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The Truth of the "time" we are in ...
the throne room ...the flying scroll and the ships ofTarshish...

And the measures and matters of The Truth of the "time" we are in ...how "man" ..."thought to change time and times ...
the throne room ...the flying scroll and the ships of Tarshish...

Dearly beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, how that one day is with the Lord, as a thousand year, and a thousand year as one day. The Lord is not slack to fulfil his promise, as some men count slackness: but is patient to us ward, and would have no man lost, but would receive all men to repentance.


     Behold ...in a dream of the day season of the season of man ...and measures of matters shown plainly and simply ...of the throne room ...the flying scroll and the ships of Tarshish...

     Now in an instant i was taken ...found myself before the throne of God my father and Jesus my brother and Lord ...

     and the place was to look upon as none other ...for it was an eternal throne ...sitting on a sea of glass ...and looked out over the waters ...of both heaven and earth ...and nothing hidden of the waters of either ....

     Now i entered in from the right ...and passed a mighty man of God standing there before God my father and Jesus Christ my brother and Lord ...and did see another man standing ...across the way...a cross the way ...and he was standing about 12 feet away ...a way ...from the right hand of the throne ...

     and so i stopped ...and was in the midst of these before the throne of God my father and my my brother Lord Jesus ...one mighty man of God on my right and another mighty man of God on my left ...so we stood there before the throne ...

     Now in an instant ...and we looked at the throne ...light only came from it ...and voices as ...one voice came ...unheard with ears of head ...yet of heart of all present ....and the Word (recorded) word of God ...rolled out in front of me ...as well the dreams and visions that God my father and Jesus my brother and Lord have given me ...they too ...rolled out in front of me ...even as it was ...is ...all drew closer ...walking that way...the way ...the only way ...

     and there was laughter within and with out ...at my astonishment !! ...and we all laughed exceedingly ...for it was shown us how the "others" called the last books of God ...a flying "scroll" ...instead of a "flying book" ...as it is ...and is recorded ...Prophet Zachary 5 and "flying ships" as recorded in Prophet Esai 18...

     and again ...voice came of heart ...to all that were there ...to look see ...look see the waters of the world ...and there in a half circle were the ships of "Tarshish" ...merchants ...merchants ships ...all bound together ...as with strong iron chains ....and preparing for battle ...to blockage ...against the Will the Word and the Works of God my father and my brother Lord Jesus ...so the ships ofthe merchants were bound ...of iron ...together ...to wage war ...again like spoken before ...in a half circle ...

     for they had said within themselves who can stand against us ...who can fight against us ...for we are all mighty ships ofwar and wares ...and all of all bound together with heavy chains of iron ...so that none can break ...out or through ...and all of all and any be subject to us ...and so these spoke among themselves of merchants and there ships ...

     and again there was laughter within and without ...all round about the throne of God my father and Jesus my brother and Lord ...and laughter for these thought that of merchants ...hard labor upon the peoples ...unearned profits ...or false prophets) and wars and wares and heavy chains ...binding themselves together ...they could accomplish ...rule and power and spiritual wickedness ...over all the peoples of all the lands...of the worldly ...and over all the waters of the worldly ....

     Now i looked upon the scene ...and question came with out asking ...or hearing of ears ..."what would you do ? ...to over come such a mighty force of merchants ships ...all bound together with heavy iron chains ? " ...

     and was given me to say ...if one ship entered into the midst of them ...in their very middle parts ...then is possible ...that their heavy iron chains might hold together ...and the ships ofGod would then be surrounded and defeated ...as they drew themselves all roundabout ...to destroy ...

     Nevertheless ...was i given the more to answer...for they are all bound ...and have bound themselves ...heavily with their own chains ...and stretched themselves out so wide as to look so mighty ...

