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Lives healed ...kept safe and saved by God and Christ in spirit and truth ...verity ...realness !

Roberta   "Roberta's house...and thanks to God and Christ "  
Len .. "Lens dream of ...the antichrist being raised up ... "
Jemima.. "Vision of my future husband... "
Len .. "Lens dream of ...winds of change ... "
Robs " Rob being taken to the pool ... "
Attie daughter's dream ... " dream of trees ... "
Matthew ... " Matthews dream ... "
Chris... " A Mother's Heart Healed ... "
Chris... " I don't celebrate christmas... "
Len .. "Lens two dreams ... "
Sandra Davis... "and all I can remember is pure love and woke up... "
Alize... "ALIZE's dreams... "
mouthes of babes... ""Mommy, did you see God?"... "
Katie.. "Katies dreams... "
Loretta   "in the fire of the care ..less ..."  
Jackie   "taken to Heaven"  
Len .. "Lens storm dream... "
Judy   "Sandals ...not the church..."  
Peggy  "Peggy seeing the truth ...against the churches..."  
Judy   "In Judys kitchen ..."  
Roberta   "Robertas witness of the being kept safe ..."  
Len .. "Lens dream... "
Len .. "Lens old church "
Jackie   " a gathering of people praising God."  
Jackie   "praising God at home"  
June  "sword of the spirit ..."  
Len .. "the helmet " Roberta   "Robertas nightmare of a blimp crashing ..."  
Roberta   "ground temperature readings from above. "  
Lewis   "god would not put me through more then i could stand."  
Roberta   "drive by ...and thanks to God and Christ "  
Kaye   "town hall "  
Len   "about satan and flesh"  
Roberta   "in the car ...and the fire storm ..."  
Colm   "then i got desperate and screamed "Jesus save me!!"  
Len   "The Lord gave me a dream last night.."  
Roberta   "earthquake for Roberta ..."  
Roberta   "thunder clap ..."  
Jackie   "Jackies back ..."  
Jackie   "Mountain Be Removed"  
Len   "God took up crocheting"  
Jackie   "Authority Given of God"  
Nolen   "Nolens testimony"  
Len   "dream of the dead dog standing ..."  
Roberta   "out of the mouths of babes and grandmoms "  
Laurie   "fire in a dark country...us"  
Len   "sword fight ..."  
Len   "Unworthy physicians now and in Hell..."  

Devin  "JESUS dream"  
Jackie  "a dream in mid October about the war in Iraq:"  
Angela  "I just awoke from the most wonderful dream"  
Abby  "There stood Jesus Christ"  
Jackie M   praise God that there is nothing there to condemn me.  
Debbie  "Jesus came to visit me and he filled me with his Holy spirit"  
Cris   "We have to tell everybody what Jesus and the Father did in our lives!"  
KKwp   "Money and greed ...and wicked labor"  
James   "My testimony is this"  
Michelle   "you have made coverings for yourself that are NOT of ME"  
Pat   Oh my God ! kept safe and saved from abortion  
Shaila Blackerby  A few days later I dreamed of Jesus.  
Jackie M  Oh my God! ...a moose !!!  
Susan  When He Reached Down His Hand for Me--My Testimony  
Tom  Amazing Grace  
Keith  Only human ???  
Hanna  solution to problems  
Roxanne  Prodigal child  
Roxanne  your old tin shed dream  
Roxanne  God's will in your heart, mind and deeds  
Bob Avatra  The Criminal church  
Bonnie Headley  Thank Jesus for my Heart, Body and Soul.  
Carolyn Auman   Everyday is now brighter!  
Jackie M  cleaning the house  
theron  Put your hand to!  
Jonathan  "Christ LIVES"  
Jackie M   Witness of God's protection:  
Jackie Miller The Realness of New Life   The Book of Life
Pat Austin Seeking The Kingdom of God
Leonard Spaccarotelli God's Truth to Me   The Verity of Jesus Today   Truth for Truth's Sake
Gayle Kleven Gardening Gayle
Melvin Ong thank u...
Pat Austin Witness of the Spirit of God
Dennis Hall Jesus, the Revelation of God's Truth

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