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Of the Season of Man

     One soul wrenching dream ...three scenes.
     1st scene: I found myself talking to many hundreds of mostly young folks ...they were frightened and very agitated about what was happening in the world around them ... and it was given to me to speak unto them saying ..."if you are frightened by what you see leave those things ...if the TV frightens you ...shut it off ...or do not watch those things that frighten you ...if it frightens you to be in a certain area do not go there ...if the city or anything of the city frightens you...leave those places or leave the city all together" ...and at this some left to seek peace in quieter places ...yet of many ...their troubles continued for they would not flee from those things of the world that hurt them ...troubled them ...that frightened them.
     Of this whole scene I was sore vexed and troubled much for the turmoil among the peoples ...and I asked Lord "what is this"? To which he answered "it is the season of man" ...upon hearing this I understood it not ...yet I waited for the explanation ...save the explanation didn't come as I was immediately taken in the spirit to another scene ...
     2nd scene: I found myself traveling across an open land ...dry and withered was everything ...brown waterless grass on parched cracked ground ...cattle staggered about looking like skin draped racks of bones ...even were some laying down ...I thought dieing ...save none appeared dead ...yet ...and as I traveled I came upon what appeared as an abandoned military sight ...and it came to pass as I approached it I thought I might find some water or sustenance there ...behold as I tried the door ...it was opened up for me by a man inside ...startled I stood amazed for a moment ...then he said come in and asked have you been out there long ? Somewhat still shaken I entered into the building ...again I was amazed for the place appeared on the inside as a fine luxurious apartment ...lacking nothing in the way of appliances ...even did they have a fireplace that in all ways appeared normal but gave off no smoke... And the man was not alone for with him was his wife and it seemed his brother ...now he was, as conversation revealed; a high government official, with his wife and daughter and his brother who was a high military officer such as a general.
      Now these folks; amidst all manner of social accommodations and comfort of their subtle entertainment, did question me to great length about what was going on out there in the world. I thought in myself that these were in hiding from some devastation that had occurred. And so I told them all that I had seen and of frightened nature of others I had been among.
     Now as the conversation drew to a close the women left and the men appeared to have a private joke between them. I thought at first it was a minor thing till one asked the other "should we tell him?" At this I thought they were being rude and rose up to say should you tell me what? Looking at each other then me the first one said "relax it will not be painfully but you know we can't let you go, for you might tell others where we are" Now at this I was mightily disquieted and looked hard to them that they might explain more . To which the one said "we have poisoned you but it is not painful you'll just go to sleep." At this I jumped up angry and scared to flee from this place and these terrible men. Yet they seemed quiet at ease with this whole matter and I thought they are not troubled for I will die quickly.
     I burst out of the door not knowing where or what I would do but the fleeing of this place would be enough for now ...Then suddenly my eye caught a light in the window of another building and there I ran with the swiftness of a dieing animal in its last throws of life. As I stumbled in the door I frighten a man that was working at a bench. At which he came to me and I gasp out the matter of the poisoning to him ...to which he said don't worry I have the antidote and he went to get it as I fell into a chair very disquieted by all that had taken place but somewhat comforted by this man and the hope that the antidote might work. He immediately returned and gave me drink of thing that might keep me alive. And he told me again just relax you'll be allright now ...and he began to tell me of the matters surrounding these other men who poisoned me.
     They were indeed very high officials in hiding and they kept him for the servicing of all their systems of comfort and for no other reason. As he said they would kill him too if they didn't need him to keep up the maintenance on the equipment. Knowing this after he had discovered their poisoning of folks he developed the antidote. Now he looked at me sternly as if to bring me to an oath and said you must promise to leave here and never come back ...least they kill me too and find someone else to take my place. If they even see you they will know that I gave you the antidote, and this will be enough for them to kill me. I told him and confirmed it with a hug that I had no desire that anything happen to him and that I would leave the place so that no trace of me would ever come to the knowledge of the men of the other building. And so I left in this way after thanking him with all my heart at the saving of my flesh.
