God's Truth

The Testimony of Pat Austin

Seeking The Kingdom of God

      I have known the Lord since a child of 6 years old. My life was filled with many hard things to endure. Without Him, they could not have been overcome. Forgivness has been my way of life for many years. Receiving and giving...to myself and all others.
      In studying God's Word, I have come to the knowledge that, the Words Jesus said and His actions,are the image of God to us. Knowing this I took what He said as The Truth. When Jesus said that "the kingdom is within you", and that "He and His Father would come and abide with me, and sup with me", my spirit was assured that somewhere within me, is that kingdom. Inside of me is that Life that controls this body, and keeps it functioning without my knowledge or help. I seek, in the greatest earnestness, to ask, seek, and knock on the "Door" of that Kingdom, until that place within me is revealed. And abide there with My Father and My Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, and no longer abide within thought, but in spirit.
      I pray that this Truth be revealed to all, and that all will seek to know that place within themselves.

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