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God's Truth

My First Real Encounter with the LORD


     Does the LORD really reveal Himself to His people today? You better believe it!

     I am going to begin sharing with you the testimony of my life in hopes of sheading light on the job the Lord has called me.

     It all begins when I was a small child. I was aware of the presence of wicked spirits. Usually I recognized them easiest when they had influenced someone and the person had "taken on" the spirits' wicked attitude. I guess you could call wicked spirits, attitudes. One was always present with the other. Wicked spirit = wicked attitude. I became so good at recognizing them that my family came to almost dispise me. After all, I was no saint. I wasn't perfect. Who was I to tell them they had the devil? The frustration that came with this ability was no fun at all. And I had no "following" most less freinds. Being so young with this ability, I was too immature to know what to do with it except to try to warn the person with the evil spirit. NOT a good idea!

     The other way I recognized them, was that they would torment me when I went to bed each night. Seldom, in the first 20 years of my life, did I go to bed without some kind of demonic attack first. I will not give them the glory of telling what all they did to me. Just suffice it to say that I was tormented by them for years.

     Then when I was 20 years old, and pregnant with my third child, I began to seek the LORD like never before. My husband was facing time in the state penitentiary, my mother had left town telling no one where she was, we were broke and I was desperate to hear from God. I had been a Christian for many years. I felt I knew the Lord, but wanted His presence to be as strong as the presense of wicked that I had experienced for so long.

     My immediate problem was that my phone had been turned off. I was 9 months pregnant, my husband was facing this prison time, and was completely sidetracked about what he was suppose to do. I had no car. The only vehicle being his, and he was either off doing drugs or having an affair, so I was most dependent on the LORD at this time. I layed in bed one night crying out for the LORD to hear my prayer and to do something so that I could at least have a telephone in case I was to go into labor, I could dial 911. I asked this one thing, and begin to praise HIM for hearing my prayer. I just wouldn't take NO for an answer so I demonstrated this by praising Him for answering my prayer. I layed there with great assurance He had heard me too. Gradually I began to feel his presence in the room. I began to smile and praise him more. Then to my left, and as His presence seemed to consume me, I saw the most awesome glowing light in the form of a man standing tall and upright. Love and laughter filled my room. I SAW THE LORD, after all these years of seeing wicked spirits, I SAW THE LORD. I layed there with the most awesome of feelings you can imagine. His love for me had filled the room to over flowing. I laughed with tears and the greatest JOY I had ever known until I feel asleep. And what an awesome rest.

     The next morning I opened my eyes and remembering that the LORD had been there, got up and ran (9 months pregnant) to the phone to pick it up and see if it was working because I wanted to call everyone to tell them Jesus had been to see me that night. Sure enough the phone worked. I called everyone I could think of to tell them the good news. The reactions I got were.....well, not too good. I was surely over the edge. NOW, Lynette is telling people that Jesus showed up and fixed her phone. OK?

     Well, needless to say, my phone stayed on for the next several months, and I never had to pay a phone bill. It stayed connected untill I had the baby and for months afterwards untill we finally moved.

     Blessings, Lynette


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