     Behold as I was walking away I asked "whoa Lord what was that?"...for I was frightened unto death ...and he said again "it is the season of man" and I was still not understanding yet waited on the Lord to open this "season of man" to me.
     At this I was taken to the 3rd and final scene: Again I was traveling across vast trackless plains yet there were mountains in the distance. And it was as if I found myself some where in the region of the northwestern America. As I looked upon the scene I appeared to be at the edge of the great plains looking west at a mighty mountain range that rose up from the north to the south. Drawing nearer to the mountains I could see three things: the hard rock mountains were very steep, a thick ribbon of clouds girded the mountains half way up and to the north there was a pass through the mountains. Now as I stood there a sound and trembling came over me and I looked to see where it might be coming from. The roaring burst from the pass ...an aircraft ...a jet ...low, very low coming straight at me.
     I felt frozen unable to move, stunned by the mighty noise and vibrations, as it seemed the jet was using all the power it had. Yet I felt somewhat comforted by the seeing of the aircraft, as I had seen no other signs of human life for sometime. As the jet approached I saw that it was an American jet and the pilot did see me as he banked sharply as tipped his wing to me as a sign of spotting someone one the ground. I felt much relieved at this seeing of the American jet as he flew directly at the mountains and the ribbon of clouds there.
     An astounding thing then happened. The jet seemed to "park" hidden in the clouds and very close to the mountain ...and this I could not discern. It was as if he just hovered there hidden in the clouds (Lord showed me later, after the dream; a jet that could do such a thing was introduced into the American military) so I was amazed that a so powerful and swift jet could just be still hiding in the low slung clouds. More currently see the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) and the recent 100 billion dollar contract (Oct 2001) also note the stealth (hiding) capability and the "hovering" option ...
     Then my attention was snapped back to the pass again ...Behold two more jets ...different though than the American jet, for these were more triangular and pointed. These two jets flew boldly higher and more in the open than the first jet. I thought the three jets were practicing air to air maneuvers, sort of a hide and seek with military jets. Now as the second two jets passed by not seeing me, I was shocked to see foreign military signs on their sides appearing as red stars with white borders ...(The Lord was to show me later that these were Russian jets)
     I was somewhat shaken by all the noise and vibration of these three jets, and puzzled why the US and Russia would be playing war games. Then the two foreign jets passed close to the place were the American jet was "parked" but were much higher and did not seem to see him. As I looked the two jets sped away from me along side the mountains to the south till all I could see was their fire from their engines and the faint surfaces of their wings. It was then that the American jet seemed to roll over out of the clouds and swooped even lower heading after the other two jets. And I thought, Oh man! that American pilot was slick to pull off such a maneuver bet he'll rib the Russians when they get back. Yet even as that thought passed; terror overwhelmed me, when I saw the American jet fire two missiles. The Russian jets both exploded and filled the sky with fire.
     At this I fell down stricken with fear and the pain of war. Oh Jesus I cried wake me up, take me out of this dream I prayed ...I can't take this any more ...for this is war. What is this dream ... To this he said "as before it is the season of man." Now at this I was sore discomforted and somewhat vexed as I answered "season of man" "season of man" "I don't know what this means" to which he answered "you should know for you are well learned of these things" ...now I was fearfully quiet (humbled and frightened that I might have chided with the Lord) yet knowing my heart he spoke further saying "do not all the things of the earth have seasons? All plants, animals, even the earth it self?" I said "yes Lord all things even the waters have seasons." ... to this he asked " why then do you think man will not have a season"? Now submitted I asked "Lord if these things are to come to pass can I ask when"? To this he said "when the planets align"
     At this I woke up soaked in sweat and began to tell all people of this dream ... And there has been a partial alignment of the planets in the late eighties ...yet another "grand alignment" comes in may of the year 2000.

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