     Yet was the more given me ...for i said ...if then these are arranged the way ...the way ....the way they want ...to be ...bound and stretched out ...would i then take only one ship ...mightier than any one of theirs ...only one ship ...

     and with only one mighty ship ...i would start at one end ...of their binding ...and one ship at a time ...i would destroy them ...till the weight of the sunken ships and their heavy binding chains ...grew so heavy that none of the other ships could "man"age ...age of man ...to stay afloat ...on the waters of the earth ...neither could they mock the waters of heaven anymore ...

     and so i would be easy ...for the waters of God my father and Jesus my brother and Lord ....are very deep ...and their ships being so bound together ...that they can not be loosened one from another ...each ship sunk makes the others more in peril ...for the weight of their iniquities ...and their heavy bindings ...being ...being heavy ladened of goods and weapons of war and and the blood thereof ...

     now at this ...did the mighty men of God and Christ ask me ..."would you then go to the fight ?" and i answered ...."for i have been "in"couraged by God my father and my brother and Lord Jesus ...and have been shown the very truth of eternal life ...so let me say this...i would be first to the battle ...first to die is first to live ...and first to live is first to die ..."

     Now at this ..i was given to end my speaking ...for the measure of matters was finished ...

     and there was silence ...for an instant ...and a new garment was given me ...and the two mighty men of God our father and Jesus our brother and Lord ...went with me ...one on my right and one on my left ...and we walked ...in the way shown us ...out to do the battle against ...the bound ships ofTarshish ...


Of the true Word of God there is no name Tarshish ...yet is called Tharsis


Nevertheless ...


First mention of Tharsis is in First Moses 10 ...

     These are the generations of the sons of Noe: of Sem, Ham and Japheth, which begat them children after the flood.

     The sons of Japheth were: Gomir, MaGog, Madai, Javan, Tuball, Mesech and Thyras. And the sons of Gomir were: Ascenas, Riphat and Togarma. And the sons of Javan were: Elisa, Tharsis, Cithim and Dodanim. Of these came the Isles of the gentiles in their countries, every man in his speech, kindred and nation.


First mention of the ships ofTharsis is in THE CHRONICLES OF THE KINGS OF JUDA THE SECOND BOOK 9 ...

     And all the drinking vessels of king Salomon were gold, and all the vessels of the house of the forest of Libanon, were pure gold. And as for silver, it was counted nothing worth in the days of Salomon. For the kings ships went to Tharsis with the servants of Hiram every three years once. And the ships ofTharis brought gold, silver, the teeth of elephants, apes and peacocks.


Next 2nd Chronicles ...chapter 20

     After this Jehosaphat king of Juda joined himself with Ohoziah king of Israel, which was a wicked doer. And he coupled himself with him, to make ships to go to Tharis. And they made the ships in Azion Gaber. And Elieser the son of Dodanah of Maresa prophesied against Jehosaphat: saying: because thou hast joined thyself with Ohoziah the Lord hath broken thy works. And the ships were broken that they were not able to go to Tharis.


The Book of Esther 1

     And the king spoke to the wise men that had understanding in the ordinances of the land for the kings matters must be handled before all such as have knowledge of the law and judgment: and the next unto him were Carsena, Sethar, Admatha, Tharis, Mares, Marsana, and Mamucan, the seven princes of the Persians, and Meedes, which saw the kings face, and sat above in the kingdom, What law should be execute upon the queen Vashti, because she did not according to the word of the king by his chamberlains. Then said Mamucan before the king and the princes: the queen Vashti hath not only done evil against the king but also against all the princes and all the people in all the lands of king Ahasuerus for this deed of the queen shall come abroad unto all women, so that they shall despise their husbands before their eyes, and shall say: the king Ahasuerus commanded Vashti the queen to come before him, but she would not. And so shall the princesses in Persia and Media say likewise unto all the kings princes, when they hear of this deed of the queen, thus shall there arise dispitefulness and wrath enough. If it please the king, let there go a commandment from him, and let it be written according to the law of the Persians and Medians (and not to be transgressed ) that Vashti come no more before king Ahasuerus, and let the king give the kingdom unto another that is better than she.

     And that is this writing of the king which shall be made, be published throughout all his empire, ( which is great ) that all wives may hold their husbands in honor, both among the great and small.


