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The Truth of the "time" we are in ...
The Lord gave me two dreams

And the measures and matters of The Truth of the "time" we are in ...how "man" ..."thought to change time and times ...
The Lord gave me a dream last night...

Dearly beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, how that one day is with the Lord, as a thousand year, and a thousand year as one day. The Lord is not slack to fulfil his promise, as some men count slackness: but is patient to us ward, and would have no man lost, but would receive all men to repentance.



hi brother

     I thought I would share a couple of dreams with you that I had last few nights.

    This first part lead up to the dream.

    Before I get to the dream, I was watching a movie about corporate America. And in the movie it was talking about how corporations first started.

    Back in the Civil War days corporations first came about as groups of people chartered by the state to do a specific task for the good of the people.

    And that sounds all good until the lawyers got involved and after the Civil War and the creation of the 14th amendment which was designed to protect the slaves and the 14th amendment says that

    1. No person was allowed to be deprived of life, liberty, or property without "due process of law."

    2. No person could be denied "equal protection of the laws."

    And how they use the 14th amendment. Further, the courts have interpreted the word "person" to include corporations. Therefore, they too are protected by "due process" along with being granted "equal protection."

    So Corporations are legal persons without conscious, any type of moral values caring only for the bottom line and their stockholders and all this is legal by the government and court system.

    Yes corporations do provide jobs and services but at what cost? The environment is destroyed the earth is been raped, ravaged and pillaged of all resources. The government enables this through grants and tax breaks, and by law, through the court system and government agencies. The government provides the infrastructure for the Corporation, roads, power, military cover and security with the blood of our men and women, (bodies and souls) enabled by the religious calling it a holy war a war sanctioned by God and Christ which is all but a lie from hell.

    The Corporation works the people to death, so those same people can be taxed to death, even in death by the government. The same government that provides tax breaks for the corporations. The people are taxed to death so the government can afford the infrastructure and protection through laws and guns to the Corporation. War is good for corporate America and the economy. What a vicious cycle of death and destruction.

    In the movie it said between 1890 and like 1910 or 20 somewhere around there was 307 cases brought before the Supreme Court under the 14th amendment and something like 290 were by corporations and corporate lawyers. It's just an unbelievable thing to watch and I only watched about 10 or 15 min. of it and I turned it off I just couldn't watch it anymore.

    It's the same old thing, power and control and spiritual wickedness. when they talk about separation of church and state is hard for me to see the difference, they all have the same charters, power, control and spiritual wickedness. government, corporations and religion.. the Trinity. The three edged sword of hell.

    The wicked labor of the Wicked Eagle whose wings cover and deceive the earth. Gog and Magog

    So after watching this movie and feeling thoroughly disgusted I go to bed.. I've had it for the day!!!

    So in the dream I am at a factory, a large factory, many people young and old working. I noticed a long line of people going into the human resource office. I ask "why are you guys waiting in line here"? They said "we have to get our collars" I'm thinking what do you mean collars? And they said oh yes the company is going to let us pick out the style and color of our collars with leashes.

    I'm talking to these people most of which I knew as coworkers, most younger than I, waiting in the hallway for their turn to go into the office and I see a steady stream of people coming out of the office with Dog collars on with leashes, the girls had pretty dog collars that you would put on a poodle and the men of course had black collars with spikes, tough guy dog collars with leashes.

    I go back to the people who were waiting in line to get the dog collars and I ask them "what are you people doing" you're going to let them treat you like a dog and that literally!!! You're going to let them put a collar and leash on you? Are you people crazy? don't you understand? To this the people in the line didn't want to hear anything else from me. They just didn't care, it didn't bother them one bit, they just stood there in line talking on their cell phones, texting, talking, having a good old time. I just shook my head, walked away, I couldn't believe what was going on.

    When I went back to work I was watching all the other people work with their collars on and leashes and thinking to myself what would OSHA say about this? "Thinking" But we all know that OSHA like the EPA and all other government agencies are nothing more than "money generating" governing proxies, serving corporate America.

