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Why a Plain Language Edition?

Wisdom crys without and puts forth her
voice in the streets. (Proverbs 1pp4)

I have often heard three complaints from the street saying:
     1. Man has put his hand to the Bible, writing it to his own opinion.
     2. It’s hard to read the Bible, because of all the thees and thous in it.
     3. Are all these religions and churches really based on the Bible?

Response to these three complaints:
     1. Man has put his hand to the Bible, writing it to his own opinion.
     Is it not plain? Men have indeed changed the recorded word of God. Where else did these hundreds of “bibles” come from? Do not these many Bibles bear witness to man’s ungodly imaginations of God?
      At the very root of the matter even the word “Bible” is not of God, but of man. The word comes from the Romans (Latin). The record shows: the “books of man” were named after a town of Bibilos (a Roman Province) where papyrus was made. Papyrus being the material on which people wrote things. There is no place in the word of God where the books are referred to as “The Bible”.
      Words alone have no power. The power comes from the people who believe certain words, especially when they believe the words come from God. So what words did really come from God? These many hundreds of Bibles, or is there one “Word of God”? Is it not true that millions of people have been moved by lies? Indeed, they shape our very thoughts. If Only one simple word of God is altered toward man’s own reasoning the consequences are disastrous.
     Yet it is not the words used that is in dispute here, but the spirit of the text. We have now been given the True Word of God again. The very first English translation (1527) directly from the Hebrew and Greek by God’s martyr’s. These are the same books that the other “bibles” came from, except for the Latin Bible. The Latin Bible was translated from Latin into English.
     The evidence shows that man has changed thousands of words and thereby changed the spirit of the text. Example: nowhere in the original word of God does the word “religion” exist, however it is found many times in other bibles. Looking plainly to the spirit of the matter; How many people have been moved by the spirit of religion? Further look to the word “church” which in the original plainly refers only to a pagan temple. Yet how many have been moved by the spirit of the “church”?
     The question comes: “how does God our father feel about these changes?” What’s His answer to these that changed the word of God to suit themselves? As for me, if the word is changed, these have changed Christ’s Truth. If the truth of Christ is not acceptable to these, these have recrucified the son of God.
     So if God wills and moves you to receive; look to this matter for your own sake. Behold, see, the truth that Christ Jesus of Nazareth brought us. That Truth that Jesu died for: the Truth given only of God our father. A truth not mixed with the understanding of men, the purposes of men, or the ungodly imaginations of God.
     Those that wish to study and perceive the bold and subtle differences for themselves will find GT vs KJV helpful. This will give them access to a line for line, exact, comparison of God’s Truth (the original unedited Tyndale translation) and the King James Version of the Bible.
      Nearly 100 years after the true “Word of God” appeared in English, the KJV quote: “was made by forty seven [some sources say 54] scholars under the authorization of King James I of England.” Add to this, 300-400 more years of the “bible scholars.” Then ask yourself, what do you seek: The plain simple truth of God, or the high and mighty scholarship of men? The purpose of the Yes Word is to make it easier to deal with the old to middle English, as it was written nearly 500 years ago, yet leave untouched the simple and uncompromising spirit of Tyndale’s work.

2. It’s hard to read the Bible, because of all the thee’s and thou’s in it.
     Again, at the very root of the matter consider all the documents that are used to “lord over” plain folks; legal languages, policies of institutions, agreements for services, contracts for employment - on an on. Are not all of these purposely made difficult to read? why? Is this what the Word refers to as the “exalted language of oppression” as found in the books of Daniel? Wherein the king of Babylon would have forced Daniel to learn this “exalted language of oppression” even though Daniel was gifted of God in great wisdom.
     God is able to preserve his word and in time it will be plainly revealed to his people.
      As mentioned above you have the GT vs the KJV yet the “thees and thous” remain for worthy comparison because the KJV has many middle and old English words. So it came to pass, the Lord moved, that there be a “plain language edition.” This is to say without the thees and thous and a bringing of all to modern English. And it came to pass that as this works was being done that the word “yea” was changed to “yes.” And for the many yeses found within the word it came to be called “The Yes Word” or the plain language edition. This word is as plain as it gets referring to the truth of God and done as best I could that it may be laid at your feet.

3. Are all these religions and churches really based on the Bible?
      As the above answers reveal, yes, all the religions and churches are really based on the “Bible”, mostly the KJV. Yet many are of the Latin to English influence. Look plainly to the similitudes among all “Churches” are these not the daughters and sisters of daughters of the mother of all religions?
     This truth I give you that you may have some comfort. God is plenteous in love and grace and: “With him is strength and wisdom: he knows both the deceiver and him that is deceived.” We have all been deceived at one time or another, even have we gathered to deceive others, ourselves being deceived, into doing ungodly things in the name of God. Yet God knows, Christ knows, and they are ever present to comfort us, to forgive a repentant heart, to help us; to come out of her. For those who would stand proud behind the skirts of religion, loving the lies that serve them well, saying: “we have no need of the truth.” This I give you from the truth:
      “But the evil men and deceivers shall wax worse and worse, while they deceive and are deceived themselves.”
      Know this: There is one God our father, one Christ Jesus of Nazareth, one truth, one faith. The rest are disassemblers; giving false comfort, dividing up the folks, fleecing their flocks, leading them to love the lie. These offer “a covering” over them; the dung of their own doctrine. The lambs become smothered, wrapped so tight that they see not that freedom comes by the blood of Christ only. They are prevented from finding open pasture with God our father; tended to lovingly by the only holy one of God: our lord and savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
     That they might find open pasture with God our father tended to lovingly by the only holy one of God, our lord and savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
     What can men offer God? and say we have made this thing righteous? A house with his name on it? a ceremony? a song? what? A book? A web site? If it comes not from God it is counted as nothing...

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