The Book of the Prophet Esaie or Isaiah 23

     An heavy burden upon Tyrus. Mourn ye ships ofTharis, for she is thrown down to the ground, and conquered of them that are come from Cethim. The indwellers of the Islands, the merchants of Sidon, and they that occupy the see (sea), ( of whom thou wast full some time ) are at a point. For by see (sea) were their fruits brought unto thee, and all manner of corn by water. Thou wast the common market of all people. Sidon is sorry for it, yee and all the power of the see ( sea) complaineth, and sayeth :) that I had never traveled with child, that I had never born any, that I had neither nourished boy nor brought up daughter. As soon as Egypt perceiveth it, she will be as sorry as Tyrus it self. Go over the see (sea), mourn ye that dwell in the Isles. Is not that the glorious city, which hath been of long antiquity? Whose natives dwelling far off, commend her so greatly? Who hast devised such things upon Tyrus the crown of all cities, whose merchants and Captains were the highest in the world? Even the Lord of Hosts hath devised it, that he may put down all the pomp, and minish all the Glory of the world. Go through thy land ( O thou daughter of the see (sea) ) as men go over the water, and there is not a girdle more.


The Book of the Prophet Jeremie 10

     For among all the wise men of the Gentiles, and in all their kingdoms, there is none that may be likened unto thee. They are all together unlearned and unwise. All their conning is but vanity: namely, wood, silver, which is brought out of Tharis, and beaten to plates: and gold from Ophir, a work that is made with the hand of the craftsman and the caster, clothed with yellow silk and scarlet: even so is the work of their wise men altogether. But the Lord is a true God, a living God, and an everlasting king. If he be wroth, the earth shaketh: all the Gentiles may not abide his indignation.

     As for their gods, it may well be said of them: they are gods, that made neither heaven ner earth: therefore shall they perish from the earth, and from all things under heaven. But (as for our God ) he made the earth with his power, and with his wisdom hath he finished the whole compass of the world, with his discretion hath he spread out the heavens. At his voice the waters gather together in the air, he draweth up the clouds from the utmost parts of the earth: he turneth lighting to rain, and bringeth forth the winds out of their treasures: His wisdom maketh all men fools. And confounded be all the casters of images, for that they cast, is but a vain thing, and hath no life. The vain craftsmen with their works, that they in their vanity hath made, shall perish one with another in the time of visitation. Nevertheless, Jacobs portion is not such: but it is he, that hath made all things, and Israel is the rod of his inheritance: The Lord of Hosts is his name. Put away thine uncleanness out of the land, thou that art in the strong cities. For thus saith the Lord: Behold, I will now thrust out the inhabitors of this land a great way off, and trouble them of such a fashion, that they shall no more be found.

     Alas how am I hurt? Alas, how painful are my scourges unto me? For I consider this sorrow by myself, and I must suffer it. My tabernacle is destroyed, and all may coards are broken. My children are gone from me, and can no where be found. Now have I none to spread out my tent, or to set up my hangings. For the herdsmen have done foolishly, that they have not sought the Lord. Therefore have they dealt unwisely with their cattle, and all are scattered abroad. Behold, the noise is hard at hand, and the great sedition out of the north: to make the cities of Juda a wilderness, and a dwelling place for dragons. Now I know ( O' Lord ) that it is not in mans power to order his own ways, or to rule his own steps and goings. Therefore chasten thou us, O' Lord, but with favor and not in thy wrath, bring us not utterly to naught. Pour out thine indignation rather upon the Gentiles, that know thee not, and upon the people that call not on thy name: And that because they have consumed, devoured and destroyed Jacob, and have rooted out his glory.


The Book of the Prophet Ezechiel 10

     And as I looked, behold, in the firmament that was above the cherubins there appeared the similitude of a stole of sapphire upon them: Then said he that sat therin, to him that had the linen rayment upon him: Creep in between the wheels that are under the Cherubins, and take thine hand full of hot coals out from between the Cherubins, and cast them over the city. And he crept in, that I might see.

