God's Truth

The Testimony of Jackie Miller

The Realness of New Life

      This testimony is written on Easter, April 4th, 1999 (This testimony may be copied as the Lord leads you to share it with as many folks possible)

Dear Friend,

      This time of year reminds me of a new life. In Alaska, spring comes later, but it does come. Seeds have been buried and sitting dormant all winter. With the right conditions the new life sprouts, grows and produces fruit. A farmer knows this well. My life is a testimony of the realness of new life. The seed of everlasting life was planted by a friend. Her testimony is that she was saved while calling out to God in a bar. She said that her family was praying diligently outside the bar for her (a person can be saved anywhere). My friend told me there was no other doorway to God but by Jesus Christ. By this time in my life I knew the gospel must be true and real because nothing else was working. I tried many things to satisfy my soul's longing: ritual prayer, church, education, movies, sweepstakes, soap operas, alcohol, thrill rides, being a good mother and wife, organizations, decorations...lots of things.. anything .....no connection to God. I was in a pit, lost and needed help.
      I remember asking God some time before, do whatever you need to do. I know my life isn't right and the world isn't right (it was during the first war with Iraq)...there has to be another answer to all this despair and killing. Sure enough there was! I came to God during the most needy and hurtful time of my life. I couldn't go on another day without God's comfort. The pain in my heart seemed more than I could bare. I remembered what my friend said. There's no other way to God, but by Jesus Christ. On a Sunday morning, Jan.13th, 1991, in my bedroom, I called out to God. I spoke something like this. "Oh God, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ. I do believe that you sent your son for all of my sins, and that Jesus is Lord. I do believe that you raised him up from death. I give you 100% of my life, all that I am. I receive your gift of the holy spirit."
      I knew I wasn't leaving that room until I heard from God. At that moment a miracle occurred. I felt God's holy presence and love from my feet to my head. I started repenting of all my sins. I told God how sorry I was. He forgave every sin. I felt every layer of sin peeled away. I felt so clean and good! The best I ever felt! Every layer of sin was peeled away! The pain in my heart was gone. It's hard to even speak of how wonderful I felt..the unspeakable gift! Earthly words can't describe this gift. Now I knew the realness of God. He's merciful, graceful, kind, loving, and forgiving.
      God showed me that he was serious about me by giving his son. I showed him I was serious about him by believing him and receiving his son. His was a sacrifice, mine was receiving a gift. If you are hurting for any reason and need comfort and hope...he is here for you, right now. I don't believe there's a specific formula as God made us each so differently, but the following guideline might be helpful.
      Go to a private place, alone in the woods or lock the door. Speak to God out loud. What's in your heart must be spoken out to God. Pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ. Pray as if it were your last day of living. Tell God that you believe he sent his son Jesus Christ to pay the price for your sins, that Jesus is Lord and that you believe that God raised him up from death. And ask for the gift of the holy ghost. (He will comfort you and teach you all things. You will find yourself in agreement with God, repenting of your sins and washed clean by the blood of his son. You'll have the peace and love you have been looking for.)
The following is the scripture my friend shared with me that day: Romans 10 says...This word is the word of faith which we preach. For if you shall knowledge with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and shall believe with your heart God raised him up from death, you shall be safe. For the belief of the heart justifies, and to knowledge with the mouth makes a man safe. For the scripture says: whosoever believes on him shall not be ashamed.       God sustains me daily. I continue to pray in private, daily. We fellowship together. He's my best friend, my Father, all things loving. He has a path for me to walk daily and I need him more than life itself. There is only one God and in him I will be what he wills me to be. I hope this letter has inspired you to receive the best gift possible...God's son, Jesus Christ.

In his love,

Jackie Miller

The Lord has taught me this:
      He did all that the Father would do for me in the flesh. God loved the world so much (that's you and I) that he gave his only begotten son. So much love fell from that cross that day: Each drop of blood touched and covered all of the sins of mankind from that time to now. Jesus prayed, and did what the Father showed him to do. Jesus came out of the Father to show each of us the Father's love. The Father was and is in Jesus, and Jesus is in the Father. By believing the Father, we are then in Jesus, Jesus in us, and all of us in the Father, and...the Father in us. We are one with the Father by Jesus Christ. God is love, by accepting Jesus Christ the son of God, we also receive God's perfect love and path for our lives.

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