    So word got out that I wasn't going to allow them to put a dog collar on me and they called me into the office. The human resource people said I had one of two choices, I could be like them, meaning I could be a manager, a herdsman of the dogs or be terminated. To that I said termination sounds good to me, I left the office and finished up my days work, knowing that this was my last day. I really needed this job and jobs were hard to come by, but there was no way in hell they're going to put a dog collar on me.

    As I was leaving I see a girl that I knew for years, we are coworkers and friends. She too refused to let them put a dog collar on her. My friend told me she didn't know what to do because she really needed the job and we all know that without money you are of little worth in this world and jobs are so scarce. My friend asks me, what are you going to do? I said I'm not going to let them put a dog collar on me, that's all I know for sure, the rest is up to the Lord. Tomorrow I have to come in for my formal termination.

    She looks at me and says, why do you look so calm? How come you're not worried about losing your job, there's no other jobs out here, you don't have any more money than I have, why aren't you worried?

    I told her that I have faith in God in Christ and that I have no control over what this company does or the hell that we live in. The Lord says we are to worry about today and let tomorrow worry about itself.so that's what I do. Far as not having a job and no money, the Lord knows what I need and I have faith that they will provide so I have nothing to worry about. She says " I wish I could be like that".

    I told her, all I can tell you is ask God and Christ to give you the truth, that's all I can tell you to do, the rest is up to them. I tried to comfort her in the parking lot and she's just frantic and worried and crying and shaking as she gets in her car and drives off.

    The following day I go to work, I signed all the papers and terminated. I wait outside for my friend to see how she's doing and she comes out of the building, I turn around to greet her. I see she is bursting with the Son from within. I looked into her eyes, the windows of her soul and I could see clearness and peace and tears of joy were running down her cheeks. I look at her and say, how you feeling? She says to me I'm not worried, I feel happy.

    I didn't ask anything about God or Christ. I didn't have to I just knew what was going on in this woman so we said our goodbyes and I watched her as she walked to her car and I'm praying, thanking God and Christ for taking care of my friend Debbie...I hear a voice from the temple say to me "that's no longer her name" she has a new name, her name is Molly.. and that was the end of the dream.

    This dream I had a few days ago,

    I was hiking on a trail to the mountains here in Phoenix and as I'm walking I see this rock, shining in the son-light. So I don't pick it up and I look at it and it's made out of Crystal or quartz, about the size of a small brick. I brush it off and hold it up in the sunlight and in the middle of this brick of quartz I can see a diamond in the middle.

    A perfect diamond and very large, after looking at this for a while in disbelief and deciding that I'm not crazy, or seeing things, that I actually do have a brick size piece of crystal or quartz in my hand, with a very large diamond in the middle. I put it in my backpack and continue on my way. When I got home I did some digging on the Internet figuring that if this thing is real, the first thing I have to do is get it appraised and find an honest appraiser to do it so.

    After much research I finally do find such a person, take it to him and at first he too couldn't believe his eyes. He tells me that this thing is worth millions upon millions of dollars. He takes this diamond gets it ready for auction and it sells for just what he said. millions of dollars.

    The first thing I do with my newfound wealth is find a place to live, find a place in the heartland, rolling hills, somewhat mild climate and build a house. Not a big house but a worthy house. Now this piece of land bought in the dream was several miles square.

    I start to build other houses and invite people to live in the houses. People that I knew and loved according to the spirit of truth in God in Christ.

    I built a house for my mother and for my brother and I built houses for my brothers and sisters in the Lord that I knew of.

    We all had certain things that we did according to our skills and needs passions. I got Roberta to take care of the ranch part of the property because she has told me more than once she always wanted to live on a ranch. So she came and lived there with her husband and all her family and they took care the ranch. Had people working for her at the ranch and she managed all things at the ranch.

    Other people were farmers and raised crops and we had all manner of combined skills and all live together in our separate houses.

    We were all set up to run on electric power, generator power and no power.

    Nobody worried about money, there was no mention of money, those who needed meat went to the ranch, those who needed crops, vegetables, whatever went to the farm. We all helped each other, nobody was overworked or underworked.We had all manner of skills there. and everyone was happy to be there.

    We had lived there awhile and I was on a four wheeler running through the hills, had two or three dogs running around me with tails wagging and we're all have-in a good time and I was praising and thanking God for new Jerusalem.

    God Bless  



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