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Testimony of Leonard Spaccarotelli

The Verity of Christ Today

      Thank You Father for your Love.. which Love comes only through our Lord Jesus. This is a Witness of the Ever Present Spirit of God, to whom all Praise and Glory surely go.
      Saturday early, I go to www.godstruthtous.com not knowing what I'm looking for....... I notice a new dream on the dream list.... Demons... nay .... after reading it I had some questions...... so I e-mailed The Recorder this is about 9:30 am... praying the Lord would move him (the recorder) to help me with God's simple truth...... So off I go to take the lawn mower for a walk. When I'm finished I put things away and head for the house to take a shower. On the way I pass my daughter and her girl friend as they are going swimming.
      About 1:00 or so I notice its getting dark outside... so I turn on the TV to catch the weather...sure enough there are storm warnings out for our area... so I go in the back yard and tell the girls to watch out for lightening... the girls were at my next door neighbors house in the pool.... as I'm telling them of the storm warnings I notice by the shed a bird obviously hurt with a broken wing or something........ it was really scared so I didn't get too close... so I tell them in the pool about the bird.... and the guy next door says he saw the cats playing with it and he thought the cats killed it..... he was surprised the bird made it to my house..... as I'm looking at this poor bird I noticed a gold band on its head... I did stare at it a minute because I never seen anything such as that.... next thing you know it starts raining and I see the bird hide behind a tire that was leaning next to the fence by the shed... and we all go inside.... About an hour later I checked my e-mail looking for a reply from The Recorder..... and indeed there was my reply... six pages... On the second to last paragraph he writes.........

Hoping that any helps you receive ...be received from our Lord ..as the Lord did just now show me ...a bird flew against the screen of this old porch am sitting on ...and was injured by this so much so that he fell to the ground ...and there he layed as though dead ...and even if not dead in great danger ...for there were cats round about that might eat him ...now my wife jumped up to have great compassion upon the bird...but I warned her away saying ...watch after him from a distance least you frighten him more ...yet watch over him so that the cats don't kill him ...then behold did the bird began to stir ...and the spirit of life seemed to come back to him ...and he flew off in to the heavens ...

      The moment I read that paragraph I felt like I was just Touched by God........... such a feeling I wouldn't try to describe...
      With joy also came fear.... the kind of fear knowing that the spirit of God did give such a Token........... I called my daughter Jamie (the one in the pool) and let her read what was written about the bird and cat, and she got a funny look on her face. You see my youngest daughter Rachel believes in Jesus and knows the only way to the God of Heaven is through his son Jesus. Jamie she's still holding on to the lie, she knows the truth in her mind because I've told her, but not in her heart. Rachel, and I pray for her daily trusting God will have mercy on her and take Jamie to Jesus and brand the truth in her heart.
      After it stopped raining we went outside to look for the bird, Praise God it was gone. A little while later we are at the dinner table eating .... sitting across from Jamie.... I looked up at her and the Lord spoke to my heart and I told her, "that was for you............such Love the Almighty has for his children who Love His Son Jesus"....................My daughter Rachel then asked me did I think it was the same Bird? I told her it very well could be. You see she knows the power of God. To submit yourself to God like a child to look to him in all things. And he will care for you because you are one of is own..................

Thank You Father
With Much Love in Jesus

Theron's (The Recorders) Response to Leonards Testimony

Dearest Leonard

      From a dream last night ...in all that we do ...the going out the coming in...the works here or there ...of any manner of activity ...it is for the verity of Christ our Lord ...
      verity (realness) ...which you have recieved ...as you have spoken " I felt touched by God " ...amen and amen
      even as it is written ...as He passed did she touch his garment and Jesu felt his verity go out from him ...and he said who touched me ? ...and the disciples said Lord we are in a crowd and pressed in on all sides ...and you say who touched me ? ...yet He turned and looked upon her who had touched his garment ...(excuse the paraphrase) Yet it is this the Christ IS NOW real to us and of this we bear witness ...and it is purposed that miricals follow to prove up the verity (realness) of Christ ...for Christ has shown himself in the spirit to many (as unto you) for verity 's sake ...and even to prepare them for the recieving of HIM in the realness of his coming this time again ...as it is recorded ...as it is promised ...as it is hoped for ...as He does this for our sakes ...
      for the love of Christ who is the truth and love of God ...who is all things to all men


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