     Now the Cherubins stood on the right side of the house, when the man went in, and the cloud filled the innermer(innermost) court. But the glory of the Lord removed from the Cherubins, and came upon the threshold of the house: so that the temple was full of clouds, and the court was full of the shine of the Lords glory. Yee and the sound of the Cherubins wings were heard into the fore court, like as it had been the voice of the almighty God, when he speaketh. Now when he had bidden the man that was clothed in linen, to go and take the hot coals from the midst of the wheels, which were under the Cherubins: he went and stood beside the wheels. Then the one Cherubin reached froth his hand from under the Cherubins, unto the fire that was between the Cherubins, and to take thereof, and to give it unto him that had on the linen raiment in his hand: which he took it, and went out. And under the wings of the Cherubins, there appeared the likeness of a mans hand: I saw also four wheels beside the Cherubins, so that by every Cherib stood a wheel. And the wheels were (to look upon) after the fashion of the precious stone of Tharis: yet ( unto the sight ) were they fashioned and like, as if one wheel had been in another.

     When they went forth, they went all four together, not turning about in their going: But where the first went, thither they went also, so they turned not about in their going. Their whole bodies, their backs, their hands and wings, yee and the wheels also, were all full of eyes round about them all four. And I heard him call the wheels, Galgal (that is ) a round *boule.

     Every one of them had four faces: so that the one face was the face of a Cherub, the second of a man, the third of a lion, the fourth of an Eagle, and they were lifted up above. This is the beast, that I saw at the water of Cobar Now when the Cherubins went, the wheels went with them, and when the Cherubins shook their wings to lift themselves upward, the wheels remained no behind, but were with them also. Shortly, when they stood, these stood also: And when they were lift up, the wheels were lift up also with them, for the spirit of life was in the wheels. *boule=legislature

     Then the glory of the Lord was lift up from the threshold of the temple, and remained upon the Cherubins: And the Cherubins flackered with their wings, and lift themselves up from the earth: so that I saw when they went, and the wheels with them. And they stood at the east side of the port that is in the house of the Lord. So the glory of the Lord was upon them. This is the beast that I saw under the God of Israel, by the water of Cobar. And I perceived, that it was the Cherubins. Every one had four faces and every one four wings, and under their wings, as it were mens hands. Now the figure of their faces was, even as I had seen them, by the water of Cobar, and so was the countenance of them: Every one in his going went straight forward.


The Book of the Prophet Ezechiel 27

     The word of the Lord came unto me, saying: O thou son of man, make lamentable complaint upon Tyre, and say upon Tyre, which is a port of the sea, that occupieth with much people, and many Isles: Thus saith the Lord God: O Tyrus, thou hast said: what, I am a noble city: thy borders are in the midst of the seas, and thy builders have made thy marvelous goodly. All thy tables have they made of Cypress trees of the mount Sanir. From Libanus have they taken Cedar trees, to make the masts: and the Oaks of Basan to make the rowers.

     Thy boards have they made of ivory, and of costly wood out of the Isle of Cethim. Thy sail was of white small needle work out of the land of Egypt, to hang upon thy mast: and thy hangings of yellow silk purple, out of the Isles of Elisah.

     They of Sidon and Arnad were thy mariners, and the wisest in Tyre were thy shipmasters. The eldest and wisest at Gebal were they, that mended and stopped thy ships. All ships ofthe sea with their shipment occupied their merchandise in thee.

     The Perses, Lidians and the Libians were in thine host, and helped thee to fight: these hanged up their shields and helmets with thee, these set forth thy beauty. They of Arnad were with thine host round about thy walls, and were thy watchmen upon thy towers, they hanged their shields round about thy walls, and made thee marvelous goodly.

     Tharis occupied with thee in all manner of wares, in silver, iron, tin, and lead, and made thy market great. Javan, Tubal and Mesech were thy merchants, which brought the men, and ornaments of metal, for thy occupying.

