God's Truth

A Letter from Leonard to Theron

Truth for Truth's Sake

Dear Theron,

My brother in Jesus.. for the love of God in us. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the honest reply to my last e-mail. Not one who believes in luck or chance .. in my heart I know that the letter you sent to me was from the Spirit of our Father... truth for truth's sake... yes, thank you Lord. I know now that I was looking for my own truth my own way not God's way. I thank the Lord Jesus for teaching me the difference between these two ways.. seems I have of late been mighty in the flesh.. looking for things that I was not enabled to see though and by the Holy Spirit.

So I was on my own looking for more than was given to me (Pride -- Proud) yes I was in bondage, that self willed type, a sure way to hell. Pray daily for forgiveness for the weakness of my flesh.. pray daily that the Lord take such things as lust, pride, self will, from me. It seems that if I focus on one thing the battle is lost some where else...

I know that the more I SUBMIT to the soft speaking of the Spirit in me that there will be the power to over come the flesh.. surely not my own power because I have nothing of my own.. but the sustaining power of the Spirit of God.. the only power to overcome the serving and bondage of this world (Flesh)..... that power is for all those that are willing to loose themselves for Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior... for the Love of God.. who by his Spirit we are enabled to walk in the Spirit of Truth.. which is Christ Jesu.. Not in this world of bondage.... Truth for Truth's Sake..... thank my righteous Father and his Sonne Jesu.. for their Love .. That Is The Only...... (Truth)........

thank you

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