God's Truth

The Testimony of Gayle Kleven

Gardening Gayle

As told by Theron
     A witness from my sister ...and she "came to believe" as is written on her bumper sticker ...Now she was working in our other sisters garden ...as it was weeding roundabout existing flowers and planting new ones. And every plant she came upon did receive water and nutrients. Then it came to pass that she saw a flower that appeared withered and dead ...and she said unto the Lord ..."should I remove him as a weed as it appears he will die anyway" ...to this the Lord answered "no let him be and treat him with water and nutrients same as the others" ...
     And as the day progressed did the Lord teach my sister more ...as to the preparing of the garden ...that it be all grown up and in full bloom ...even then... it is prepared and the flowers left and the weeds removed...also of the "pretender" or "deceiver" weeds ...that bring about confusion ...as these appear to the eye very similar to Godly flowers ...but are not ...


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