     They of the house of Thogarma brought unto thee at the time of thy mart, horse, horsemen and mules. They of Dedan were thy merchants: and many other Isles that occupied with thee, brought thee *wethers, elephant bones and Paycockes for a present. The Syrians occupied with thee, because of thy diverse works, and increased thy merchandise, with *Smaragdes, with scarlet, with needle work, with white linen cloth, with silk and with Crystal.

     *wethers=a castrated ram *Smaragdes=may be "samara" winged seeds, also called "key fruit" or "winged fruit "like unto ash, elm, or maple.

     Judah and the land of Israel occupied with thee, and brought unto thy markets, wheat, balm, honey, oil and *triacle. Damascus also used merchandises with thee, in the best wine and white wool: because thy occupying was so great, and thy wares so many. Dan, Javan, and Mevsall have brought unto thy markets, iron ready made, with Casia, and Calamus, according to thine occupying. Dedan occupied with thee, in fair tapestry work and *quishins. Aribia and all the princes of Cedar have occupied with thee, in sheep, wethers, and goats.

     *quishins; unknown: maybe cushions *triacle=trea·cle 1. Cloying speech or sentiment. 2. Molasses. 3. A medicinal compound formerly used as an antidote for poison. Middle English triacle,

     The merchants of Sheba and Rema (Raamah), have occupied with also with thee, in all costly spices, in all precious stones and gold, which they brought unto thy markets. Haran, Chenne, and Eden, the merchants of Saba, Assiria, and Chelmad, were all doers with thee and occupied with thee: In costly raiment, of yellow silk and needle work ( very precious, and therefore packed and bound together with ropes ) Yee and in Cedar wood, at the time of thy markets. The ships ofTharis were the chief of thy occupying.

     Thus thou art full, and in great worship, even in the midst of the sea. Thy mariners were ever bringing unto thee out of many waters. But the east wind shall over bear thee into the midest of the sea: so that thy wares, thy merchandise, thy riches, thy mariners, thy shipmasters, thy helpers, thy occupiers ( that brought the things necessary ) the men of war that, are in thee: Yee and all thy comens shall perish in the midst of the sea, in the day of thy fall. The suburbs shall shake at the loud cry of thy shipmen. All whirry men, and all mariners upon the sea, shall leap out of their boats, and set themselves upon the land. They shall lift up their voice because of thee, and make a lamentable cry. They shall cast up dust upon their heads, and lay down in the ashes. They shall shave themselves, and put sackcloth upon them for thy sake.

     *wreck=letters of the word were difficult to decipher, under high magnification; this is the best effort.

     They shall mourn for thee with heartfull sorrow, and heavy lamentation, yee their children also will weep for thee. Alas, what city hath been so destroyed in the sea, as Tyre is? When thy wares and merchants came from the seas, thou gavest all people enough. The kings of the earth hast thou made rich, through the multitude of thy wares and occupying: But thou art now cast down in to the deep of the sea, all thy resort of people is perished with thee. All they that dwell in the Isles are abashed at thee, and all their kings are afraid, yee their faces have changed color. The merchants of the nations wonder at thee. In that thee are so clean brought to naught, and comest no more up.


The Book of the Prophet Ezechiel 38

     And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying: Thou son of man, turn thy face toward Gog in the land of MaGog, which is the chief prince of Mesech and Tubal: prophesy against him, and say: Thus saith the Lord God: O Gog thou chief prince Mesech and Tubal: behold, I will upon thee, and will turn you about, and put a bit in thy chawes: I will bring thee forth and all thine host, both horse and horsemen, which all be weaponed of the best fashion: a great people, that handle all together spears, shields, and swords: The Perses, Moryans, and with them the Lybians which all bear shields and helmets: Gomer and all his hosts: the house of Thogorma out of the north quarters, and all his hosts, yee and much people with thee.

     Therefore prepare thee, set thyself in array with all thy people, that are come unto thee by heaps, and be thou their defense. After many days thou shalt be visited, and in the latter years thou shalt come into the land, that hath been destroyed with the sword, and now is replenished again with diverse people upon the mountains of Israel, which have long lain waste. Yee they be brought out of the nations, and dwell all safe. Thou shalt come up like a stormy wether, to cover the land, and as it were a dark cloud: thou with all thine hosts, and a great multitude of people with thee.

