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The Truth of the "time" we are in ...
Robert's being moved ...to a new house...

And the measures and matters of The Truth of the "time" we are in ...how "man" ..."thought to change time and times ...
out of the mouths of babes and grandmoms

Dearly beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, how that one day is with the Lord, as a thousand year, and a thousand year as one day. The Lord is not slack to fulfil his promise, as some men count slackness: but is patient to us ward, and would have no man lost, but would receive all men to repentance.



     Hi Theron!

     Guess what? A way has been made for us to finally move from this hard concrete city and violent neighborhood.

     It was Friday when things began to get very interesting. We had dropped off our dogs for day care so we could travel to see and talk to the seller of the new home. As we were leaving we saw an unusual amount of police cars driving up and down the street. One vehicle my husband and I were laughing at because his breaks kept squeaking every time he slowed down a bit. You see sometimes there are just silly things we see here as well, and you can't help but just laugh at it, it kind of balances all the crazy things we see. But the police kept driving around and I just wondered about the increase in activity.

     After we drop our dogs off, we come back home and we see the police in the same vehicles we saw earlier, parked across the street at the store. Our neighbor's wife was standing there speaking with the police, she looked our way and pointed as if she may have seen something happen.

     I go into the house, then come back out and see my husband is speaking to the neighbor's wife. She came back from the store and told us the police would not let her in and wouldn't tell her why. We also found out that her car had got broken into earlier on. She was telling us that she wanted to move too but her husband won't listen. As we're talking, her husband comes up and my husband discusses what happened and just gave some hint to the husband that maybe it would be a good idea to just put the house up for sale. The wife was very frightened from this ordeal. She said she saw the man break into the car and that he also had a gun. At the same time, the police come and hear the story from the husband. It was then he told all of us that when he went out to confront the man who was stealing from their car, he pointed the gun at him, and walked away.

     We then get on the subject of our cameras mounted near our doorway, and the police were interested to know if we have any footage and so we confirm that we will check. The police officer was very appreciative. We sift through the footage and we eventually find all evidence of the man walking to our neighbor's house and everything. We saw the moment the guy walked into the store across the street, and the police jumped out their vehicle to catch him. Apparently the guy must have been assaulting several people in the neighbourhood. No wonder why the increase of police activity. We make the copy for the police and I tail it across the street to give it to them. Again they were appreciative of our help in the matter.

     So after this, we head on to check out the new home and talk to the seller. He was very welcoming when we first met him at seeing the home couple months back. A very laid back older gentleman. We found out he was from the bay area like we were. When we went to see him this time around I was in his garage checking to see what we could keep for my parents because he had a lot of hospital equipment because his wife was an amputee and got very sick and passed away. As I'm coming out of the garage, I hear him talking to my husband about a dream, intrigued I walk on over and begin listening.

     He begins to tell how in the dream, he saw his wife. You see, when his wife was alive she was doing her best to keep the house from going into foreclosure, they were fighting the banks and everything. So when his wife passed away, he became distraught and worried about the home. But in his dream, he said he saw his wife and she had her legs, and she gave him a smile that everything was going to be ok. He said he knew that smile because she did it when she was alive. He said at first he was upset with God, wondering why would God give him a dream like that because he thought the dream was very real until he woke up. But he said after that dream of his wife smiling, he was at ease. He stopped worrying like he was. He told us his wife taught him patience. She was a very peaceful person even when she was in all her pain and suffering and in the hospital the nurses were in awe of her and said that they probably wouldn't be able to be like that if they were in her condition.

     Right at the moment he was done and we were all talking, I checked my email from my phone, we got the text that everything was recorded and the title company congratulated us. I show the seller the text, and shake his hand, everyone did and we were all very happy because this transaction took several months and so much money on both sides were spent to make this moment happen. He then said to us that we helped him get through this...the banks were trying their best to foreclose his home, and another Realtor tried to con him before we came along. He said that he found out how much greed there is nowadays.

     When we enter the house and talk a bit before leaving he said to us, strangers helping strangers, that's what it's all about. The family may be apart due to Ford and the making of the car, so families are not together (driving apart) like they used to be before.

     I shared the dream of the old man with Len when we were on the way back here and he said, “Unbelievable what a blessing that last text about the auto is prophetic and what comes to me is look at what the other revolutionary invention that completed what Ford started.”

     ~Roberta :)



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