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Pipe line ...deadly gas

And the measures and matters of The Truth of the "time" we are in ...how "man" ..."thought to change time and times ...
ground temperature readings from above.

Dearly beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, how that one day is with the Lord, as a thousand year, and a thousand year as one day. The Lord is not slack to fulfil his promise, as some men count slackness: but is patient to us ward, and would have no man lost, but would receive all men to repentance.


  That evening after I read your reply to me too we had something happen here...nothing major but I wrote the experience down.

Here it is:

This past Friday (Frigg's day) on No vem brrr 30, we had just gotten home from picking my mother up from her friend's place. We all get out the vehicle as we usually do, but then as I passed by the gas meter, I smelled gas. I came into the house and let my husband know about it. So when everyone was settled inside, both me and my husband go back on outside. He smelled a little bit of it and I asked him if he wanted me to call PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) but he told me to call tomorrow. So when we get inside I write down on a piece of paper to call PG&E.

So the next day comes, and I was doing things as usual, but later on as I'm at my computer I see the piece of paper on my desk, which I did forget about. I ask my husband again should I call and then he said to go ahead. I call the gas company up and tell them that last night I smelled some gas coming from the meter. The lady told me they would have someone come out. So we wait and then maybe about an hour or so later, the guy comes and I open the gate up for him to check out the meter. I let him know I smelled it last night and then he let me know that when he was coming up he smelled it from the street. As soon as my husband comes out I tell him I'll be right back so I could get a jacket. That done I come back out and the guy is checking more and my husband lets me know he's got it from here and tells me to go back on in the house.

I get the house ready for the guy to come on in the back room where the water heater is and so on. So he's checking and checking to find out where the leak is coming from he even changed the gas meter which he did say that it seemed to be coming from their end. I remember when he first came, I saw a wasp just hanging out by the meter as he was inspecting and putting the liquid solution on the pipes round about, then I saw it flew away.

So after the inspection, he comes in the house and said he still couldn't find the leak. So I ask him if he ever heard of a case of the gas leak from the main gas meter cause I was trying to understand how natural gas works. The companies tap into the natural gas with their lines. So where I was getting at, as I was recalling the dream I had about seeing the ground temperature readings, the part about seeing steam from our heating/cooling system, I was just wondering if he heard of a case of gas leaks at the point where they tap in cause I was kind of not feeling too good about our situation. He said no, and went on about it could be in the pipes since they are old. He gives us a name to a company that does work for them on projects like that. So as he leaves out the door, he also says like, be glad it didn't happen on "Christmas"…yada yada. I'm saying to myself, whatever man.

After the guy leaves, my husband takes it upon himself to check out what is going on. So he goes back under the house and I'm just worrying about the whole situation. I go back out too to check on him then I remembered the notice and I come back inside to look at it and read that the gas guy turned off the gas completely. I read the notice to my husband and he then says to me, Thank you Berta. So he comes back out from under the house and we both go back in.

So now my husband is upset with me cause I called the gas company and he said why I couldn't wait to call till Monday, and I was like, but I asked you if you wanted me to call yesterday when we smelled it, you said no and to call them the next day. Why are you getting upset with me! I did what you told me to do. So we're arguing the point and he's upset cause of the gas being off and how we're going to be warm at night and all. Then he tells me to get the number to the place where the gas guy recommended us to call, and then I call other places for my husband and he leaves a message as no one was answering. Now at the same time I'm looking up more information about natural gas online to know more about it. I find an article about how some insects are attracted to gas and also that the companies add a smell because gas is odorless.



That all done I get upset cause now my husband is upset with me and I go and cry a bit in the bathroom and pray for help.

So the day goes by just a bit till I get the idea of going and buying more electric heaters since we had our niece over also and it was getting cold. My husband agrees and I look for the time the store closes and we had enough time before going and picking my mother up from her day out. We pick up the heater and other supplies as my husband was also telling me that he was going to do the work of changing out the pipes. I'm worried about this idea because I've heard of people working on gas lines and them exploding. But he tells me he's done work like this in the past. So at this point I let him look at what he needs to get at the store. We head on out to get my mom and afterward go to the store to buy something for dinner. The next day would be my dad's birthday, so we all went out to where he's at and took him out shopping and for lunch. That day went really well.

Now comes Monday, and my husband sets out to the hardware store after dropping my mother off at her class. It took about an hour or two for him to get all the things he needed; pipes, tools, sealant, etc. He heads on home and gets to work.

I start my day with getting my son's lessons for the day and teach him a bit but my mind is still on what's going on. And I'm hearing the banging and pounding my husband is making and so I plop on the couch worrying about it all. As I'm sitting down, I think to myself surely the Lord must be guiding his hands.

So it's close to about 2 or so in the afternoon and my husband tells me to call the gas company. And so I call them up and the lady operator answers and I tell her we had a gas leak on Friday, and that we'd like to have someone come and take a look at it now. Then she asks me questions about who done the work, about if we called someone and I said my husband did the work. She asked if he was a licensed plumber, I said no but he's done work in the past. She let me know she could have someone dispatched in 5 minutes but I told her that my husband was still somewhat working and she said that she could have someone out between 4:30 and 8:30. I told her that would be better, as I knew that he needed to clean up and eat something. We wait till the time and someone comes about at about 5 something in the afternoon.

Now I worry a bit more cause now I'm thinking all kinds of stuff, what if this, what if that…then I ask my son to come near me so we could pray about it and my son says to me don't worry it will be okay, all we have to do is pray like this, Father, please let the gas be okay, in Jesus name amen. See mommy it's okay.

The guy is testing the system, he checks the meter as everything was on which he was surprised. My husband tells me that usually when they come out everything is off and then they test it. But everything was on, and the pressure in the pipes was functioning normally. No leaks, nothing. My husband asks me to check the inside heater for the light to go on and when it did I let him know. Then I start feeling the heat from the heaters go on. Everything was working! When the guy leaves my husband comes back in and tells us that the gas guy was amazed at the work because he never saw a turn around this fast and asked what company we called. My husband told him that he did call a few places but we hadn't heard from any of them and let the guy know that he did the work. So the gas guy wrote us up with a notice that all operating normally. When I heard this news I said, Thank God! And my son also said yes, Thank God!

the official notices that were given: are available upon request

At about the same time also, I was reading the book of Tobiah…even the part where his wife cast him in the teeth. He cried too, and prayed…and in the end everything worked out for the good.

I also remember telling my husband about Jesus being a carpenter. :)

Thank you God my father, thank you Jesus my Lord and savior for always being there for us when we need helps!






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