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There is a Heaven !!!


     From: "Amanda"

     To: dreams@godstruthtous.com

     Subject: There is a Heaven !!!

     Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 13:43:39 -0400

     Several years ago I had to have surgery and my life had been sad so I didn't want to come through the surgery.

     Well I had the surgery and while I was asleep I remember being on this beach sitting on the sand where it was very warm and very very bright, there was this being talking to me it was very bright I couldn't see you it might be or what it might be. But I didn't care, I was in extreme peace I remember wanting to stay there and not return but this person kept telling me I must return and was pushing me to go back. I remember being in two places with the nurses talking to me but I didn't want to hear them I wanted to stay where I was. It was so calm and so very serene.

     When I did return and wake up I thought I was still there I was in absolutely no pain I kept thanking the nurses for taking such good care of me and thanked them for my trip to the Bahamas.

     They looked at me like I was crazy. But I knew where I had been. I felt like I had never felt before so calm and so serene and so at peace and for me that was a miracle because I suffer from severe panic attacks.

     When I returned to my room my husband was expecting me to be in extreme pain and miserable I wasn't all I could do was talk about my trip he thought I was on some good drugs but I knew in my heart I knew where I had been. He finally listened but I don't think he understood.

     I have always had great faith, and now two years later I knew why my return was so important. I had not spoken to my dad for over 3 years and he had terminal cancer, the lord brought us together and we had the most incredible 6 weeks of his life ever. I will forever be greatful for my journey I have always believed.



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