     Moreover, thus saith the Lord God: At the same time shall many things come into thy mind, so that thou shalt imagine mischief, and say:

     I will up to yonder plain land, seeing they sit at ease, and dwell all without any walls, they have neither bars nor doors, to spoil them, to rob them, to lay hand to their so well inhabited wildernesses: against that people, that is gathered together from among the Heathen, which have gotten cattle and good, and dwell in the midest of the land. Then shall Saba, and Dedan, and the merchants of Tharis with all their worthies, say unto thee: Art thou come to rob? Hast thou gathered thy people together, because thou wilt spoil? to take silver and gold: to carry away cattle and goods: and to have great prey?

     Therefore, O thou son of man, thou shalt prophesy, and say unto Gog: Thus saith the Lord God: In that day thou shalt know, that my people of Israel dwelleth safe: and thou shalt come from thy place out of the north parts: thou and much people with thee, which ride upon horses, whereof there is a great multitude and an innumerable forte. Yee thou shalt come upon my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land. This shall come to pass in the latter days: I will bring thee up into my land, that the Heathen may know me, when I get me honor upon thee O Gog, before their eyes.

     Thus saith the Lord God: Thou art he, of whom I have spoken in afore time, by my servants the prophets of Israel, which prophesied in those days and years, that I should bring thee upon them. At the same time, when Gog cometh up in to the land of Israel,

     ( saith the Lord God ) shall my indignation go forth in my wrath. For in my jealousy and hot displeasure I have devised , that there shall be a great trouble in the land of Israel at that time.

     The very fishes in the sea, the fowls of the air, the beasts of the field, and all the men that are upon the earth, shall tremble for fear of me.

     The hills also shall be turned upside down, the stairs of stone shall fall, and all walls shall sink to the ground: I will call for a sword upon them in all my mountains, saith the Lord God: so that every mans sword shall be upon another. With pestilence and blood will I punish him: stormy rain and hail stones, fire and brimstone, will I cause to rain upon him and all his heap, yee and upon all that great people that is with him. Thus will I be magnified, honored, and known among the Heathen: that they may be sure, how that I am the Lord.


The Book of the Prophet Ezechiel 39

     Therefore O thou son of man, prophesy against Gog, and speak: Thus saith the Lord God: Behold, O Gog: thou chief prince at Mesech and Tubal, I will upon thee, and turn thee about, and carry thee forth, and lead thee from the north parts, and bring thee up to the mountains of Israel. As for thy bow, I will smite it out of thy left hand, and cast thine arrows out of thy right hand. Thou with all thine heap, and all the people that is with thee, must fall upon the mountains of Israell. Then will I give thee unto the fouls and wild beasts of the field, to be devoured: there must thou lie upon the field: for even I the Lord have spoken it, saith the Lord God.

     Into MaGog, and among those that sit carelessly in the isles: will I send a fire, and they shall know, that I am the Lord. I will make also the name of my holiness to be known among my people of Israel: and I will not let my holy name be evil spoken of any more: but the very Heathen also shall know, that I am the Lord, the holy one in Israel. Behold, it cometh, and shall be fulfilled in deed, saith the Lord God. This is the day whereof I have spoken: They that dwell in the cities of Israel, shall go forth and set fire upon the weapons, and burn them: shields and spears, bows and arrows, bills and clubs: handstaves, seven years shall they be burning thereof, so that they shall else bring no sticks from the field, neither have need to hew down any out of the wood: For they shall have weapons now to burn. They shall rob those that robbed them, and spoil those that spoiled them, saith the Lord God.

