God's Truth

The Testimony of Roxanne M


Prodigal child

Written Oct. 31, 1999

      When I was young, God found me and brought me up in His ways, because my parents couldn't agree on which brand of christianity I should be raised.

      It began with three scheduled baptisms while I was yet a baby. None of them happened. My mom finally gave up, and the baptism was left to my decision when I was older.

      As I was growing up, I attended just about every church in my county, as the guest of my friends. It amazed me that some said I belonged to Satan because I wasn't baptized as a baby.

       I knew I was a child of God and confessed that at the age of eight. I knew Jesus loved me and died for me, even at that young age. Not because my parents taught me, but because I could read it in the Bible. At age twelve I chose to be baptized because I was ready to turn my life over to God.

      The "I" stopped for a while, as God increased wisdom and understanding in me, and began to make his presence known to me. At age fifteen, someone told me that what I thought was the presence of God was actually the presence of Satan. Scared, I prayed about this, but chose to believe the accusation instead of waiting on God.

      It is strange that I was wiser at age eight than fifteen. It is even stranger that a fifteen year old was willing to believe somebody else. But I did, and walked away from the Lord.

      My life slowly went into the pits. Every time I tried to improve myself, it worked for a short time, then got worse. This is when I met my husband. We moved far away from my parents, which distressed them greatly because they could no longer rescue me from my own stupid mistakes.

      (What a blessing, because I finally had to rely on God.)

      I was pregnant before I decided to turn back to God. But the pregnancy was my wake-up call. I had done such a lousy job with my life I knew I need help with this new one.

      I called out to God to forgive me for walking away, and for doing everything I knew was wrong. I asked forgiveness for doing everything I didn't know was wrong. I asked God to let me come home again. I'm home.

      I am in the kingdom of heaven again, because Jesus paid for my plane ticket, and God rules my heart again. Now I pray for blessings for other people, because God has blessed me abundantly. Most of all, I pray for the blessing of others to come home, accept Jesus as their personal saviour, and let God rule their heart.


      And I can feel God's presence again. It's sweeter than before, because I know what I lost, and God restored it seven-fold.


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