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The Truth of the "time" we are in ...
earthquake for Roberta ...

And the measures and matters of The Truth of the "time" we are in ...how "man" ..."thought to change time and times ...
earthquake for Roberta ...

Dearly beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, how that one day is with the Lord, as a thousand year, and a thousand year as one day. The Lord is not slack to fulfil his promise, as some men count slackness: but is patient to us ward, and would have no man lost, but would receive all men to repentance.


      Dear Theron,

Not able to sleep now.  Was awakened as if someone
banging on the front door the first time.  Then, the
second, felt as if an earthquake...and just looked
online, and saw there was one:


The other day, I remembered what happened to me, and
my parents during the Loma Prieta quake.  I was going
to email you this sooner, and this has been on my mind
for some time...and wrote this last month.  But was
hesitant to do so till now:

The Great Quake
April 29, 2005
It started out as an ordinary day.  I was in the sixth
grade and had cheerleading class after school.  The
older girls were teaching us new dance moves when
suddenly, I became very nauseous and I didn’t feel
well.  I was not able to do any more dancing, so I
asked if it was okay for me to go home.  Permission
granted, I went ahead and walked on home.  When I got
there, I came inside and went into my room to turn on
the World Series baseball game, Giants vs. the A’s.
Well, a few moments after, I hear as though something
like a truck hit the house, then, I begin feeling the
whole house underneath me shaking.  It was an
earthquake!  I became very frightened.  Weird thing
was I cannot remember my feet touching the ground as I
practically seemed to fly from room to room: from my
room, through the bathroom and into my parent’s room.
From there, I ran to the front room, and it felt like
I was floating in the air.  Then, I turn about to go
to the doorway of the bathroom and hold on to the
posts.  I then open my mouth and say like, God, please
forgive my sins!  I was 11 years old.
When the shaking stopped, I run to the front door.
The problem?  Well, there was no key in the lock.
Usually, the door key would be there.  So, me being
shaken up, finally find my set of keys.  I was so
shaken, that it took me a few minutes to get the key
in the hole to open it.  Once set free, I ran outside,
and was about to go and find my mother and father
since they were not home.  As I was about to run
across the street, the neighbor lady stops me.  She
tells me to stay there and wait till my parent got
home.  A little while later, my parents arrive.  I was
so relieved. 
My mother told me her witness of the story, that the
day was going unusually smooth.  The trains they
caught were running on time, and my mother wondered
why they had such luck in catching it.   When they got
to the doctors office, my mother was seen right away,
even about an hour earlier than the appointment time
which was 4:45 p.m.  After her appointment, they
headed back on home.  Again, the train was on time.
As soon as they get off the train, walked onto the
sidewalk from the station, she hears a car alarm go
off.  She then says like, “That’s funny, why is it
going off by itself like that, while no one is
around.”  Then all of a sudden, she sees large waves
of the street come towards them like water.  When the
quake had subsided they ran on home to find out what
happened to me.  They were so relieved when they saw
One of our neighbors attended the ballgame that day.
She said she literally saw the playing field open and
close up again.  She, like other people that day, was
stranded because the trains were not functioning. 
The phones, however, were functioning well, as we
started receiving and phoning out to friends and
family to see if they were alright.  I remember
calling up my best friend and she told me that her
brother in law had just gotten off the Bay Bridge and
safely home when it struck.  That day, a car on the
upper deck had fallen in the damaged section of the
bridge killing a woman. 
My uncle was on the way back to his home from work on
the bus.  He was asleep during the whole event. 
My cat, well, she ran away from home for a while.  I
was so worried about her.  I was looking outside,
calling her name, asking folk if they saw her, till
suddenly, she comes, meowing and running on back home.
 I was so happy to see her.   
As I look back on this day, I can't help but look at
the timing of all this.  It's like God held back his
hand until I made it home, and until my parents were
safely off the train.  It was truly like, as my mother
says, "Someone watching over us."

Thank you God my father, and thank you Christ Jesus my
brother and Lord, for being my protection all these
years.  Thank you for protecting us that day.

The date was October 17, 1989.   The time was 5:04
p.m. The magnitude was 7.1






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