     At the same time I will give unto Gog, a place to be buried in, in Israel: even the valley, where through men go from the east to the seaward: Those that travel thereby, shall abhor it. There shall Gog and all his people be buried: and it shall be called The valley of the people of Gog. Seven months long shall the house of Israel be burying of them, that they may cleanse the land. Yee, all the people of the land shall bury them. O it shall be a glorious day, when I get me that honor, saith the Lord God. They shall ordain men also to be dead buryers, ever going through the land, and appoint them certain places to bury those in, which remain upon the field, that the land may be cleansed. From end to end shall they seek, and that seven months long. Now those that go through the land, where they see a mans bone, they shall set up a token by it, till the dead buryers have buried it also, in the valley of the people of Gog. And the name of the city shall be called, Hamonah. Thus shall they make the land clean.

     And, thou son of man: thus saith the Lord God: Speak unto all the fouls and every bird, yee and to all the wild beasts of the field: heap you together and come, gather you round about upon my slaughter, that I have slain for you: even a great slaughter upon the mountains of Israel: eat flesh and drink blood. Ye shall eat the flesh of the worthies, and drink the blood of the princes of the land: of the wethers, of lambs, of goats, and of the oxen that all be slain at Bashan. Eat the fat your belly full, and drink blood till ye be drunken of the slaughter, which I have slain unto you. Fill you at my table, with horses and strong horsemen: with captains and all men of war, saith the Lord God.

     I will bring my glory also among the Gentiles, that all the Heathen may see my judgment, that I have kept, and my hand which I have laid upon them: that the house of Israel may know, how that I am the Lord their God, from that day forth.

     And the Heathen shall know, that where as the house of Israel were led into captivity: was for their wickedness sake, because they offended me.

     For which cause I hid my face from them, and delivered them into the hands of their enemies, that they might all be slain with the sword. According to their uncleanness and unfaithful dealings, so have I entreated them, and hid my face from them. Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Now will I bring again the captives of Jacob, and have mercy upon the whole house of Israel, and will be jealous for my holy names sake. All their confusion and offense that they have done against me, shall be taken away: and so safely shall they dwell in their land, that no man shall make them afraid. And when I have brought them again from among the people, when I have gathered them together out of their enemies lands, and am praised in them before many Heathen: then shall they know, that I am the Lord their God, which suffered them to be led into captivity among the Heathen, but have brought them again into their own land, and not left one of them in yonder.

     After that, will I hide my face no more from them, but will pour out my spirit upon the house of Israel, saith the Lord God.


The Book of the Prophet Jonas 1 (last mention in the "bibles of man" of "Tarshish"

     The word of the Lord came unto Jonas the son of Amittai, saying: Arise, and get thee to Ninive, that great city: and preach unto them, how that their wickedness is come up before me. And Jonas made him ready to flee unto Tharis from the presence of the Lord, and get him down to Joppa: where he found a ship ready for to go to Tharis. So he paid his fare, and went abroad, that he might go with them unto Tharis, from the presence of the Lord. But the Lord hurled a great wind into the sea, and there was a mighty tempest in the sea: so that the ship was in jeopardy of going in pieces. Then the mariners were afraid, and cried every man unto his god: and the goods that were in the ship, they cast into the sea, to lighten it of them. But Jonas gat him under the hatches, where he laid him down and slumbered.

     So the master of the ship came to him and said unto him: Why slumberest thou? Up, call upon thy God: if God ( happily ) will think upon us, that we perish not. And they said one to another: come, let us cast lots: that we may know, for whose cause we are thus troubled. And so they cast lots, and the lot fell upon Jonas.

     Then said they unto him: tell us, for whose cause are we thus troubled? what is thine occupation? whence comest thou? what country man art thou? and of what nation? He answered them: I am an Hebrew, and I fear the Lord God of heaven, which made both the sea and the dry land. Then were the men exceedingly afraid, and said unto him: why didest thou so? ( for they knew, that he was fled from the presence of the Lord, because he had told them)

     and said moreover unto him, What shall we do unto thee, that the sea may cease from troubling us? ( for the sea wrought, and was troublous ) he answered them: Take me, and cast me into the sea, so shall it let you be at rest: for I know that for my sake, that this great tempest is come upon you.

