom. For among all the sons whom you have begotten, there is not one that may hold you up: and not one to lead you by the hand, of all the sons that you have nourished. Both these things are happened unto you, but who is sorry for it. Yes, destruction, wasting, hunger and sword: but who has comforted you? your sons lay comfortless at the head of every street like a taken *venison, and are full of that terrible wrath of the Lord, and punishment of your God. And therefore you miserable and drunken (howbeit not with wine) Hear this: Thus says your Lord: your Lord and God, the defender of his people: Behold, I will take the slumbering cup out of your hand, even the cup with the dregs of my wrath: that from from here, now forth you shall never drink it any more, and will put it in their hand they that trouble you: which have spoken to your soul: stoop down, that we may go over you: make your body even with the ground, and as the street to go upon.*venison = game meat, this is to say, these sons feel like they are the "game meat" of the oppressors. RN

The Fifty second Chapter
     Up Sion up, take your strength unto you: put on your honest raiment O Jerusalem, you city of the holy one. For from this time forth, there shall no uncircumcised nor unclean person come in you. Shake you from the dust, arise and stand up, O Jerusalem. Pluck out your neck from the bond, O you captive daughter Sion. For thus says the Lord: you are sold for nought, therefore shall you be redeemed also without any money.
     For thus has the Lord said: My people went down beforetime into Egypt, there to be strangers. Afterward did the king of the Assyrians oppress them, for naught. And now what profit is it to me (says the Lord) that my people is freely carried away, and brought into heaviness by their rulers, and my name ever still blasphemed? Says the Lord. But that my people may know my name, I myself shall speak in that day. Behold, here am I. O how beautiful are the feet of the Embassador, that brings the message from the mountain, and proclaims peace: That brings the good tidings, and preaches health, and says unto Sion: your God is the king. your watchmen shall lift up their voice, with loud voice shall they preach of him: for they shall see him present, when the Lord shall come again to Sion.
     Be glad, O you desolate Jerusalem, and rejoice together: for the Lord will comfort his people, he will deliver Jerusalem. The Lord will make bare his holy arm, and show it forth in the sight of all the Gentiles, and all the ends of the earth shall see the saving health of our God. Away, away, get you out from that place and touch no unclean thing. Go out from among such. And be clean you that bear the vessel of the Lord. But you shall not go out with sedition (revolt) nor make have as they that flee away: for the Lord shall go before you, and the God of Israel shall keep the watch.
     Behold, my servant shall deal wisely, therefore he shall be magnified, exalted and greatly honored. Like as the multitude shall wonder upon him, because his face shall be so deformed and no a mans face, and his beauty like no man: Even so shall the multitude of the Gentiles look unto him, and the kings shall shut their mouths before him. For they that have not been told of him, shall see him, and they that heard nothing of him, shall behold him.


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