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God's Truth

Of the Appearing of My Lord

     Of the appearing of my Lord of this I witness only of the dreams and visions in which the Lord Jesus appeared unto me...the first time I had been recording the original Word and looking for the true calender for months (for the one we have is a mess of changes) yet I was moved to look see of the times ...and it was that no day was more meaningful to me than the day our Lord was crucified ...and one quiet night while a friend was over a moving thing happened ...I was at the computer moving through my last bits of discernment to arrive at that day of the Lord ...suddenly the day appeared and I turned to say ...Roger I believe this is it ...at that I was overcome with devastating heartfelt grief, it felt like my heart was stricken ...at this I tried to stand and go into the bathroom and weep in private ...yet I fell down on the carpet and groaned deep in my soul bursting into tears unable to speak ...then I looked and Roger (who was a grown man also) and he was weeping too with tears running down his face ...he stammered "whoa what was that?" "I think you found it."
     At that I was stunned and worried that I might have offended God so I shut the computer down and spent the rest of that evening and the next day in prayer asking forgiveness ...in the afternoon of the following day I prayed with all my heart for help in this matter, for an earnestness had come over me ...now as I laid down with these things on my heart ...a man appeared ...standing at the foot of my bed ...plainly. This man appeared as average in size yet very stocky and firmly built. He had blue eyes, light hair and looked very rugged as he was covered with scars roundabout his shoulders and head. As I looked at him he never took his weeping blue eyes off me ...and I thought in myself this man must be my guardian angel who has saved me in the many fights I've had in my life ...and he is weeping now for he is not needed anymore for angels protect me (as the Lord had moved me to believe of angels some time ago) yet he stood there looking at me and all I could feel from him was deep love ...at this he vanished and I fell back to sleep, or of a dream this was, I know not, save only that this man did appear to me ...
     Now it came to pass the very next day that I was looking to find the place I had left off recording of the ancient books of the Word of God ...when finding my spot ...the very first thing that I recorded was this:

When we look upon him, there shall be no fairness: we shall have no *lust (desire) unto him. He shall be the most simple, and despised of all, which yet hath good experience of sorrows and infirmities. We shall reckon him so simple and so vile, that we shall hide our faces from him. Now be it (of a truth) he only taketh away our infirmity, and beareth our pain: Yet we shall judge him, as though he were plagued and cast down of God: where as he (notwithstanding ) shall be wounded for our offenses, and smitten for our wickedness. For the pain of our punishment shall be laid on him, and with his strips shall we be healed.

     Now I tell of truth that at this recording I fell again to the floor in heart felt weeping as before ... for I knew for a certainty that I had truly seen my Lord Jesus ...
     And again did the Lord appear to me during a time of great strife in my life as I was given over to the flesh that I might turn away utterly from the lust thereof ...and God my father so put an earnestness upon my heart for the need of Jesus that the Lord did appear ...save this time he was in brilliant white garment and shone as a multitude of stars ...yet his light was warm and comforting to me ...yet at the time again I did not know who he was ...so as I fell down at a distance before him I was given utterance to ask "who are you Lord?" To which he answered "I am Jesus Christ of Nazareth whom you seek." ...with that all manner of comfort came over me and I rested from the torment of my own affliction ...

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