     Nevertheless, the men assayed with rowing, to bring the ship to land: but it would not be, because the sea wrought so, and was so troublous against them. Wherefore they cried unto the Lord, and said: O' Lord let us not perish for this mans death, neither lay thou innocent blood unto our charge: for thou, O' Lord, hast done, even as thy pleasure was.

     So they took Jonas, and cast him into the sea, and the sea left raging. And the men feared the Lord exceedingly, doing sacrifices and making vows unto the Lord.


The Book of the Prophet Jonas 4

     Therefore Jonas was sore discontent and angry. And he prayed unto the Lord, and said: O' Lord, was this not my saying ( I pray thee ) when I was yet in my country? Therefore I hastened rather to flee unto Tharis, for I know well that thou art a merciful God, full of compassion, long suffering, and of great kindness, and repentest when thou shouldest take punishment. And now, O' Lord, take my life from me ( I beseech thee ) for I had rather die then live. Then said the Lord: art thou so angry? And Jonas gat him out of the city, and sat down on the east side thereof: and there made him a booth, and sat under it in the shadow, till he might see, what should chance unto the city.

     And the Lord God prepared a *wild vine, which sprang up over Jonas, that he might have shadow above his head, to deliver him out of his pain. And Jonas was exceeding glad of the wild vine.

     But upon the next morrow against the spring of the day. The Lord *ordened a worm, which smote the wild vine, so that it withered again. And when the Sun was up God prepared a fervent east wind: and the Sun beat over the head of Jonas, that he fainted again, and wished unto his soul, that he might die, and said: It is better for me to die than to live. And God said unto Jonas: Art thou so angry for the wild vine? And he said: yee very angry, even unto death. And the Lord said: Thou hast compassion on the wild vine, whereon thou bestowest no labor, nor madest it grow: which sprang up in one night and perish in another: And shouldest not I then have compassion on Ninive that great city, wherein there are above 120,000 persons, that know not their right hand from the left, besides much cattle?

     *ordened=old English root word of the word "ordained"


Last mention of the name "Tharis" ...of the Original Word of God ..The Book of Judith 2

     In the thirteenth year of King Nabuchodonosor, upon the twenty second day of the first month, it was devised in the court of Nabuchodonosor the King of the Assyrians, that he would defend himself. So he called unto him all the elders, all his Captains, and men of war, and showed them his secret counsel, and told them, that his purpose was, to bring the whole earth under his dominion.

     Now when they were all content with this saying, Nabuchodonosor the King called Holofernes the chief Captain of his wars and said unto him:

     Go thy way forth against all the Kingdoms of the West, and specially against those that have despised my commandment. Thou shalt spare no realm, all the strong cities shalt thou bring in subjection unto me.

     Then Holofernes called together all the Captains and rulers of all the power in Assyria, and mustered the soldiers unto the host ( like as the King commanded him) namely, an hundred and twenty thousand fighting men upon foot, and twelve thousand archers upon horseback. All his ordinance sent he before with an innumerable multitude of camels, so that the host was well provided for with oxen, and small cattle, and that without number. He caused the corn to be prepared out of all Syria for his host. Much gold and silver took he out of the Kings house.

     So he took his journey , he and all his host, with chariots, horsemen, and archers: of whom there were so many, that they covered the ground of the land, like as grasshoppers.

     And when he was gone past the borders of the Assyrians, he came toward the great mountains of Ange, which lie upon the left side of Celicia:

     and so he went up in to all their castles, and won every stronghold. As for the wealthy city of Melothus, he break it down, and spoiled all the children of Tharis and the Ismaelites, which lay toward the wilderness, and upon the South side of the land of Chelon.

     He went over Euphrates also, and came into Mesopotamia, and break down all the high cities that were there from the brook of Nambre till a man come to the sea: and he took the boarders in from Celicia unto the coasts of Japhet toward the South. He carried away all the Madianites, and spoiled all their goods: and whosoever with stood him, he slew them with the sword. After this he went down to the field of Damascus in the time of

     harvest, and burnt up all the corn and all the trees, and caused the vines to be cut down. And the fear of him fell upon all them that dwelt on the earth.


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