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Rebuking the Devourer...


     This next experience occurred about 4 years ago as I was spending my usual time with the Lord.

     I had spent time reading the word and meditating on some things He had shown me. My attention was drawn to the promises that He had given His people and the verses that declare that God Reigns. I became saddened that so few truly understood what it meant to be dependent on the LORD to reign in their lives and how burdens, despair and depression seem to set in on those around me, keeping them from allowing God to reign in their lives. Keeping their focus on their problems instead of on the LORD.

     I began to "minister" unto the LORD. I determined in myself to Praise Him for the promises He had given and for the deliverance of His people from the worries that kept their focus off of Him. As my praises were spoken to Him, an awesome faith begin to rise in me like never before. His presence was getting stronger with each praise I spoke.

     Suddenly I could see myself before the throne of God. My faith increased even still as He allowed me to see that I had His undivided attention. My focus completely on Him I continued my praise. Then, as suddenly as I had found myself before the LORD, I saw the devil. And at the exact moment heard him murmur something against me. He was in a sort of slouched position, not able to stand up tall and you could see and hear the lack of confidence in his voice as he begin to speak to accuse me. As he slouched to the side, he rolled his head and eyes at me and began with, "Oh brother......."

     At this exact moment the Father took his mighty hand, doubled his fist and in one swift motion back handed satan right in the mouth! The sound of the blow was heard across the heavens. The humility satan received caused him to sink into the small worthless nothing he really is. Then the Father allowed me to speak to this worthless being, rebuking him and telling him how he stood no chance with those called to declare the reign of the only TRUE GOD AND KING!

     Boldness to defeat the enemy rose inside of me like never before. I saw with my own eyes the results our WORDS have on him. I SAW him defeated. BUT notice, my focus was on the Father. My focus was on seeing the will of the LORD done in our lives and walk on HIS earth. I did not go into prayer focused on the enemy or seeking him.

     My constant prayer is that the LORD allow us to keep our attention on Him and what is pleasing in His sight. I go to the LORD for instructions and direction each day. I have confidence that anything that will happen in the last days or anything of concern to His Body will be revealed in His presence, and to all of those who have submitted to His instructions and guidance.

     Sharing the truths of the LORD has become my greatest delight. There are many who have already received answered questions in that Presence. No wonder He says, "Speak often, truth, one unto another."

     After my time with the LORD and my witness to the above, He had me read a passage of scripture to confirm what had happened.

     Malachi 3:10-11

     Original ...God's Truth ...Bring every Tithe in to my barn, that there may be meat in my house: and prove me with all ( sayeth the Lord of hosts ) if I will not open the windows of heaven unto you, and pour you out a blessing with plenteousness. Yee, I shall reprove the consumer for your sakes, so that he shall not eat up the fruit of your ground, neither shall the vineyard be barren in the field, sayeth the Lord of hosts: In so much that all people shall say, that yee be blessed, for ye shall be a plenteous land, sayeth the Lord of hosts.

     I could see and understand that the tithe of my time unto the LORD, speaking fruitful words in His presence, opened a window in heaven. And because the words were truth and pleasing in His sight, the devourer was rebuked FOR me!

     Blessings, Lynette


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