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Destruction of Wickedness...


     At a very young age, I was most definitely aware of the presence of spirits. I must tell you that most of the ones I encountered were quite ugly. For example, a simple childhood argument with a sibling would often result in my seeing a demon spirit in them, and then telling them, "You have a demon" or "the devil is making you do that." (I swear to you the demons knew that I was chosen of God even then.) Saying these things to them would, of course, send them screaming to the nearest adult, "She said I have the devil." What followed was my being reprimanded for saying such a ‘stupid’ thing and, in turn, people thought that I must be the one with a ‘bad spirit.’ What surprised me the most was that no one could see what I was seeing and discerning so clearly.

     Believe me, it was quite difficult to grow up feeling as if I were the only one on Earth with this ability, but I can tell you what came of it: I learned to pray! I thought that surely God could see these ugly little suckers and I began to call on Him for these two things: Strength and understanding. I asked for these every single night for many, many years. Sometimes prayer was the only way to get to sleep, but praise God for His presence in my life.

     Recently, the Lord has allowed me to remember some of those many encounters with the enemy, but with the revelation knowledge of why they occurred.

     You see, the world continues to carry on, just like back then, with absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of being controlled by, or giving control to, these demons! They are everywhere! (They reside at the White House as we speak and believe me, they are IN FULL FORCE!)

     Man has chosen to ignore them for so long they are wreaking havoc on anyone and everyone who continues to disregard them. As a mature adult, I have seen these demons of wickedness, only I am not afraid anymore. God has granted the prayers of a frightened little girl for strength and understanding. Now, I can praise God and with just cause.

     (Remember in the Word where the demons recognized Jesus and begged to be cast into the swine? Jesus did this because the day of vengeance was not yet fulfilled, but the demons knew that hour would come).

     Now, let me tell you about the day in which we live and what the Lord God Almighty spoke to me in a voice so clear that a deaf man could have heard it.

     At about 2:00 a.m. on a particular morning, I was awakened by a great disturbance and discovered a large mass of wickedness (these demons I told you about) all intertwined together in a ball. It seemed like hundreds of them, though I'm not sure. But, instantly, the voice of God thundered these words to me: "YOU WERE PUT ON THIS EARTH TO DESTROY THE WICKED." Immediately, this ball of wickedness was forced through my bedroom wall into eternity, so powerfully that it is still being shoved at this moment. Believe me, when the voice of God says something, there is immediate response and, as I sat there, wide-eyed at what had just happened, my response was an absolute, "YES SIR!" If there is anything I believe wholeheartedly, this is it.

     In the Word of God, it speaks of a day when eyes will see and ears will hear and this has been my prayer for each of you. The Lord has summoned a group of people that will come forth in the true knowledge of God’s will on Earth. You may know you are chosen already. The Lord will give you instructions as you seek His will. Remember that this is His battle and not ours. We are simply the eyes to behold, the ears to hear (what the Spirit of God would instruct us), and the lips to proclaim, "WICKEDNESS, BEGONE!!"

     I must stress with great importance the wisdom revealed to someone dear to the Lord:

     The message you have read concerning the vengeance of God is the exact prophecy that the Jews thought and expected Jesus to fulfill. They were looking for a Messiah that would destroy the wicked, once and for all, and set up the Kingdom of God. Well, it was not time for this to be fulfilled; therefore, they did not even believe Jesus or who He was, thus putting Him to death. But, let me tell you, the time is at hand and, just as in the days of old, few will believe (as a matter of fact, only a remnant).

     May the Lord open our eyes, ears and hearts to the Truth. BECAUSE the day of vengeance will come whether we accept it or not!


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